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Paul Schockemoehle Logistics

MUEHLEN, Germany — The story of Paul Schockemoehle Logistics is one that many trucking executives in the United States would recognize. The journey traverses five decades from a small farmhouse here to becoming a multinational transportation and logistics powerhouse with a fleet of 600 trucks and revenue of between 100 and 120 million euros a year.

President Donald Trump signed the Water Resources Development Act of 2018 into law Oct. 23.

Covenant Transportation Group posted record revenue and profits in the third quarter as a strong freight market drove rates higher and the company began to see benefits from its recent acquisition of Landair Holdings.

Imperial Logistics will begin operating a new Volkswagen Group packaging center in Germany in April as part of the group’s decision to distribute parts through JadeWeserPort.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation has developed a program to improve mobility and facilitate freight movement on rural interstate highways.

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New Autonomous Trucking Company

This year has seen its fair share of autonomous trucking news, but the space shows little sign of cooling off. Earlier this month, a new competitor entered the arena, led by a team of industry veterans and backed by a prominent software company.

Freight containers

Alliant to Acquire Hybrid Transit Systems, Expand Freight Transport Service

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Alliant Energy’s transportation subsidiary has announced plans to buy Cedar Rapids-based Hybrid Transit Systems. The acquisition will add a layer of freight transport to Alliant Energy Transportation.

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