2021 Essential Revenue and Operating Information for the 50 Largest Global Freight Carriers

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After once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, supply chains are adjusting to new normal.
Global supply chain, so often taken for granted, becomes cause for worldwide concern.
Find out where the Top 50 Global Freight Carriers are based.

Great Lakes

Port Name City Type of Freight TEUs Volume of Freight Tonnage
Ashtabula Harbor Ashtabula, Ohio dry bulk   5,121,134
Buffington Harbor Buffington, Ind. NA   1,570,196
Drummond Island Port Drummond Island, Mich. NA   1,506,871
Fairport Harbor Point Fairport Harbor, Ohio NA   1,872,276
Indiana Harbor East Chicago, Ind. dry bulk, liquid bulk, heavy lift   12,213,768
Port Clinton Marblehead, Ohio NA   2,898,503
Port Dolomite Clark Township, Mich. NA   3,008,973
Port Inland Gulliver, Mich. NA   4,886,329
Port of Alpena Alpena, Mich. NA   2,296,160
Port of Calcite Calcite, Mich. special project cargo   8,081,804
Port of Chicago Chicago dry bulk, liquid bulk   10,035,669
Port of Cleveland Cleveland container, dry bulk, liquid bulk, heavy lift, special project cargo   11,880,935
Port of Conneaut Conneaut, Ohio NA   3,936,713
Port of Detroit Detroit dry bulk, liquid bulk, passenger   13,306,628
Port of Duluth-Superior Duluth, Minn., and Superior, Wis. break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, heavy lift, passenger   33,738,834
Port of Gary Gary, Ind. NA   7,978,004
Port of Grand Haven Grand Haven, Mich. NA   1,363,185
Port of Green Bay Green Bay, Wis. dry bulk, liquid bulk   2,283,685
Port of Hamilton Hamilton, Ontario container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, special project cargo   10,000,000
Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor Portage, Ind. container, dry bulk, liquid bulk, heavy lift   9,189,391
Port of Milwaukee Milwaukee dry bulk   2,806,826
Port of Monroe Monroe, Mich. NA   1,656,927
Port of Montreal Montreal container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, passenger   35,101,433
Port of Sandusky Sandusky, Ohio NA   2,507,824
Port of Silver Bay Silver Bay, Minn. NA   5,553,647
Port of Toledo Toledo, Ohio NA   9,073,964
Port of Toronto Toronto container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, passenger   2,208,358
Presque Isle Harbor Presque Isle, Mich. NA   4,647,830
Two Harbors Two Harbors, Minn. dry bulk   16,914,526


Ports and airports across North America are clamoring to stay ahead of cargo backlogs and shipment load.

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Global Freight News

Government, Business, Global Freight

Drop in Global Shipping Costs Signals Cooling Inflation, Experts Say

The pandemic-era surge in shipping costs was a “smoking gun” that foretold the global inflation spike, and the sharp drop in maritime-freight expenses since peaking last year will contribute to an easing in price pressures.

Ana Monteiro | Bloomberg News
January 25, 2023
Business, Global Freight

Union Pacific Profit Disappoints After Costly Winter Storms

Union Pacific Corp. reported fourth-quarter profit that missed analysts’ estimates as disruptions from winter storms drove up costs.

Thomas Black | Bloomberg News
January 24, 2023
Business, Logistics, Global Freight, TCA

Port of Mobile Posts All-Time Container Shipping Figures in 2022

The Port of Mobile has set a new record for annual container traffic, beating the benchmark it set in 2021 by more than 11%.

Lawrence Specker | Alabama Media Group
January 20, 2023
Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Multiple Factors Turn California Ports Into ‘Dormant Volcano’

A year ago in early January, a record 109 containerships carrying U.S. imports surrounded the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif. — as of today, the queue is gone.

Laura Curtis | Bloomberg News
January 11, 2023
Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Labor Disruptions at Ports Quadrupled Globally in 2022

Labor unrest took an unusually heavy toll on ports around the world in 2022, and the outlook for continued economic instability could bring even more upheaval to global supply chains in 2023.

Ann Koh | Bloomberg News
January 10, 2023
Government, Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Fresh Fragility in Global Trade Set to Be Revealed in 2023

Since 2020, a pandemic-fueled supply crunch, Russia’s war with Ukraine, and a deepening rift in the U.S.-China trade relationship have hammered home the idea that the world needs more resilient trade networks.

Bryce Baschuk | Bloomberg News
January 3, 2023
Government, Business, Equipment, Logistics, Global Freight

Shipping Insurers Back Off of Russia-Ukraine Trade

A host of shipping insurers altered their policies for 2023 to exclude claims linked to Russia’s war in Ukraine, a further sign of the industry’s growing concerns about losses stemming from the conflict.

December 28, 2022
Business, For-Hire, Global Freight

FedEx Profit Tops Estimates as Higher Prices Offset Decline in Shipments

FedEx Corp. on Dec. 20 reported fiscal-year, second-quarter income that beat Wall Street expectations and revenue that fell below expectations.

Dan Ronan | Senior Reporter
December 21, 2022
Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Union Pacific Puts Shipping Limits on Hold

Union Pacific says it will stop imposing temporary limits on certain businesses’ shipments while it reviews the policy that federal regulators and shippers criticized at a hearing in mid-December.

Josh Funk | Associated Press
December 19, 2022
Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Union Pacific’s Embargoes Generate Complaints From Shippers

Federal regulators and shippers are questioning Union Pacific’s decision to temporarily limit some businesses’ shipments as part of its effort to clear up congestion across the railroad.

Josh Funk | Associated Press
December 15, 2022


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