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Autonomous technologies now drive significant change in trucking and freight transportation. Transport Topics autonomous coverage provides a comprehensive look at that change. It provides the latest details on deployment concepts such as advanced driver-assist systems, transfer hubs, teleoperations, platooning and off-road automation and latest analysis of the companies who are manufacturing, adopting and investing in these technologies. Readers can follow the impact such deployment has on everything from policy and infrastructure initiatives to highway congestion, fuel consumption, fleet management, driver management and business investment.

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Cruise Could Face Fines for Allegedly Misleading Regulators

Cruise, the self-driving vehicle unit of General Motors, could face a fine for allegedly misleading regulators about an incident in which one of its cars dragged a pedestrian.

David Welch | Bloomberg News
December 4, 2023

TT Podcasts: RoadSigns

VTNA President Peter Voorhoeve outlines how the truck maker is helping its customers make better use of telematics and remote diagnostics tools to run their fleets more effectively. 

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GM Says Strike Cost $1.1 Billion, but Raises Dividend

General Motors says pretax earnings took a $1.1 billion hit due to production lost during the UAW's strike, but the company expects to absorb the new contract's costs and raised its dividend.

Tom Krisher | Associated Press
November 29, 2023
Business, Technology, Logistics, Autonomous

Trucking Firms Using Social Media Influencers for Promotion

Trucking marketers looking for a leg up on social media are turning to AI software that can quickly surface the absolute best influencers in that medium to promote their brand.

Joe Dysart | Webology 101
November 22, 2023
Business, Technology, Logistics, Autonomous

How Logistics Can Transform With AI — and Not Lose Its Way

The buzz around artificial intelligence has a way of obscuring the most important conversations around it.

Maneet Singh | Chief Information Officer, Odyssey Logistics
November 22, 2023
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Autonomous Trucks: A Tool for the Motor Carrier Toolbox

Autonomous trucks could unlock ­safety improvements and greater freight efficiency in the coming years, but they won't be a one-size-fits-all solution for the entire trucking industry.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
November 22, 2023
Business, Technology, Equipment, Fuel, Logistics, Autonomous

Terraline to Carry Out Prototype Class 8 Truck Tests in Q1

A prototype of a battery-electric Class 8 truck with an expected range of 500 miles is set to begin its first pilot tests in Florida in the first quarter of 2024, according to vehicle developer Terraline Inc.

Keiron Greenhalgh | Staff Reporter
November 21, 2023
Business, Technology, Equipment, Autonomous

Hyundai Unveils Robot-Powered EV Plant in Singapore

Hyundai Motor Group has opened a heavily automated facility in Singapore that will play a crucial role in its electrification strategy, deploying robotics and new production methods.

Yoolim Lee and Heejin Kim | Bloomberg News
November 21, 2023
Business, Technology, Safety, Autonomous

Cruise CEO Resigns Amid Safety Concerns, Recalls

Kyle Vogt has resigned as CEO of Cruise, General Motors’ autonomous vehicle unit, as questions build about the safety of self-driving cars.

November 20, 2023
Business, Technology, Autonomous, TCA

DFW Airport Signs Deal With Overair to Explore Air Taxis

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is laying the groundwork for air taxis in the future with an agreement with California-based eVTOL company Overair.

Alexandra Skores | The Dallas Morning News
November 16, 2023
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Torc Lays Out Road Map to Autonomous Truck Launch in 2027

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Torc Robotics is fine-tuning its technology and laying the foundation for autonomous fleet operations as it targets a 2027 market launch for its virtual driver product.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
November 16, 2023