2022 Essential Management and Operating Information for the 100 Largest Private Carriers in North America
Up Front

Shippers work to improve the efficiency and reliability of their private fleet operation, starting with attracting, retaining drivers.

See the headquarters locations by region for each of the Top 100 private carriers in North America.

Top 100 companies overcome supply chain constraints and stiff competition for drivers; now they face mixed economic signals.

Current Rank Company Tractors
Michels Corp.
Williams Bros. Construction
Hulcher Services
R.J. Corman Railroad Services
Vulcan Materials Co.
Strata Corp.
Werner Construction
Henkels & McCoy
Terracon Consultants
Kilgore Cos.
Morton Buildings
Hadco Construction
Ames Construction
Rieth-Riley Construction Co.
Hellas Construction Inc.
New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co.

Fleets, shippers debate how best to use and share the growing amount of data they are collecting.

Shifting market conditions, notable mergers and acquisitions help reshape competitive landscape in many industry sectors.

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A multistep process that communicates why and how the new technology will make a driver’s job easier — not harder — is key.

TT's Seth Clevenger and Mike Freeze highlight the factors involved in the growth of the food service sector.

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Private Carrier News
Government, Business, Logistics, Private, Global Freight

Thousands of Drivers File Arbitration Claims Against Amazon

NEW YORK — Thousands of delivery drivers filed legal claims against Amazon on June 11, alleging the company’s classification of them as independent contractors has led to unpaid wages.

Haleluya Hadero | Associated Press
June 11, 2024
Government, Business, Technology, Equipment, Fuel, Logistics, For-Hire, Private

Private Fleets Pursuing Emissions Goals More Aggressively

Across all areas of the economy, shippers are facing increasing pressure to make their operations more sustainable and to meet environmental, sustainability and governance targets.

Amanda Smith-Teutsch | Special to Transport Topics
June 11, 2024
Business, Logistics, Private

Walmart Expects E-Commerce Profits Within Two Years

Walmart Inc. said it expects to generate profits in its U.S. e-commerce business within the next two years.

Jaewon Kang | Bloomberg News
June 7, 2024
Business, Logistics, Private

Walmart Offers Workers Opportunities in Skilled Trade Jobs

NEW YORK — Walmart is offering new perks for its hourly U.S. workers, ranging from a new bonus plan to opportunities to move into skilled trade jobs within the company.

Anne D’Innocenzio | Associated Press
June 5, 2024
Business, Private

International Paper Seeks to Reassure DS as Suzano Plots Bid

International Paper Co.’s top boss traveled to London to reaffirm his company’s commitment to merger partner DS Smith, downplaying a takeover offer from Suzano.

June 3, 2024
Business, Technology, Logistics, Private

Truck-Specific Navigation Software Offers Safety, Efficiency

As navigation and routing software applications grow more granular, developers are working to integrate pertinent data to support safe, efficient fleet operations.

Stephen Bennett | Special to Transport Topics
June 3, 2024
Government, Business, Technology, Logistics, Autonomous, Private, Global Freight

Amazon to Expand US Drone Service

Amazon.com’s Prime Air drone program has been cleared by regulators to fly devices beyond the visual line of sight of pilots, increasing range and giving more customers access to the service.

Lynn Doan | Bloomberg News
May 30, 2024
Government, Business, Technology, Private

Shippers, Private Fleets Aim for Sustainability

LAS VEGAS — Despite higher costs, some shippers and carriers continue to invest in alternative fuels and zero-emission transportation to meet their corporate sustainability objectives.

Mindy Long | Special to Transport Topics
May 28, 2024
Business, Private, Global Freight

Walmart Delivers Strong First Quarter

NEW YORK — Walmart Inc. reported another quarter of strong results May 16 as its low prices pull in shoppers scouring for discounts with inflation stubbornly high.

Anne D’Innocenzio | Associated Press
May 16, 2024
Business, Logistics, Private, Global Freight

Amazon Workers Say They Struggle to Afford Food, Rent

Five years after Amazon.com Inc. raised wages to $15 an hour, half of warehouse workers surveyed by researchers say they struggle to afford enough food or a place to live.

Matt Day | Bloomberg News
May 15, 2024
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