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Episode 103: Where Do Autonomous Trucks Fit Into Trucking’s Future? Part 2

Are you asking yourself: Will autonomous truck technology really improve efficiency in the transportation industry? Will self-driving trucks really take over and replace truck drivers? Let's ask a leading expert on autonomous trucking, Peter Vaughan Schmidt, CEO of Torc Robotics. With his experience in this field, he has a keen understanding of the potential that autonomous technology holds for freight transportation. He also knows the myths and misconceptions about autonomous trucking. In this episode, he sets the record straight and provides a guide to realign your business with the true autonomous reality. Tune in above or by going to



Episode 102: Where Do Autonomous Trucks Fit Into Trucking’s Future?

Autonomous trucks are still in the early days. Tech companies, startups and companies like Daimler, TuSimple, Paccar, Aurora, Waymo and Volvo continue to invest, making this transformative technology a reality. For this technology to succeed, however, it must integrate into real-world freight operations. In this episode, host Seth Clevenger wonders how autonomous trucks can fit into the freight transportation industry? What are the potential use cases and business models for self-driving commercial vehicles? To find answers, we step into Waabi World with Waabi's chief commercial officer, Vivian Sun, and later we hear from autonomous vehicle pioneer Jan Becker, CEO and co-founder of Tune in above or by going to

Episode 101: 2023 Year in Preview 

C.H. Robinson CEO steps down, potential recession looms and House Republicans focus on an in-depth examination of the Biden administration’s infrastructure funding priorities. With uncertainty in the air, what is the outlook for trucking in 2023? How will the industry change with the current government, economic and business trends? To guide you through this spate of trucking news, host Michael Freeze turns to the experts — Transport Topics' congressional reporter Eugene Mulero and business reporter Connor Wolf. Tune in above or by going to   



Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes of RoadSigns; Where Is Trucking Headed? 

One hundred episodes. Over 100 guests. And, most importantly, 100 critical trucking questions ... answered. The first episode of RoadSigns asked, "Autonomous: Who's Behind the Wheel of Tomorrow?" To answer, Seth Clevenger brought in Alex Rodrigues of Embark who was just starting off in the autonomous trucking sector. Two rookies tackling the biggest question of their time and setting the stage for the future. Now, four years later, we've acquired an entire roster of extraordinary guests in tech, autonomous trucking, workforce development and trucking equipment, along with an irreplaceable co-host, Michael Freeze. For the next 30 minutes, see where trucking was in 2018, where it's going in 2023, and how the RoadSigns podcast has enjoyed every minute in between — helping you, our listeners, navigate the trucking road ahead. Tune in above or by going to



Roadshow Episode 11: Rahmel Wattley

"I always tell people, driving a truck is either for you, or it is not for you. You either have it, or you don’t have it.” In 2002, Rahmel Wattley realized driving a truck wasn't for him. Trucking, however, was. He started dispatching and quickly climbed the corporate ladder. Then, he asked himself, "what if I started my own company?" The trucking business guru answered with a driver-staffing company whose first-year sales revenues exceeded $1.2 million. Now, this trucking-obsessed entrepreneur hosts one of the industry's most influential podcasts – and audiences can't wait to hear the lessons in each episode. What keeps the successes coming? What lessons can he give those who want to run trucking businesses?  And what does his former rap career have to do with any of it?  Let him tell you. Tune in above or by going to


Episode 99: Why Should the Trucking Industry Care About Cybersecurity?

On Feb. 17, 2020, a privately owned transportation and supply chain management company was attacked by malware. The company was a notable trucking industry for-hire company player with a strong IT team and plentiful resources. And, yet, even this well-oiled company was not cyberattack-proof. If cybersecurity threats can take down these digital systems, what will they do to yours? Can you prepare? In this episode, host Michael Freeze relays the company story and discusses strategies that need to be implemented to avoid cyberattacks. To crystallize the conversation, he brings in a 30-year veteran of automotive cybersecurity, vehicle electronics and diagnostics systems. Tune in above or by going to  

Episode 98: What Are Trucking Professionals Most Thankful For?

Meet the truck-driver-turned-writer whose book, "Overcoming Challenge: The Tar-Billy Way," is helping thousands of everyday people lead with positivity. Then, hear from the philanthropist whose truck-driver-focused charity seeks to ensure that drivers who need help, get it. In this inspirational episode of RoadSigns, Ernest Hamilton and Etienne Hightower will remind you that kindness is all around — and trucking is a springboard for it. Tune in above or by going to


Roadshow Episode 10: Randy Obermeyer  

Randy Obermeyer is flipping the script on finding new diesel technicians. The newest Technology and Maintenance Council chair knows that being a truck mechanic is much more than a dirty job. Today, it requires a deep understanding of diagnostics, electric truck software, circuit boards, telematics and control modules. He also knows this multi-faceted type of talent is hard to come by, but for the people with that talent, he wagers, the job is worth it. Here's a look at the man who is reinventing technician recruiting. Tune in above or by going to


Episode 97: Inside the List: How TT’s Top 50 Global Freight Companies Are Preparing for an Uncertain Future

After spending the past two years contending with supply chain disruptions and severe port congestion, the world’s largest freight transportation providers now face high inflation and economic uncertainty heading into 2023. In this episode we examine how international shippers and their freight transportation providers have been re-evaluating their supply chains and preparing for an uncertain future. Tune in above or by going to

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