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Robert Sturgeon, Lucky Whitehead and RC Sturgeon

Canadian Football League player Lucky Whitehead pulled his pickup truck, which sparked a friendly competition and led to a tractor-pull challenge.

As trucking increasingly incorporates digital elements, a pressing question grows: What can 5G do for the industry? A lot, as it turns out.

The much-hyped rollout of 5G networks is underway in the United States, and this fifth generation of wireless technology promises to deliver faster connections and ­greater capacity. But what will the emergence of 5G mean for trucking companies?

With its emissions mandates, tough labor laws, inspection requirements and extensive regulations, California has become both a difficult and expensive environment for trucking.

Amidst the wide array of highly sophisticated digital tools marketers are using to increase profits, a surprising — and decidedly low-tech — alternative is scoring big gains for trucking companies: the simple podcast.

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Jack Mahar, 5, set up a free refreshment stop for delivery drivers

As America grapples with the coronavirus and daily life is altered, the nation's truck drivers are among those who are risking their personal health and doing the hard work to keep products moving. And their effort is being recognized. Here are some examples.

The spread of the coronavirus in the United States was having an impact on travel, business, the economy and many other aspects of American life. Here are some images of that impact. 

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  • A unique ranking of the third-party logistics companies in North America includes listings of the largest freight brokerage firms, freight forwarders, warehouse operators and dedicated contract carriage service providers.

  • Key data on revenue and freight assets for the 50 largest global freight carriers.

  • Beverage and food service fleets dominate the top spots in this comprehensive rundown of private carriers in North America, ranked by number of tractors.

  • Annual rankings provide an indispensable overview of the largest for-hire carriers in North America, along with timely analysis of trends shaping the industry.

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Courtroom scene with judge, gavel and jury

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the nation’s court systems, and for trucking, legal experts believe it could have a long-term effect on how juries view cases involving motor carriers.

Ryder call center

Call Center Staffs Work From Home Due to Coronavirus

Call centers industrywide have made a swift shift to working from home in response to the coronavirus.


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