Embracing The Electric Future: Your BEV Transition Roadmap

February 1, 2024

As sustainability gains traction, fleets embrace electrification with zero-emission vehicles. Gain insights on timing, collaboration, and accessibility in 'Embracing The Electric Future: Your BEV Transition Roadmap,' discovering efficient ways to set up your charging infrastructure.


August 1, 2022

L.J. Rogers Trucking, K & L Freight Management, and Nick Strimbu, Inc. are looking at their costs from every angle. 

That’s the key - don’t just look at the revenue. Look at the actual profit on that lane or that customer. – Cory Knowlton

McLeod Software

July 1, 2022

The growing shortage of technicians serving the trucking industry is a critical problem for fleet maintenance managers. But you can keep your fleet on the road and retain great talent with these tips from George Arrants and the ASE Foundation. Download the tip sheet here.


July 1, 2022

How are fleet managers creating efficient maintenance strategies, while overcoming the rising challenge of data overload? Download Pitstop’s starter guide to learn how to move away from outdated strategies and spreadsheets to an upgraded predictive maintenance solution today.

Pitstop a Powerful Fleet Maintenance Software

July 1, 2022

Anti-idling regulations for reefers are becoming increasingly important in heavy-duty trucking. In an industry that uses high-voltage power, it can be challenging to find solutions that protect personnel, property, and the environment.

Purkeys by Mission Critical Electronics

July 1, 2022

Having reliable power as a long-haul truck driver is crucial while parked during downtime and relying on standard batteries and APUs can be inconvenient to provide power to hotel loads for long periods of time. Learn how to power hotel loads inside the cab, even when the engine is turned off. 

Xantrex by Mission Critical Electronics

June 1, 2022

Transportation And Logistics Is The Lifeblood Of Our Economy. Companies Are Using 5G To Uncover Exciting Possibilities Across Their People, Fleets, Assets, And Workflows.  Learn how T-Mobile® For Business Can Help Fuel An Industry Transformation, Today And Tomorrow.

T-Mobile For Business

June 1, 2022

The reliability of SkyBitz hardware and software saves Cargo Transporters money, while new features like SkyBitz SkyCamera accelerate ROI by preventing cargo claims from capturing images of loads and by reporting trailer loaded or unloaded status with certainty. 


June 1, 2022

The fuel in your fleet’s tanks is a high-demand commodity—and one of your largest hard-dollar costs. Thieves take little risk in stealing and reselling it for thousands of dollars a day. Learn how smart fleet management technology can help you protect your fleet and its fuel.

Read this white paper to learn: 

  • the 6 costs of fuel theft 

  • 5 red flags that fuel has been stolen 

  • how smart fleet management extends your prevention strategies 


May 1, 2022

Fuel prices are high, but your company has worked hard to implement the right fuel program; you’ve negotiated discounts with retail chains and set up bulk and mobile fueling deals… right? 

Sokolis Group

May 1, 2022

The Bennett Family of Companies improved its trailer tracking ability by ditching battery-operated devices for SkyBitz’s solar-powered, real-time tracking platform. And saved $1000 per week in labor costs! Discover how in this success story.  

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May 1, 2022

Going green isn’t just about electrification. It starts with smaller, more practical steps you can take today. Our practical guide includes both short-term strategies and long-term strategies to operating a greener fleet. 


May 1, 2022

Large verdicts against motor carriers have been increasing. Fleets that adopt dashcams are in a better position to defend against claims. This paper includes important information about the increasingly litigious landscape carriers operate in and the protection that dashcams provide.