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Perspective: State of the Union Highlights Trucking

ATA Chairman Dan Van Alstine shares his takeaways and experiences after attending the State of the Union. 

Dan Van Alstine | Chairman, American Trucking Associations
February 17, 2023
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Perspective: Taking Aim at Unfair Billing

American Trucking Associations, the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers and the Harbor Trucking Association jointly support a recently released Notice of Proposed Rulemaking from the Federal Maritime Commission that seeks to expand the timeliness and overall level of detail and transparency for detention and demurrage invoices coming from common carrier billing parties that provide ocean carriage and storage of freight. 

December 12, 2022
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Perspective: Tax Credits Available for Trucking

Clarus Solutions' Blake Baumann: "One solution to help ease some pressure in the trucking industry may lie in pursuing government tax incentive programs, such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit."

Blake Baumann | Vice President of Client Success, Clarus Solutions
November 21, 2022
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Perspective: Retaining Drivers Is About Commitment

So, you’ve hired a truck driver. Now how do you retain them over the long haul?

Dirk Kupar | Co-founder and president of TruckRight, KAT Media and Kupar Professional Services
November 16, 2022
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Perspective: Prioritizing Our People

New ATA Chairman Dan Van Alstine writes, "As incoming chairman of American Trucking Associations, I am honored for the opportunity to represent so many incredible individuals who form this amazing industry."

Dan Van Alstine | Chairman, American Trucking Associations
October 31, 2022
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Perspective: ATA Members Are on a Winning Team

ATA's Chris Spear: Over the past year, " ATA keeps its foot on the pedal despite dysfunction gripping our nation’s capital and statehouses."

Chris Spear | President and CEO, American Trucking Associations
October 24, 2022
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Perspective: Marking a Year of Wins

Harold Sumerford Jr. writes, "As ATA chairman, I’ve traveled around the country — 20 states in all — talking to my fellow truckers. Everywhere I go I’m struck by how invigorated people are by the 'new' ATA."

Harold Sumerford Jr. | Chairman, American Trucking Associations
October 17, 2022
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Perspective: Truckers Are Undeniably Essential

The term “essential” came into sharp focus during the pandemic, ATA President Chris Spear notes. The urgency of the moment forced Americans to recognize the many hands at work that keep our society going. There was an outpouring of gratitude for our nation’s truck drivers, rightfully so, as they persevered through adversity to keep stores stocked and hospitals supplied.

Chris Spear | President and CEO, American Trucking Associations
September 23, 2022
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Perspective: Adopting a Driver-First Mindset

The past few years have taught us that truck drivers don’t just deliver essential goods, they are essential workers themselves. It’s time to recognize that, and adopt a driver-first mindset.

Frank Hurst | President, Roadrunner
September 7, 2022
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Perspective: Taking Industry Action on AB 5

The Transportation Intermediaries Association was extremely disappointed that the Supreme Court elected not to hear California Trucking Association's challenge to the Ninth Circuit ruling.

Chris Burroughs | Vice President of Government Affairs, Transportation Intermediaries Association
August 11, 2022