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REPLAY! Optimize: Tech Sessions

Attention trucking technology and logistics leaders! This quarter's can't-miss virtual learning sessions are here. Join conversations between Transport Topics reporters and expert guests centered on the rising trends and issues in technology and freight logistics. 

June 6, 2022
Business, Technology, Top 100

5 Questions: Daragh Mahon, Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises' Daragh Mahon sheds some light on how technology is shaping the trucking industry.

Dan Ronan | Senior Reporter
May 6, 2022
Technology, Logistics

How AI Is Streamlining Freight Movement

While the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning are not new, rapid advances in this field are driving the future of software development in the freight transportation industry.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
May 6, 2022
Government, Business, Technology, Safety

Guarding Against Coronavirus

covid tracker kzenon/istock/Getty Images Plus

As trucking and logistics workers have returned to offices and terminals without masks — and perhaps with a pang of uncertainty — some workplaces have implemented technology and procedures to protect the health of their employees against the potential for new outbreaks and variants.

Joe Dysart | Webology 101
May 6, 2022
Government, Business, Technology, Perspective

What’s the Reason Behind Canada’s ELD Mandate Delay?

ELD check Unlike the U.S. regulation, Canada's ELD mandate requires vendors to obtain third-party certification for their devices. (Isaac Instruments)

The Canadian government has pushed back full implementation of its electronic logging device mandate to Jan. 1, 2023. This is the second delay of the regulation that has been many years in the making. However, the reason behind each delay is quite different.

Jacques DeLarochelliere | CEO, Chairman, Isaac Instruments
May 6, 2022
Business, Technology, Equipment, Fuel

How Fleets Are Using Technology to Control Fuel Consumption

Fuel Economy Fleets such as Kriska Transportation are using in-cab technology to help drivers operate their trucks as efficiently as possible. (Kriska Transportation)

As the cost of diesel rises, so does trucking companies’ interest in technology to monitor and improve miles per gallon.

Katie Pyzyk | Special to Transport Topics
May 6, 2022
Business, Technology, Equipment

How Fleets Are Winning the Race to Hire Drivers

Application screen on DriverReach software Software can help fleets better manage the driver recruiting process (DriverReach

Motor carriers are implementing technologies designed to streamline the online recruiting and onboarding process so they can keep in touch with qualified drivers and ultimately hire more of them.

Stephen Bennett | Special to Transport Topics
March 4, 2022

Auto-Written Trend Reports: Fleet Insights in Clear Words

bsd555/iStock via Getty Images

Transportation workers stumped by company charts and graphs that make no sense to them can take heart: Artificial intelligence software can automatically produce company reports in written form — and it doesn’t need to break the bank.

Joe Dysart | Webology 101
March 4, 2022
Business, Technology

High-Tech Recruiting Battles

hands on wheel welcomia/Getty Images

Professional drivers are any trucking company’s greatest asset. That’s true regardless of market conditions, but it becomes especially clear when the recruiting pipeline begins to run dry.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
March 4, 2022
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety

Trucking Technology Q&A: Yellow's Jason Ringgenberg

Yellow Jason Ringgenberg (Yellow Corp.) and a Yellow truck. (Yellow Corp.)

Jason Ringgenberg joined Yellow Corp. in 2014 after more than 20 years at technology and consulting firm Accenture, where he worked with several commercial transportation clients across multiple modes, including less-than-truckload, parcel and rail. He is now Yellow's chief information officer.

Dan Ronan | Senior Reporter
March 4, 2022