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Duluth Port Breaks Record for Wind Turbine Parts

Railyard at Port Duluth Railyard at Port Duluth. (Ariana Lindquist/Bloomberg)

The sheer volume of wind turbine blades, towers and other parts moving through Duluth, Minn., in 2019 surpassed record tonnage totals this week by reaching 306,000 freight tons.

Brady Slater | Duluth (Minn.) News Tribune
October 30, 2019
Business, Logistics, TCA

Canadian National Rail Pledges $80 Million for Minnesota Improvements

Brent Lewin/Bloomberg News

Canadian National Railway plans to invest more than $80 million in Minnesota this year — spending it, they said, would strengthen the company’s rail network across the state.

Brady Slater | Duluth (Minn.) News Tribune
April 16, 2019
Government, Logistics, TCA

Minnesota DOT Hopes Trump’s Infrastructure Promise Can Fix Its ‘Can of Worms’

Minnesota's I-35 'Can of Worms' Duluth News Tribune

The Trump administration’s $1 trillion infrastructure promise is starting small — with a reboot — and shifting greater responsibility onto states and municipalities.

Brady Slater | Duluth (Minn.) News Tribune
August 7, 2017