Workhound Whitepaper

Free Guide: Optimize Driver Retention, Pay, and Culture

October 1, 2021

41% of driver communications about pay include questions: driver pay is confusing and stressful. When pay isn’t easy to understand, driver turnover is inevitable. Download this FREE guide to align your culture and driver pay to maximize driver retention.

Fullbay Whitepaper

Fullbay's First-Ever State of Heavy-Duty Repair Report

March 4, 2021

Fullbay and the American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) are proud to announce the first-ever State of Heavy-Duty Repair report. This paper dives deep into the challenges and trends faced by the commercial repair industry.

Bestpass Whitepaper

How Violations Work and How to Minimize Fleet Impact

March 4, 2021

Any fleet that operates tolled roads or bridges could possibly receive violations, which often come with additional cost and delayed processing time. A comprehensive approach to toll management requires anticipating violations, minimizing their occurrence, and understanding how to handle them.

Whip Around

7-Step Guide to Preventative Maintenance

December 21, 2020

Having a smart preventative maintenance process for your fleet can be the difference between seeing your bottom line soar and watching it slip away. Download this ebook today and learn our 7 Steps to preventative maintenance.

US Ecology Whitepaper

Partner With The Nation’s Most Reliable Spill Response Network

December 21, 2020

In the event of a spill, being prepared with a response plan can make all the difference. Learn how to position your company to protect your bottom line and your brand from unnecessary costs, liabilities and damage.

US Ecology
Michelin Whitepaper

The Top 3 Factors that Affect Fuel Efficiency in Trucking

November 17, 2020

A new, free study by Michelin reveals the top three factors that affect a truck and trailer’s fuel efficiency—and how fleets can overcome them to reduce their fuel costs.


4 Benefits of Mobile Driver Workflow

November 12, 2020

Your drivers are critical to operational success, yet they are only as good as the tools you equip them with. Extend the power of your TMS with a driver-friendly mobile application to streamline daily driver operations. Here are the four key benefits.

Agility Fuel Whitepaper

DeKalb County Transitions to Natural Gas for Economic Advantage

November 6, 2020

Dekalb County started with a simple idea to convert methane into usable natural gas, and it turned the idea into an economic winner that increased the efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Motion Intelligence Whitepaper

Get Drivers On Board to Prevent Distracted Driving by Addressing Technology Addiction—With an App

November 6, 2020

Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents and loss of revenue. Managers can work with drivers to adopt safer driving behaviors with the help of an app that addresses our addiction to technology and prevents distracted driving.

Fleetworthy Solutions

Building a Safety Culture

October 5, 2020

Every fleet should be striving for a “safety-first” mindset. Did you know there are some basic steps to get started? This guide covers several high-level topics and best practices to focus on when ensuring your fleet is a safe fleet.

Fleetworthy Solutions
Overhaul Whitepaper

Redefining Supply Chain Security

August 5, 2020

Supply chain security is an ongoing and ever-evolving process, requiring active risk mitigation and management. Discovering security-related trends, addressing them before they become a true risk, and dealing with unavoidable real-time situations effectively allows you to manage your supply chain’s security.

6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Weigh Station Bypass System

6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Weigh Station Bypass System

June 8, 2020

Due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to find additional ways to maximize your driving hours and profit. Whether or not your operation uses weigh station bypassing, now is a great time to examine the benefits and ensure you are leveraging the full value. Download this free whitepaper for details.

Getting Back to Work: New Fleet Strategies

Getting Back to Work: New Fleet Strategies

June 8, 2020

Leading fleets are finding this 15-minute PM is saving repair costs and cutting down time. The technology is proving to be the solution to increase uptime, lower repair and PM costs, and end aftertreatment problems, providing quick ROI.

Trucking Cleaning & Safety Tips for Fleets During COVID-19

Trucking Cleaning & Safety Tips for Fleets During COVID-19

May 15, 2020

Truckers are vulnerable when it comes to health concerns – including the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Fleets need to ensure the safety of their drivers, staff, and facilities. Download this whitepaper for COVID-19 safety tips and cleaning guides, awareness posters, and more.

Fleetworthy Solutions
Help Your Fleet Drive Safetly in Adverse Weather Conditions

Help Your Fleet Drive Safely in Adverse Weather Conditions

March 11, 2020

Adverse weather conditions, like heavy snow or heatwaves, can happen to any fleet. In this white paper we look at ways you can properly prepare for these conditions to avoid crashes, breakdowns and unnecessary costs, and keep your drivers safe.

Mix Telematics
Toll By Plate: Emerging Trends & Impact on Fleets

Toll By Plate: Emerging Trends & Impact on Fleets

March 1, 2020

The rise of all-electronic tolling across the United States has led to an increase in unplanned toll by plate, which can impact fleets in myriad ways, especially with additional administrative fees and delated billing for toll transactions.

Improve Compliance with AI Cameras

Improve Compliance with AI Cameras

February 17, 2020

Compliance is essential to how well a fleet operates. Unfortunately, recent statistics show alarming rates in several key areas including traffic law violations, health, and safety. Netradyne is combining artificial intelligence with cameras to tackle compliance through smart data analytics.