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Connecticut House Cuts Gas Tax, Offers Other Relief

With the state budget surplus hitting record-breaking levels, Connecticut legislators voted unanimously March 23 to cut gasoline taxes — and talked about reducing more taxes in the future.

Christopher Keating | The Hartford (Conn.) Courant
March 23, 2022
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Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Cutting Trucks-Only Toll Bill in Half and Voting Twice

With Connecticut state legislators deeply distrustful of each other, lawmakers are considering a new plan for Gov. Ned Lamont’s proposal to toll trucks only at 12 bridges — offering two separate bills with six tolls each and forcing the House of Representatives and Senate to vote twice.

Christopher Keating | The Hartford (Conn.) Courant
February 19, 2020
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Conn. Rail Plan Would Cut Travel From New Haven to New York by 30 Minutes

Gov. Ned Lamont will call Nov. 7 for more than $4 billion in improvements for the Metro-North Railroad to cut travel times and alleviate traffic congestion in lower Fairfield County.

Christopher Keating | The Hartford (Conn.) Courant
November 7, 2019
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Supporters and Opponents Clash Over Adding Tolls to Connecticut Highways

In an often-passionate debate, advocates squared off March 14 in Connecticut for more than five hours in the long-running battle for electronic highway tolls that has split the legislature.

Christopher Keating | The Hartford (Conn.) Courant
March 16, 2018
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Trucking Lobbyist Mike Riley — Still Laughing, Not Quite Retired

One of the most colorful characters at the Connecticut state Capitol for more than 20 years has been Mike Riley, the chief lobbyist for the state's trucking association.

Christopher Keating | The Hartford (Conn.) Courant
June 7, 2016