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Stellantis Invests Additional $55M in Electric Air Taxi

Stellantis has invested an additional $55 million in the electric air taxi company Archer Aviation following a successful test flight and other major milestones.

Luke Ramseth | The Detroit News
July 2, 2024
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Unsteady EV Demand Drives Automaker-Supplier Tension

Rising costs and unsteady demand for EVs remain major sources of friction between automakers and their suppliers, according to a new survey examining supplier-automaker relationships.

Luke Ramseth | The Detroit News
May 20, 2024
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Stellantis Shipments Fall Amid Transition to New Vehicles

Stellantis NV said its first-quarter revenue decreased 12% to $44.7 billion compared to last year as the company transitions to making a number of next-generation vehicles.

Luke Ramseth | The Detroit News
April 30, 2024