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Driver Training, Monitoring Could Help Ensure Safe Testing, Deployment of Automated Trucks

TuSimple test driver Randy Redwine with an automated truck TuSimple test driver Randy Redwine with one of the company's automated trucks. (Bryce Morthland/Pima Community College)

Self-driving truck developers are putting a growing number of test vehicles on the road to refine their automated driving systems and pave the way for the commercial introduction of this technology.

Gregory Van Tighem | Contributing Writer
December 6, 2019
Business, Technology, Safety

In-Cab Monitoring Uses Machine Vision to Detect Fatigued, Distracted Driving

Driver monitoring technology from Seeing Machines' Guardian system Driver monitoring technology such as Seeing Machines' Guardian system tracks head and eye movements for signs of drowsiness or distraction. (Seeing Machines)

In-cab monitoring systems can help fleets keep drivers out of danger, but technology should be just one part of the broader culture of safety within a company.

Gregory Van Tighem | Contributing Writer
December 6, 2019
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North Carolina Cultivates Talent for Careers in Trucking Operations

For young people and others seeking ways to prepare for a new and rewarding career without racking up serious college debt, the North Carolina Trucking Association has joined forces with 13 state community colleges to ­offer some options.

Gregory Van Tighem | Contributing Writer
June 24, 2019
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Some Fleets, 3PLs Turn to Near-Shore Staffing to Address Shortage of Office Workers

Lean Staffing Solutions Some U.S. trucking and logistics firms have turned to near-shore staffing services to handle office tasks amid a shortage of entry-level logistics workers. (Lean Staffing Solutions)

While the freight transportation industry has struggled for years to recruit and retain truck drivers and maintenance technicians, many companies are facing another labor challenge — a shortage of entry-level office workers.

Gregory Van Tighem | Contributing Writer
May 28, 2019