2019 Essential Revenue and Operating Information for the 50 Largest Global Freight Carriers
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Policy negotiations have put freight patterns in flux.
Despite trade tensions, growth has continued.
How the Netherlands is handling increased demand.

Mexico & Central America

Port Name City Type of Freight TEUs Volume of Freight Tonnage
Port of Altamira Altamira, Tamaulipas container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk 820,092 21,800,000
Port of Chiapas Tapachula, Chiapas NA 54,308 NA
Port of Coatzacoalcos Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz container 19,122 26,400,000
Port of Dos Bocas Dos Bocas, Tabasco container NA 31,100,000
Port of Ensenada Ensenada, Baja California NA 272,258 NA
Port of Guaymas Guaymas, Sonora container 28,971 NA
Port of Lázaro Cárdenas Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán container, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk 1,314,798 31,184,989
Port of Manzanillo Manzanillo, Colima container, passenger 3,078,505 NA
Port of Mazatlán Mazatlán, Sinaloa NA 48,199 1,207,950
Port of Progreso Progreso, Yucatán NA 110,000 NA
Port of Salina Cruz Salina Cruz, Oaxaca NA 2,857 NA
Port of Tampico Tampico, Tamaulipas NA 4,753 7,500,000
Port of Tuxpan Tuxpan, Veracruz NA 11,835 13,300,000
Port of Veracruz Veracruz, Veracruz NA 902,520 26,500,000
Puerto Morelos Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo NA 9,423 NA
Port of Acajutla Acajutla, El Salvador container 209,903 NA
Port of Almirante Almirante, Panama NA 20,420 NA
Port of Arlen Siu-El Rama Arlen Siu/El Rama, Nicaragua NA 7,058 NA
Port of Balboa Balboa, Panama container, dry bulk, passenger 2,986,617 NA
Port of Belize Belize City, Belize container, heavy lift, passenger 44,381 935,910
Port of Caldera Caldera, Costa Rica NA 289,582 NA
Port of Colón Colón, Panama container, passenger 2,579,977 NA
Port of Corinto Corinto, Nicaragua container, dry bulk, liquid bulk, automobile, passenger 165,463 NA
Port of Cristóbal Cristóbal, Panama container 1,311,232 NA
Port of Limón-Moín Limón-Moín, Costa Rica container, passenger 1,199,628 NA
Port of Puerto Barrios Puerto Barrios, Guatemala container 455,973 NA
Port of Puerto Castillo Puerto Castillo, Honduras container 119,251 NA
Port of Puerto Cortes Puerto Cortes, Honduras container 642,218 NA
Port of Puerto Quetzal Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala container 367,239 NA
Port of San Lorenzo San Lorenzo, Honduras container 35,824 NA
Port of Santo Tomás de Castilla Santo Tomás de Castilla, Guatemala container 566,539 NA
PSA Panama International Terminal PSA - Panama Int'l Terminals, Panama container 81,563 NA
Spending on ports projects has risen.
Companies and government agencies work to minimize effects of the E.U. departure.
Memphis International retains the top spot; Louisville honors boxing legend.
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UPS to Sell Coyote Logistics to RXO

Connor D. Wolf | Staff Reporter
June 24, 2024
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Amazon Is Shifting to Recycled Paper Filling for Packages

Amazon is shifting from the plastic air pillows used for packaging in North America to recycled paper because it’s more environmentally sound, and it says paper just works better.

Michelle Chapman | Associated Press
June 20, 2024
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Thousands of Drivers File Arbitration Claims Against Amazon

NEW YORK — Thousands of delivery drivers filed legal claims against Amazon on June 11, alleging the company’s classification of them as independent contractors has led to unpaid wages.

Haleluya Hadero | Associated Press
June 11, 2024
Government, Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Dockworkers at Ports From Boston to Houston Halt Labor Talks

The union representing dockworkers at East and Gulf Coast container ports has suspended labor contract negotiations set for June 11, citing a dispute over automation.

Laura Curtis | Bloomberg News
June 11, 2024
Business, Safety, Logistics, Global Freight

Maersk Raises Profit Outlook

A.P. Moller-Maersk, a bellwether for global trade, said the world’s supply lines are more impacted than previously expected by the ripple effects coming from the congestion in the Red Sea.

Christian Wienberg | Bloomberg News
June 4, 2024
Business, Technology, Autonomous, Global Freight

Einride Becomes Peterbilt’s Biggest BET Customer

Einride will buy 150 Model 579EV battery-electric trucks from Peterbilt, the truck maker’s biggest EV order so far, the companies said.

Keiron Greenhalgh | Staff Reporter
June 3, 2024
Government, Business, Safety, Logistics, Global Freight

Ships Diverted From Red Sea Send Ripple Effects Across Globe

Nearly six months into the Houthis’ relentless campaign to protest Israel’s war in Gaza, the economic fallout is widening.

Brendan Murray | Bloomberg News
June 3, 2024
Government, Business, Technology, Logistics, Autonomous, Private, Global Freight

Amazon to Expand US Drone Service

Amazon.com’s Prime Air drone program has been cleared by regulators to fly devices beyond the visual line of sight of pilots, increasing range and giving more customers access to the service.

Lynn Doan | Bloomberg News
May 30, 2024
Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Some Shipping Container Costs Hit $10,000

Companies transporting goods from Asia face costs of as much $10,000 for an urgent full-size shipping container over the next month — about double current spot rates.

Brendan Murray | Bloomberg News
May 29, 2024
Business, Logistics, Global Freight

Trade Strains Boost Ocean Shipping Cargo Rates

Global goods trade is showing signs of accelerating after last year’s slump, pushing up shipping rates and giving some supply chain managers flashbacks to the demand spike three years ago.

Brendan Murray | Bloomberg News
May 28, 2024
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