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Autonomous technologies now drive significant change in trucking and freight transportation. Transport Topics autonomous coverage provides a comprehensive look at that change. It provides the latest details on deployment concepts such as advanced driver-assist systems, transfer hubs, teleoperations, platooning and off-road automation and latest analysis of the companies who are manufacturing, adopting and investing in these technologies. Readers can follow the impact such deployment has on everything from policy and infrastructure initiatives to highway congestion, fuel consumption, fleet management, driver management and business investment.

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ATA Leader Chris Spear Doesn’t See Automation as Threat to Drivers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — American Trucking Associations President Chris Spear said he doesn’t view the ongoing advancement of autonomous trucking as a threat to drivers, since economic factors will ensure demand for drivers for years to come.

Connor D. Wolf | Staff Reporter
June 3, 2022

TT Podcasts: RoadSigns

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Futurist Outlines What Could Be Ahead for Driver Recruiting

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Futurist Nikolas Badminton explored June 2 how the trucking industry could change in the years ahead and what that means when it comes to driver recruitment.

Connor D. Wolf | Staff Reporter
June 2, 2022
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Elon Musk’s Boring Co. Pitched Texas on Tunnels for Cars, People, Water

Before the end of Year One of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elon Musk did something a lot of other people were doing at the same time: He moved. Once in Texas, several of his business ventures followed, including Boring Co., a startup seeking to create underground transportation systems.

June 1, 2022
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Ford Delivers First Electric F-150

Nicholas Schmidt of Standish, Mich., became owner No. 1 of Ford Motor Co.’s first electric pickup, the F-150 Lightning.

Craig Trudell | Bloomberg News
May 27, 2022
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Walmart Expands Drone Delivery in Six States

Walmart soon will expand its drone delivery program across six states: Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Drone hubs will be set up at 34 sites by the end of the year.

Bernadette Berdychowski | Tampa Bay Times
May 25, 2022
Business, Technology, Safety, Autonomous

Aurora, FedEx Expand Texas Autonomous Routes

Aurora Innovation Inc. and FedEx have expanded their autonomous trucking partnership to include freight hauling between terminals in Fort Worth and El Paso, Texas.

Jerry Hirsch | Contributing Writer
May 18, 2022
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Hacker Finds Way to Unlock Tesla Models, Start Cars

Tesla Inc. customers might love the carmakers’ nifty keyless entry system, but one cybersecurity researcher has demonstrated how the same technology could allow thieves to drive off with certain models of the electric vehicles.

Margi Murphy | Bloomberg News
May 18, 2022
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Ford-Backed Argo Goes Driverless in Miami, Austin

Argo AI, the driverless startup backed by Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen AG, has started testing self-driving vehicles in Miami and Austin, Texas, without a human behind the wheel.

Keith Naughton | Bloomberg News
May 17, 2022
Business, Technology, Fuel, Autonomous

Cruise, BrightDrop Explore Self-Driving Electric Vans

Cruise, the self-driving startup controlled by General Motors Co., is working with the automaker’s BrightDrop electric van business on a plan to develop autonomous delivery vehicles, people familiar with the matter said.

David Welch | Bloomberg News
May 16, 2022
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More Steps Needed to Reach Zero-Emission Future, Executives Say

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Top executives at some of the largest companies in trucking said many factors must come together before the industry can fully advance toward a zero-emission future.

Roger Gilroy | Senior Reporter
May 12, 2022