January 3, 2019 4:00 PM, EST

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RoadSigns: Season Intersession

Episode 2: Is Trucking Charging Toward an Electric Reality?

Right now, in the ports of Southern California, product planning, purchasing, and regulatory forces are coming together to lay the groundwork for the first real electric ecosystem. Grants and incentives make EV technology attractive for both new truck manufacturers and buyers. So, host Dan Ronan wonders, could what’s happening at the ports of Southern California have consequences for the way the rest of the nation experiences an electric future? To find out, he spends time with the head of product planning for a major truck manufacturer and a policy expert with an eye on sustainable trucking. Hear a snippet from Volvo's Keith Brandis above, and get the full program by going to

Episode 1: How Does Congress Say Trucking?

With a new Congress set to convene in January, what is the opportunity for movement on trucking issues on Capitol Hill? Will infrastructure finally bubble up to the top of the priority list as a potential bipartisan victory? TT's Eugene Mulero and CQ Roll Call's Kellie Mejdrich talk with TT's Dan Ronan about what's ahead not only on Capitol Hill but also on the regulatory front. Hear a snippet from Mejdrich above, and get the full program by going to

RoadSigns: Season One

Episode 5: Tap Here to Book Your Next Load

How far can we go in terms of automating freight transactions? Will automated brokerage really be able to help shippers find trucks and fleets find drivers? Hear a snippet from Ziad Ismail, chief product officer at digital freight matching firm Convoy, and get the full program by going to

Episode 4: Putting the Supply Chain on the Blockchain

What does trucking's rush toward blockchain mean for an industry that relies so much on trust among business partners? Will it be able to put its trust in this technology platform and its immutable data? Hear a snippet from Ken Craig, vice president of special projects for McLeod Software and co-founder of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), and get the full program by going to

Episode 3: Will Your Next Truck Be a Plug-In?

Are electric vehicles poised to break through in commercial transportation? Hear a snippet from Mike Roeth, executive director of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, and get the full program by going to

Episode 2: What's Next on the Road to Self-Driving Trucks?

So automation is coming, but how will it be deployed? What will the legal and regulatory framework look like? Hear a snippet from Chuck Price, vice president of product at TuSimple, and get the full program by going to

Episode 1: Autonomous: Who's Behind the Wheel of Tomorrow?

In our debut episodes of RoadSigns, we focus on how the trucking industry’s steady and ongoing development of autonomous technology may someday affect truck drivers.

In our debut episode of RoadSigns, we ask: What does the move toward autonomy mean for the truck driver? Hear a snippet from Alex Rodrigues, CEO of Embark, above, and get the full program by going to