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TT Podcasts: Season Six

RoadSigns: Season Six

Episode 2: How Will the Internet of Things Shape the Future of the Trucking Industry?

Transportation is becoming increasingly connected with more sensors, more data and more insights to help trucking and logistics providers operate more efficiently. So, what’s next? How can fleets prepare for this copious amount of information coming into their back office? In the episode, we head to American Trucking Association’s 2019 Management Conference & Exhibition to ask Henry Popplewell, president of Skybitz, and Scott Sutarik, vice president of commercial vehicle solutions at Geotab, what companies can do to prepare for the age of big data. Hear a snippet, above, and get the full program by going to

Episode 1: Will Active Safety Technology Become an Industry Standard?

Industry adoption of active safety technologies such as air disc brakes, collision mitigation systems and lane departure warnings is on the rise. Fleets that implement these technologies see lower insurance costs, reduced collision rates and significant return on investment. Join host Seth Clevenger as he travels to the 2019 North American Commercial Vehicle Show to sit down with experts from Wabco and Bendix to find out what it will take to get fleets to utilize the latest advances in vehicle safety. Hear a snippet, above, and get the full program by going to

RoadSigns: Season Five

Episode 3: How Can Trucking Raise the Bar for Freight Visibility?

Suddenly, shippers seem to expect freight carriers to know, and share, the transit story. And those who cannot rise to the data demand lose out on the contract. Recent advances in AI and machine-learning software fuel this rise. But what does this mean for the shipper-carrier relationship? Host Seth Clevenger makes the journey to Trimble’s 2019 In.sight User Conference to talk to three industry experts about why the ability of real-time visibility is becoming table stakes in a large segment of the freight market. Hear a snippet, above, and get the full program by going to

Episode 2: How Can Fleets Navigate the Path Ahead for Data Analytics and ELDs?

Onboard software means machine data, maintenance data, driver data, load data and all other sorts of road data arrive at the fleet’s back office waiting to be sifted for powerful insight. But that requires fleets to have the right back-office software to do that sifting, and the right (and regulatory compliant) onboard software to do the right kind of data collecting. That can mean challenges for today's fleet. Seth Clevenger travels to the Trimble 2019 In.sight User Conference to ask a pair of executives to help him understand how one company attempts to think about a data-management future. Hear a snippet, above, and get the full program by going to

Episode 1: How Will Machine Learning Enhance Transportation Software?

Trucking decisions have gone to the machines. The promises sound almost magical: Supply your shippers with better freight visibility with one click, better manage your driver profiles and increase retention with this easy software. In fact, today, an algorithmic solution exists for almost every trucking and logistics problem. But, Seth Clevenger wonders, how well are the machines learning at scale?  Will these technologies really continue to provide today’s trucking and logistics managers with better decision and support solutions for real-world problems tomorrow? To get some answers, our host travels to the 2019 McLeod Software User Conference and sits with tech expert and company CEO Tom McLeod, who helps to put a human explanation to the work of the machines. Listen in, before RoadSigns automatically recommends a different podcast episode. Hear a snippet, above, and get the full program by going to

RoadSigns: Season Four

Episode 3: Onboard Video: What Really Happened Out on the Road?

Until recently, what happened on the road, stayed on the road. Trucking businesses had little opportunity to monitor and measure fundamental parts of their operations, and drivers were on their own to battle claims. Now, onboard cameras provide a view of the road and the cab. Fleets use the devices to help with everything from employee training to risk management. But does such use pay dividends? Will onboard cameras lead fleets to greater efficiency, better safety records, and stronger decision-making? Listen in, as host Seth Clevenger asks two leading field experts to help him understand the real value of these devices. Hear a snippet, above, and get the full program by going to

Episode 2: Will Automated Steering Make Trucks Safer and Drivers Happier?

The introduction of active steering features in commercial trucks represents the next evolutioary stage for the onboard safety and collision mitigation systems available on the market today. But how will this affect the driver experience? Host Seth Clevenger speaks with experts Dan Williams, director of ADAS and autonomy at ZF Group, and Jason Roycht, vice president and regional business leader for commercial vehicles at Bosch North America. Hear a snippet, above, and get the full program by going to

Episode 1: What Does the Future Hold for Truck Platooning?

Truck platooning lets paired trucks brake and accelerate in unison to save fuel, and could increase driver productivity. So why is platooning still in the testing phase? Host Seth Clevenger sits down with government reporter Eleanor Lamb and Cetin Mericli, CEO and Founder of Locomation, a company that is actively implementing platooning practices. Hear a snippet from Mericli, above, and get the full program by going to

RoadSigns: Season Three

Episode 3: Is Predictive Maintenance the Next Big Leap for Fleet Efficiency?

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So, what if you could plan maintenance and parts replacement on need, rather than standard service intervals? The cost benefits are invaluable. Equipment maintenance has a large part of the bottom line of trucking fuel efficiency. Hear a snippet from Clevenger, above, and get the full program by going to

Episode 2: How Much More Juice Can Be Squeezed Out of the Aerodynamics Lemon?

