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Transport Topics fuel coverage looks closely at what powers trucks. From the latest on battery, diesel and alternative fuel technology to the costs and prices associated with each, this news category covers today’s fuel ecosystem extensively. Topics include green house gas regulation, fuel prices, equipment costs, fuel infrastructure, surcharge and more.

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Industry Groups Object to New Chassis Fees Taking Effect at Ports

Trucks arrive with containers to be loaded onto a ship at the Port of Charleston Trucks arrive with containers to be loaded onto a ship at the Port of Charleston. (South Carolina Ports Authority)

Transportation industry groups are criticizing a plan by some ocean carriers to begin seeking new administrative fees for cargo containers, known as “street turns.” The fees are set to take effect Feb. 4 and range from $30 to $75, depending on the carrier.

Dan Ronan | Associate News Editor
January 31, 2019
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Fleets Prepare Drivers for Extreme Cold

Bank sign showing -16 degrees An electronic sign in Moorhead, Minn., shows the temperature. (Bruce Crummy/AP)

Trucking groups prepared their drivers with tips on operations and safety as a polar vortex gripped the Midwest, delivering extremely cold temperatures and harsh wind chills.

Eleanor Lamb | Staff Reporter
January 30, 2019
Government, Business, Fuel

Tolls, Regulations, Bunker Fuel Costs Could Vex Industry

Cargo ship spewing black smoke Getty Images

ATLANTA — Incoming fuel regulations and political gridlock will bring unwelcome expenses and headaches to shipping and trucking companies through next year, according to one policy expert who spoke at SMC3 Jump Start 2019 on Jan. 29.

Jim Stinson | Staff Reporter
January 30, 2019
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Growth of Electric Vehicles Could Jeopardize Iowa’s Road Fund

Electric cars charging Bloomberg News

In about 20 years, the growing use of electric vehicles could take a quarter-billion-dollar-a-year hit on a state fund relied upon to finance better roads, the Iowa Department of Transportation said Jan. 29.

James Q. Lynch | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
January 30, 2019
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FHWA Nominee Nicole Nason Says All Options on the Table for Infrastructure Funding

FHWA nominee Nicole Nason FHWA nominee Nicole Nason (c-span.org)

WASHINGTON — When policymakers craft their next transportation reauthorization bill, they should consider every available tool that would result in long-term funding for infrastructure projects, President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Federal Highway Administration told a Senate panel Jan. 29.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
January 29, 2019
Government, Business, Fuel

Diesel Price Unchanged; US Average Now Less Than a Year Ago

Diesel tanker Matthew Staver/Bloomberg News

The U.S. average retail price of diesel was unchanged the week of Jan. 28 at $2.965 a gallon and now is about 10 cents a gallon cheaper than it was a year ago, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

January 28, 2019
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Oil Dips as China Slowdown Signals Demand Drop

Oil Rig Callaghan O'Hare/Bloomberg News

Crude skidded to its worst loss in a month as disappointing corporate profit forecasts stoked concern about the economy, bruising a market already anxious about booming American oil supplies.

Alex Nussbaum | Bloomberg News
January 28, 2019
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Paccar CEO Outlines Path Toward Zero-Emission Trucks, Automated Driving

Ron Armstrong Paccar CEO Ron Armstrong discusses emerging truck technologies at the ATD Show. (Seth Clevenger/Transport Topics)

SAN FRANCISCO — Paccar Inc. CEO Ron Armstrong said the trucking industry is moving toward ever-cleaner and more energy-efficient vehicles and will adopt increasingly advanced automated driving technology to assist drivers.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
January 28, 2019
Government, Business, Technology, Fuel

ATD Announces Coalition to Repeal Federal Excise Tax on Heavy-Duty Trucks

Jodie Teuton ATD Chairwoman Jodie Teuton says repealing the federal excise tax on heavy-duty trucks would promote deployment of new vehicles that are cleaner and safer than older models. (Seth Clevenger/Transport Topics)

SAN FRANCISCO — American Truck Dealers announced a new industry coalition to push for the repeal of the 12% federal excise tax on heavy-duty trucks.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
January 28, 2019
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety, Fuel

Testing Fuel-Saving Technologies

Fuel-Saving Technologies Ron Hall, vice president of equipment and fuel at C.R. England, says he assigns little weight to fuel-savings claims by manufacturers and suppliers. (C.R. England)

As fleets know, many variables can affect test results for truck fuel-saving technologies and practices.

Steve Brawner | Contributing Writer
January 25, 2019