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Tesla Cybertruck to Start at $60,990 as Deliveries Commence

After years of development delays and manufacturing snags, Tesla Inc. finally handed over its first Blade Runner-esque Cybertrucks to customers.

Dana Hull and Ed Ludlow | Bloomberg News
November 30, 2023
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Tesla Swaps Year-Away Robotaxis for Year-Away Humanoid Robot

More than two years after touting plans to turn Tesla Inc. vehicles into robotaxis that have yet to materialize, Elon Musk held another highly technical event about autonomous driving development.

Dana Hull and Ed Ludlow | Bloomberg News
August 20, 2021
Business, Technology, Autonomous

Tesla to Build Factory in Austin, Texas, for Semi Production

Tesla Inc. managed to stay profitable even in the midst of a global pandemic, but something is still nagging at Elon Musk: the electric-car maker isn’t growing fast enough.

Dana Hull and Ed Ludlow | Bloomberg News
July 23, 2020
Business, Technology

Tesla Exceeds Expectations in Blowout Quarter

Tesla Inc. delivered a second straight quarter of blowout earnings and speedy execution, extending an unprecedented surge for its heavily shorted stock.

Dana Hull and Ed Ludlow | Bloomberg News
January 30, 2020