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PennDOT Chief Outlines Temporary Rules for Testing Self-Driving Cars

Uber Self-Driving Volvo Uber Self-Driving Volvo (zombieite/Flickr)

Pennsylvania will ask Uber Technologies Inc. and any company developing self-driving cars with the same technology onboard to immediately stop testing.

Aaron Aupperlee | The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
April 9, 2018
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Opinion: Driverless Cars May Make Traffic Worse, Not Better


One of the more puzzling questions arising from the revolution in autonomous vehicles and on-demand services is what impact it will all have on cities.

John Gallagher | Detroit Free Press
April 6, 2018
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Houston Joins Smart Cities Program to Prepare for Autonomous Vehicles

Getty Images

Houston will join 21 other cities in a national partnership aimed at addressing persistent transportation challenges as technology and mobility choices have planners rethinking how streets, sidewalks and private spaces interact.

Doug Begley | Houston Chronicle
April 5, 2018
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Self-Driving Cars Are On North Carolina Turnpike Authority’s Radar

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The fatal crash involving an Uber self-driving car in Arizona last month has not dissuaded the North Carolina Turnpike Authority from urging companies to test autonomous vehicles on the Triangle Expressway in western Wake County.

Richard Stradling | The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)
April 5, 2018
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Toyota Talks Self-Driving Cars and the Real Reason the Automaker Suspended Testing


When a woman crossing an Arizona street was struck and killed by a self-driving Uber car late last month, it sparked a swift public reckoning over the near-term future of autonomous vehicle testing on public roads.

Jill Cowan | The Dallas Morning News
April 3, 2018
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California Starts Accepting Applications for Driverless Car Permits

General Motors Co.

California began accepting applications April 2 for permits to deploy self-driving cars on public roads without a human backup driver at the wheel.

April 3, 2018
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Uber Crash Sparks Talk of Tighter Rules for Self-Driving Vehicles

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U.S. lawmakers have applied a light touch in regulating robot cars. At the national level, the Trump administration has proclaimed that driverless-car guidelines should be “entirely voluntary” for automakers, and bills pending in Congress would clear the way to putting tens of thousands of autonomous cars on the road — orders of magnitude more than the few hundred in the country today — before federal safety regulations are set.

Carolyn Said | San Francisco Chronicle
April 2, 2018
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Detroit Area’s Cutting-Edge Center for Self-Driving Vehicles Set to Open

Mark Chaput, vice president of construction for the American Center for Mobility, points to future construction, at the ACM facility in Ypsilanti, Mich., on Aug. 15, 2017. (Sean Proctor/Bloomberg News)

The only engineering facility built expressly to test self-driving vehicles will officially open April 4 at the historic 335-acre Willow Run site just west of Detroit.

Mark Phelan | Detroit Free Press
April 2, 2018
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Ohio Logistics Firm Buys Property in Anticipation of Autonomous Trucks


Jarrett Cos. has purchased a 53-acre property in Seville, Ohio, that it expects eventually will be used by driverless, autonomous trucks.

April 2, 2018
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Uber Isolated by Partners and Competitors in Aftermath of Crash

Uber headquarters entrance in San Francisco. (Getty Images)

Uber Technologies Inc. has found itself isolated a little more than a week after one of its self-driving SUVs hit and killed a pedestrian in Arizona.

Ryan Beene and Alan Levin | Bloomberg News
March 29, 2018