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Autonomous technologies now drive significant change in trucking and freight transportation. Transport Topics autonomous coverage provides a comprehensive look at that change. It provides the latest details on deployment concepts such as advanced driver-assist systems, transfer hubs, teleoperations, platooning and off-road automation and latest analysis of the companies who are manufacturing, adopting and investing in these technologies. Readers can follow the impact such deployment has on everything from policy and infrastructure initiatives to highway congestion, fuel consumption, fleet management, driver management and business investment.

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GM’s Cruise Prepares to Resume Robotaxi Testing After Halt

GM’s Cruise autonomous unit is nearing the resumption of testing in the coming weeks, with Houston and Dallas emerging as potential locations, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Julia Love and David Welch | Bloomberg News
February 23, 2024
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Autonomous Trucking Landscape Is Shifting Rapidly

The anticipated benefits of autonomous trucking have attracted an influx of entrepreneurs determined to bring highly automated driving technology to the commercial vehicle market.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features and Multimedia
February 23, 2024
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety, Autonomous

REPLAY: Driving Innovation: A Preview of the 2024 TMC Annual Meeting With Robert Braswell

What new standards are expected to come out of the upcoming meeting and how will they help your company better transition to tomorrow? Robert Braswell joins Dan Ronan to preview the 2024 TMC Annual Meeting and why industry leaders can't afford to miss it.

February 20, 2024
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Self-Driving Firm Recogni Nabs $102 Million to Make AI Chip

Recogni Inc., an artificial intelligence startup that builds tech for autonomous vehicles, has raised $102 million in funding after expanding into designing chips for generative AI.

Jackie Davalos | Bloomberg News
February 20, 2024
Business, Technology, Safety, Autonomous

GM Nearly Doubling Area Where Automated System Is Usable

DETROIT — General Motors is adding about 350,000 miles of roadways in the U.S. and Canada to the area where drivers can use the company’s “Super Cruise” partially automated driving system.

February 15, 2024
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GXO Reports Profit, Revenue Increased in Fourth Quarter

GXO Logistics reported an increase in revenue and earnings year-over-year during the fourth quarter, despite the softer freight market, the company detailed Feb. 14.

Connor D. Wolf | Staff Reporter
February 14, 2024
Business, Technology, Equipment, Autonomous

Volvo Offers Early Look at Redesigned VNL

DUBLIN, Va. — Volvo Trucks North America offered media a sneak preview of its redesigned VNL Class 8 tractor during a ride-and-drive event at its customer center.

Joe Howard | Executive Editor
February 14, 2024
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety, Autonomous

Mobileye CEO Shashua Expects Growth in Self-Driving Adoption

Amnon Shashua, co-founder and CEO of Mobileye, sees self-driving technology moving ahead over the next few years, allowing for more widespread adoption of the functionality.

Tom Krisher | Associated Press
February 12, 2024
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Trucking Executives Cite Opportunities for AI Adoption

LAS VEGAS — Artificial intelligence promises to unlock greater efficiency in the freight transportation industry, but implementing AI functions is not without its challenges.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features and Multimedia
February 8, 2024
Business, Technology, Logistics, Autonomous, Global Freight, TCA

Cincinnati Airport Deploys Autonomous Baggage Handling EVs

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is using devices known as Auto-DollyTugs, electric autonomous vehicles complete with “robotic arms,” to handle baggage and cargo.

Skip Descant | Government Technology
February 6, 2024