2021 Essential Revenue and Operating Information for the 50 Largest Global Freight Carriers
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After once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, supply chains are adjusting to new normal.
Global supply chain, so often taken for granted, becomes cause for worldwide concern.
Find out where the Top 50 Global Freight Carriers are based.

Mexico & Central America

Port Name City Type of Freight TEUs Volume of Freight Tonnage
Port of Acajutla Acajutla, El Salvador container 228,334  
Port of Altamira Altamira, Mexico container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk 776,999  
Port of Caldera Caldera, Costa Rica NA 296,243  
Port of Colón, Cristobal and Manzanillo Colón, Panama container, passenger 4,454,902  
Port of Corinto Corinto, Nicaragua container, dry bulk, liquid bulk, automobile, passenger 166,612  
Port of Dos Bocas Dos Bocas, Tabasco container, liquid bulk   32,407,462
Port of Ensenada Ensenada, Baja California NA 384,871  
Port of Lázaro Cárdenas Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk 1,063,675  
Port of Limón-Moín Limón-Moín, Costa Rica container, passenger 1,213,431  
Port of Progreso Progreso, Yucatán NA 147,514  
Port of Puerto Barrios Puerto Barrios, Guatemala container 479,876  
Port of Puerto Castilla Puerto Castilla, Honduras container 118,317  
Port of Puerto Cortes Puerto Cortes, Honduras container 551,250  
Port of Puerto Quetzal Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala container 519,571  
Port of Santo Tomás de Castilla Santo Tomás de Castilla, Guatemala container 537,316  
Port of Veracruz Veracruz, Veracruz NA 1,005,936  
PSA and Balboa Panama Int'l Terminals, Panama container 3,161,658  

Ports and airports across North America are clamoring to stay ahead of cargo backlogs and shipment load.

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Global Freight News
Business, Logistics, Global Freight

DHL Express Workers Strike at Cincinnati Air Cargo Hub

More than 1,100 unionized DHL Express workers walked off the job at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, a critical logistics hub for the package delivery company.

December 8, 2023
Government, Safety, Fuel, Global Freight, TCA

NTSB Calls for California Shipping Fix After 2021 Oil Spill

The National Transportation Safety Board wants changes in how containerships are anchored off Southern California to help prevent oil pipeline ruptures like the 2021 spill off Huntington Beach.

Grace Toohey | Los Angeles Times
December 6, 2023
Business, Technology, Autonomous, Global Freight

Pilotless FedEx, Reliable Robotics Plane Completes Flight

Reliable Robotics Corp. has flown a small cargo plane on loan from FedEx Corp. without a human on board, a step toward the autonomous flight startup winning regulatory approval.

Thomas Black | Bloomberg News
December 6, 2023
Government, Business, Fuel, Global Freight

Shipping Giants Want End Date for Fossil Fuel-Only Vessels

Europe’s biggest container lines want to phase out ships powered only by fossil fuels, they say in a proposal jointly made by Mediterranean Shipping Co., Maersk, CMA CGM and Hapag-Lloyd.

Jack Wittels and Tara Patel | Bloomberg News
December 1, 2023
Government, Fuel, Logistics, Global Freight

Greek Shipping Giant Warns Panama Canal Chaos May Hit Suez

Congestion at the Panama Canal could result in delays at Egypt’s Suez Canal, possibly affecting cargoes of liquefied natural gas, according to an official at Angelicoussis Group.

Anna Shiryaevskaya | Bloomberg News
November 29, 2023
Technology, Safety, Global Freight

DP World Says Some Personal Employee Data Stolen in Hack

DP World Plc said workers’ personal information was stolen in the November cyberattack on the port operator’s Australian business.

Angus Whitley | Bloomberg News
November 28, 2023
Government, Business, Global Freight

Shippers to Europe Facing $3.6 Billion Carbon Bill in 2024

Ships sailing to European ports face a combined carbon emissions bill of $3.6 billion next year, the start of a levy that’s likely to rise as Europe steps up efforts to combat climate change.

November 21, 2023
Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Major Shippers Don’t Predict Issues Meeting Holiday Demand

Carriers like the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx and UPS Inc. have capacity to meet projected demand this holiday season, which is cheery news for shippers and shoppers alike.

David Sharp | Associated Press
November 21, 2023
Government, Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Container Shipping Seeing Major Cuts After $364 Billion Boom

The container shipping industry, after two years of record-high freight rates and slow deliveries, is seeing its boom become a bust due to oversupply following the COVID-19 demand highs.

November 14, 2023
Government, Technology, Safety, Global Freight

Australia Cyberattack Leaves 30,000 Containers Stuck at Ports

DP World Plc is struggling to work through a backlog of 30,000 shipping containers piled up at ports across Australia as the company resumes operations after a cyberattack.

Angus Whitley and Lynn Doan | Bloomberg News
November 13, 2023
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