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Autonomous technologies now drive significant change in trucking and freight transportation. Transport Topics autonomous coverage provides a comprehensive look at that change. It provides the latest details on deployment concepts such as advanced driver-assist systems, transfer hubs, teleoperations, platooning and off-road automation and latest analysis of the companies who are manufacturing, adopting and investing in these technologies. Readers can follow the impact such deployment has on everything from policy and infrastructure initiatives to highway congestion, fuel consumption, fleet management, driver management and business investment.


Who’s Who in Self-Driving Truck Development

Autonomous truck collage

The process of developing, validating and ultimately commercializing fully autonomous trucks has proven to be a long and arduous journey, but there is no shortage of software developers and technologists dedicated to accomplishing that mission.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
November 23, 2022

TT Podcasts: RoadSigns Archive

RoadSigns 102

How can autonomous trucks fit into the freight transportation industry? Host Seth Clevenger chats with Waabi's Vivian Sun and's Jan Becker.

Business, Technology, Equipment, Autonomous, Private

Uber Freight, Waabi Team Up on AI-Powered Autonomous Trucks

Uber Freight/Waabi

Logistics specialist Uber Freight is teaming up with Waabi Innovation Inc. in an artificial intelligence-powered autonomous truck partnership, the companies said Sept. 21.

Keiron Greenhalgh | Staff Reporter
September 21, 2023
Business, Technology, Safety, Autonomous

Isaac Instruments Introduces Updated Video Camera System

Isaac InView

Isaac Instruments has introduced the next generation of its InView integrated video camera system, designed to help trucking fleets improve safety.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
September 18, 2023
Government, Business, Technology, Autonomous, TCA

Driverless Carmakers Are Pivoting to Trucks

Stack AV truck

The pivot from self-driving cars to self-driving trucks is the latest sign of how difficult it is to fully take our hands off the wheel, industry experts and researchers say.

Evan Robinson-Johnson | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 18, 2023
Business, Technology, Safety, Autonomous

Spartan Radar, RiverPark Partner to Launch Hoplo


Spartan Radar has launched sales of its Hoplo advanced collision warning system through a new partnership with RiverPark Inc.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
September 18, 2023
Business, Technology, Equipment, Autonomous

Trailer Tech Capabilities Continue to Improve for Fleets

Smart trailer graphic

Trailer telematics and sensor technol­ogy continue to advance, and providers said they’re offering much more than simple track-and-trace applications.

Mindy Long | Special to Transport Topics
September 15, 2023
Government, Business, Technology, Autonomous, TCA

Cruise to Begin Testing Wheelchair-Accessible Robotaxi

Cruise accessible robotaxi

Cruise in October will begin testing what it says is “the world’s first purpose-built, wheelchair accessible, self-driving vehicle.”

Ricardo Cano | San Francisco Chronicle
September 15, 2023

TT Podcasts: RoadSigns

RoadSigns 122

Gragg Wilson of UPS won grand champion honors at the National Truck Driving Championships. In this special edition of RoadSigns, Wilson takes us through the competition's course, successful driving practices and how to attract new drivers.   

September 14, 2023
Government, Business, Technology, Autonomous

ATA Leader Chris Spear Presses Congress for AV Framework

Chris Spear

WASHINGTON — Automated vehicles would gain greater adoption with a nationwide policy framework, Chris Spear, president of American Trucking Associations, told members of Congress on Sept. 13.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
September 13, 2023
Government, Business, Technology, Autonomous, TCA

California Governor Gets Bill on Humans in Autonomous Trucks

Torc Robotics truck

The California Senate passed a bill Sept. 11 mandating human drivers behind the wheel of autonomous trucks on state highways for at least the next five years. Will the governor sign it?

Russ Mitchell | Los Angeles Times
September 12, 2023