2022 Essential Revenue and Operating Information for the 50 Largest Global Freight Companies
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A Clouded Outlook For Global Freight

Supply chain disruptions may be easing, but freight volumes continue to stir anxiety in shippers.

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Non-asset based companies join the field in this year’s Global Freight Top 50 list.

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Port Data

RankPort NameCityType of FreightTEUs 2021TEUs 2020% ChangeFreight Tonnage (metric tons)
1Port of Los Angeles *Los Angelescontainer, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, automotive, heavy lift, special project cargo, refrigerated, passenger10,677,6109,213,39615.9%222,000,000
2Port of Long BeachLong Beach, Calif.container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, automotive, heavy lift, special project cargo, refrigerated, passenger9,384,3688,113,31515.7%196,386,014
3Port of New York and New Jersey ^New Yorkcontainer, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, automotive, heavy lift, special project cargo, refrigerated, passenger8,985,9297,585,81918.5%112,216,428
4Port of Savannah ^Savannah, Ga.container, break bulk, heavy lift, automobile, refrigerated 5,613,1634,682,24919.9%39,419,938
5Ports of Colon, Cristobal and Manzanillo **Colón, Panamacontainer, liquid bulk, dry bulk, passenger, transshipping4,915,9754,454,90210.3% 
6Northwest Seaport AllianceSeattle and Tacoma, Wash.container, break bulk, liquid bulk, dry bulk, automobile, heavy lift, special project cargo, refrigerated, passenger, air cargo3,736,2063,320,37912.5%27,363,475
7Port of VancouverVancouver, British Columbiacontainer, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, automobile, special project cargo, passenger3,678,9523,467,5216.1% 
8Port of Balboa/PSA Panama International TerminalPanama Int'l Terminals, Panamacontainer, transshipping3,561,4323,161,65812.6% 
9Port of VirginiaNorfolk, Va.container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, automobile3,522,8342,813,41525.2%55,797,100
10Port HoustonHoustoncontainer, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk 3,453,2263,001,16415.1%40,399,937
11Port of ManzanilloManzanillo, Colima, Mexicocontainer, dry bulk, liquid bulk3,371,4382,909,63215.9%35,024,782
12Port of Charleston ^Charleston, S.C.container, break bulk, dry bulk, automobile, refrigerated2,751,4422,309,99519.1%22,631,975
13Port of Oakland ^Oakland, Calif.container2,448,2432,461,262-0.5%17,635,455
14Port of KingstonKingston, Jamaicacontainer, heavy lift, liquid bulk1,975,4011,611,63722.6% 
15Port of MontrealMontrealcontainer, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, passenger1,728,1141,600,0008.0%34,023,135
16Port of Lázaro CárdenasLázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, Mexicocontainer, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk1,686,0761,063,67558.5% 
17Port of FreeportFreeport, Bahamascontainer, passenger1,642,7801,231,70333.4% 
18Port of San Juan ^San Juan, Puerto Ricocontainer1,438,7381,490,218-3.5%8,470,533
19Port of Jacksonville ***Jacksonville, Fla.container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, automobile, heavy lift, refrigerated1,407,3101,277,16110.2%9,378,906
20Moín Container TerminalLímon, Costa Ricacontainer1,319,3721,213,4318.7% 
21Port Miami ***Miamicontainer, passenger1,254,0621,066,73817.6%10,114,409
22Port of VeracruzVeracruz, Veracruz, Mexicocontainer, dry bulk, liquid bulk, automobile1,165,0431,005,93615.8% 
23Port of Prince RupertPrince Rupert, British Columbiacontainer, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, special project cargo, passenger1,054,8361,141,390-7.6%25,071,050
24Port Everglades ***Broward County, Fla.container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, passenger1,038,179945,5129.8%21,346,991
25Port of Baltimore ^Baltimorecontainer, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk, automobile, refrigerated, passenger1,022,6831,051,840-2.8%31,934,742
NOTE: Data for the ports of Manzanillo (Mexico), Kingston, Lázaro Cárdenas, Freeport, San Juan, Moín Container Terminal and Veracruz are from the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Carribbean. Data for the ports of Balboa, PSA Panama International Terminal, Cristobal, Colon Container Terminal and Manzanillo International Terminal are from the Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation and Research Center. All other data is from respective port authorities.