Sophisticated fleets have already taken advantage of the low-hanging fruit, such as sideskirts and trailer tails, and OEMs have made their tractors more streamlined. So, our host wonders, what's left? How much more is possible? Can trucking businesses still make lemonade by adopting new practices? Or is this field just out of juice? Hear a snipped from Clevenger, above, and get the full program by going to

Episode 1: How Can Trucking Take Fuel Economy to the Next Level?

The perpetual drive to improve fuel efficiency will only continue as fleets look to improve their bottom lines, and GHG emission and fuel economy standards tighten. So, host Seth Clevenger wonders, what are fleets and tech vendors doing to find further improvements in fuel economy? Hear a snipped from Clevenger, above, and get the full program by going to

RoadSigns: Season Two

Episode 3: How does AI Change Trucking’s Back Office?

Did you ever wonder what might happen if your back-office decision-makers had time to strategize and think, rather than be weighed down by menial tasks? Could the digital brain help support your real human brains? And could they do so in cost-effective ways? In this episode of RoadSigns, host Seth Clevenger takes a look at the way an entirely new technology changes trucking’s and freight transportation’s back office.  As artificial intelligence and machine learning begin to appear in trucking and logistics software, he wonders, “How is this trend changing transportation management? And ... what is the future?” Hear a snipped from Clevenger, above, and get the full program by going to

Episode 2: What Does the Future Hold for ELDs?

Have you thought about technology as a gateway to … more technology? Take the oft-considered electronic logging device technology as an example. What was a technology meant to track hours of service may now be a gateway into new forms of fleet management. In fact, several new ELD vendors (at least the successful ones) are expanding their products to deliver new fleet management features beyond core compliance. In this episode of RoadSigns, host Seth Clevenger goes on the hunt for examples of new uses of the tech formerly known just as hours-of-service tracking and asks, “Can it really do that too?” Hear a snippet from Norm Ellis, president of EROAD, above, and get the full program by going to


Episode 1: The AOBRD Phaseout: Is Your Fleet Prepared?

It’s time to trade in your old tech for new. Oh … and you have less than a year to complete the journey.
Every business manager knows that, when you have institutionalized an operational technology, moving to a new system can feel like an impossible task. And the stakes increase when outside forces put a time constraint on that change. Some of trucking's most forward-thinking managers provide a good example. Their tech? The driver-logging software known as AOBRDs. These managers have until December 2019 to migrate to new tracking platforms: electronic logging devices. Unlike those who adopted ELDs as new technology, AOBRD users understand the benefits of this tracking technology but must deal with legacy workflows and other operational requirements. In this episode of RoadSigns, host Seth Clevenger maps the great tech migration from AOBRDs to ELDs and asks, “What will trucking's business leaders need to make the transition in time?” Hear a snippet from Fred Fakkema, vice president of compliance at Zonar, above, and get the full program by going to


RoadSigns: Season Intersession

Episode 2: Is Trucking Charging Toward an Electric Reality?

Right now, in the ports of Southern California, product planning, purchasing, and regulatory forces are coming together to lay the groundwork for the first real electric ecosystem. Grants and incentives make EV technology attractive for both new truck manufacturers and buyers. So, host Dan Ronan wonders, could what’s happening at the ports of Southern California have consequences for the way the rest of the nation experiences an electric future? To find out, he spends time with the head of product planning for a major truck manufacturer and a policy expert with an eye on sustainable trucking. Hear a snippet from Volvo's Keith Brandis above, and get the full program by going to

Episode 1: How Does Congress Say Trucking?

With a new Congress set to convene in January, what is the opportunity for movement on trucking issues on Capitol Hill? Will infrastructure finally bubble up to the top of the priority list as a potential bipartisan victory? TT's Eugene Mulero and CQ Roll Call's Kellie Mejdrich talk with TT's Dan Ronan about what's ahead not only on Capitol Hill but also on the regulatory front. Hear a snippet from Mejdrich above, and get the full program by going to

RoadSigns: Season One

Episode 5: Tap Here to Book Your Next Load

How far can we go in terms of automating freight transactions? Will automated brokerage really be able to help shippers find trucks and fleets find drivers? Hear a snippet from Ziad Ismail, chief product officer at digital freight matching firm Convoy, and get the full program by going to

Episode 4: Putting the Supply Chain on the Blockchain

What does trucking's rush toward blockchain mean for an industry that relies so much on trust among business partners? Will it be able to put its trust in this technology platform and its immutable data? Hear a snippet from Ken Craig, vice president of special projects for McLeod Software and co-founder of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), and get the full program by going to

Episode 3: Will Your Next Truck Be a Plug-In?

Are electric vehicles poised to break through in commercial transportation? Hear a snippet from Mike Roeth, executive director of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, and get the full program by going to

Episode 2: What's Next on the Road to Self-Driving Trucks?

So automation is coming, but how will it be deployed? What will the legal and regulatory framework look like? Hear a snippet from Chuck Price, vice president of product at TuSimple, and get the full program by going to

Episode 1: Autonomous: Who's Behind the Wheel of Tomorrow?

In our debut episodes of RoadSigns, we focus on how the trucking industry’s steady and ongoing development of autonomous technology may someday affect truck drivers.

In our debut episode of RoadSigns, we ask: What does the move toward autonomy mean for the truck driver? Hear a snippet from Alex Rodrigues, CEO of Embark, above, and get the full program by going to