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Opinion: Four Reasons Why Freight Visibility Should Be a Top Focus

Despite the immediate benefits to the supply chain, there is still a lack of knowledge about the competitive advantages of real-time freight visibility. As the supply chain becomes exponentially more complicated, the importance of freight visibility increases due to its ability to provide real-time insight into the location and status of freight.

Dan Cicerchi | Vice President, Commercial Operations, Descartes MacroPoint
April 9, 2018
Technology, Perspective

Opinion: Uber Restricts Driver Hours; Should Others Follow Suit?

In an effort to combat drowsy driving, Uber announced on Feb. 12 new national rules that restrict drivers to 12-hour shifts with mandatory 6-hour breaks in between. Uber will enforce the rule through a new drive-time function in its driver app, which will first warn drivers and then temporarily cut off their access to the app, which is their only conduit to receive ride requests. The Uber announcement drove a lot of media coverage, almost all of it positive, but it also left open opportunities to do more to improve safety.

Pete Allen | Chief Client Officer, MiX Telematics
April 2, 2018

Opinion: The Value of Data From a Carrier’s Perspective

In the modern era of technology, one thing is certain: everyone wants your data.

James Langley | President, Dart Transit Co.
March 23, 2018

Opinion: Modern Free Trade Agreements Good for US Businesses

For more than 30 years, free trade agreements have facilitated international trade, fueled economic growth, raised living standards and allowed American families access to affordable goods and services. Many businesses large and small understand the benefits of FTAs and have adjusted their business plans to center around international expansion. However, globalization is also fueling a vigorous national debate on the parameters of free trade.

Eugene Laney | Head of International Trade Affairs, DHL Express U.S.
March 20, 2018

Opinion: The Driver Shortage From a Tank Truck Perspective

The driver shortage remains a challenge for trucking companies across the board, and the tank truck industry is no exception.

Lee Miller | Chairman, National Tank Truck Drivers
March 12, 2018

Opinion: Become a Better Trucking Insurance Buyer

Your customers view your product as a commodity. Rogue competitors lurk, willing to offer your customers a cheaper short-term deal. Rate increases are only achieved if market forces allow them, not whether you need them. Are we talking about the trucking industry or the insurance industry?

Chris E. Mikolay | Vice President, National Accounts & Truck Alternative Risk, National Interstate
March 2, 2018
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Opinion: 3D Printing Could Bring Supply Chain Closer to Customers

Most of the talk surrounding 3D printing in the trucking industry centers on how it can be used to supply replacement parts for older vehicles. But its real value is much greater than that.

G. David Gerrard | Managing Partner Cornerstone Growth Advisors
February 26, 2018

Opinion: US Gets Serious About Driver Training

While the electronic logging device mandate has been dominating the headlines, a lesser-known provision enacted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will require that U.S.-based commercial driver license training facilities prove they meet facility, staff and curriculum requirements.

Laura McMillan | Vice President of Training Development, Instructional Technologies Inc.
February 21, 2018
Business, Equipment, Safety, Perspective

Opinion: Truck Rental Industry Remains Vigilant Against Terrorism

No law on the books can prevent the lone-wolf intentions of a madman set on harming people with a vehicle. But we can take steps to prepare.

Jake Jacoby | CEO, Truck Renting and Leasing Association
February 12, 2018
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Opinion: Extreme Winter Temperatures Can Ravage Fuel Filters

The historic cold snap that gripped New England and the Mid-Atlantic to kick off the new year challenged fuel handlers, causing sporadic operational issues for diesel fuel distributors and their fleet customers.

Paul Nazzaro | Founder and President Advanced Fuel Solutions Inc.
February 5, 2018