* Tonnage data for the Port of Los Angeles is from its fiscal year ending June 30, 2021.

** Includes data regarding the Panamanian ports of Cristobal, Colon Container Terminal and Manzanillo International Terminal; not to be confused with the Port of Manzanillo in Colima, Mexico.

*** TEU and tonnage data for the Port of Jacksonville, Port Miami and Port Everglades is from their fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2021.

^ Tonnage data for the ports of New York and New Jersey, Savannah, Charleston, Oakland, San Juan and Baltimore are from calendar year 2020, sourced from the United States Army Corp of Engineers. All other tonnage data is from calendar year 2021.
Air and Ocean Freight Volumes Rebound in 2021

Last year saw air- and sea-freight volumes bounce back from supply chain struggles.

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Global Freight News
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Big Emissions Bills Are Coming for Ships Sailing in Europe

Maersk ship

The maritime industry will join the European Union's Emissions Trading System in January, meaning big ships will start paying for carbon emissions.

Jack Wittels | Bloomberg News
September 18, 2023
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DHL Express Opens Miami-to-Argentina Cargo Shipping Route

DHL trucks at a warehouse

DHL Express started shipping this week from Miami to Argentina, as part of its cargo hauling expansion from South Florida to Latin America.

Vinod Sreeharsha | Miami Herald
September 8, 2023
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AI Fused With Trade Data Could Smooth Clunky Supply Chains

Containers stacked at Shanghai port

The dawn of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT may revolutionize the way data can be used to ferret out risks and opportunities in the $32 trillion global trading system.

Bryce Baschuk | Bloomberg News
September 5, 2023
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Port of Baltimore Welcomes Biggest Containership Ever

Evergreen Ever Max

On Aug. 19, the largest containership to ever visit Maryland sailed into the Port of Baltimore.

Dan Ronan | Senior Reporter
August 21, 2023
Government, Business, Logistics, Global Freight, TCA

East and West Coast Ports Spar Over Who's No. 1

port of New York-New Jersey

It came as a surprise at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach  when the ports of New York-New Jersey said their complex was the busiest cargo container handler in America.

Ronald D. White | Los Angeles Times
August 15, 2023
Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Global Ocean Shipping Costs Creep Higher

Yokohama shipping terminal

Spot rates for shipping containers jumped by the most in more than two years, a sign that a 16-month slump in ocean freight costs that helped ease the sting of goods inflation is over.

Brendan Murray | Bloomberg News
August 3, 2023
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DHL Plans Expansion in Latin America

DHL's Oscar de Bok (left) and Agustin Croche

Five Latin American nations could share $556 million by 2028 as contract logistics provider DHL Supply Chain plans to expand its regional fulfillment network.

Dan Ronan | Senior Reporter
July 14, 2023
Global Freight

IMO Countries Agree to Net-Zero Shipping Emissions by 2050

A ship at the Port of Los Angeles

Maritime nations agreed July 7 to slash emissions from the shipping industry to net zero by about 2050 in a deal that several experts and nations say falls short of what’s needed.

Sibi Arasu | Associated Press
July 7, 2023
Business, Global Freight

CSX and CPKC Will Connect to Increase Traffic in Southeast

CSX locomotives in a Massachusetts yard

CSX and CPKC railroads announced a deal June 28 that will allow them to beef up a little-used connection between their two networks in the southeastern United States to handle more freight.

Josh Funk | Associated Press
June 29, 2023
Government, Business, Technology, Equipment, Private, Global Freight

Pepsi Leads Calls for EU to Roll Out Green Trucks Faster

Volvo VNR

Companies including PepsiCo Inc. and Nike Inc. are calling for the European Union to implement stricter emissions targets for trucks, which the firms say will lower costs in the long run.

John Ainger | Bloomberg News
June 26, 2023
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