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Florida Gov. DeSantis Wants Six-Month State Gas Tax Halt Next Year

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Nov. 22 he wants to zero out the state’s gas tax for six months and deliver $1 billion of tax relief at the pump so Florida residents can deal with rising costs that are eating into their household budgets.

David Bauerlein | The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, Fla.)
November 22, 2021
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Crowley Launches Second LNG Cargo Vessel

Taino’s arrival gives Jacksonville a fourth cargo ship powered by natural gas for Puerto Rico shipments, putting the port at the vanguard in using a fuel source that only recently became tried and tested in cargo ships. Jacksonville-based Crowley Maritime owns two of the ships.

David Bauerlein | The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, Fla.)
January 9, 2019
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Jacksonville, Fla., Opens Test Track to Future for Self-Driving Shuttles

The futuristic appeal of the autonomous vehicles that began operating Dec. 21 on the Jacksonville Transportation Authority test track is the prospect that eventually hundreds of them could be shuttling passengers around downtown.

David Bauerlein | The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, Fla.)
December 21, 2017
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JaxPort Names Eric Green CEO

Eric Green walked miles of hallways in Washington and Tallahassee to win support for deepening Jacksonville’s harbor.

David Bauerlein | The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, Fla.)
October 12, 2017
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Power Lines Across River Won’t Short-Circuit Quest for Bigger Ships at Jacksonville Port, Officials Say

The high-voltage power lines that span Florida's St. Johns River and touch down on Blount Island were installed long before the Jacksonville Port Authority landed business from ocean-crossing cargo ships whose size is growing in leaps and bounds.

David Bauerlein | The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, Fla.)
August 4, 2017
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Former CSX Exec Raises Questions About Jacksonville Port Dredging Project

As Jacksonville, Fla., faces a monumental decision about how to pay for one of the most expensive public works projects in city history, a retired CSX executive has emerged as an unlikely source of do-it-yourself research calling into question the bedrock assumptions the Jacksonville Port Authority uses to justify deepening the St. Johns River.

David Bauerlein | The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, Fla.)
June 12, 2017