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Valvoline Launches Second Iteration of Multifuel Engine Oil

Valvoline's David Young David Young, Valvoline vice president of heavy-duty sales at an industry event in 2018. (Joseph Terry/Transport Topics)

Valvoline Inc. launched the second iteration of its heavy-duty engine oil first released in 2018 — Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen2.

August 14, 2020
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J.B. Hunt Progresses Toward Sustainability Goals

J.B. Hunt truck John Sommers II for Transport Topics

J.B. Hunt Transport Services has issued a report that provides a window into the company’s current energy usage and outlines a series of corporatewide sustainability goals it has adopted.

Connor D. Wolf | Staff Reporter
August 13, 2020
Government, Business, Fuel

Daimler to Pay $2.2 Billion to Settle US Diesel Issues

The Mercedes-Benz trident logo. Mercedes-Benz trident logo decal badges sit on a tray on the assembly line at the automaker's factory in Germany, operated by Daimler AG. (Michaela Handrek-Rehle/Bloomberg News)

Daimler AG will pay about $2.2 billion to settle U.S. diesel-emissions issues in the latest fallout from years of closer regulatory scrutiny on vehicle pollution.

August 13, 2020
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Diesel Increases 0.4¢ to $2.428 for First Increase in Four Weeks

A transport truck fuels up with diesel A transport truck fuels up in Illinois. Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News

The average price of diesel increased for the first time in four weeks, inching up four-tenths of a cent nationally to $2.428 per gallon on Aug. 10, according to the Energy Information Administration’s weekly report.

Roger Gilroy | Senior Reporter
August 12, 2020
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Commercial Trucks Pick Up Speed on Road to Sustainability

Nikola tractor The Nikola Two fuel-cell powered big rig hauler, set for production in 2023. (Nikola)

Commercial trucking is making progress with sustainability, but obstacles and unknowns remain, according to a coalition of industry groups.

Connor D. Wolf | Staff Reporter
August 12, 2020
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Hyperion to Unveil Hydrogen-Powered Supercar, but Needs Investors

The Hyperion XP-1. The Hyperion XP-1. (YouTube)

With little more than sketches and not fully baked prototypes, a crowd of electric vehicle startups have rounded up billions from investors. Can that fundraising engine drive a hydrogen-powered car?

Kyle Stock | Bloomberg News
August 12, 2020
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Tesla Splits Stock to Make Lofty Shares Attainable Again

The Tesla logo is seen at a showroom in San Diego. (Bing Guan/Bloomberg News)

Tesla Inc. is splitting its richly valued shares in a 5-for-1 exchange, a move designed to make the stock less expensive for individual investors after the company became the world’s most valuable automaker.

Ed Ludlow | Bloomberg News
August 12, 2020
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Occidental’s Lone Rig Shows Downfall of Permian Basin Oil Giant

A pumpjack in Azerbaijan. (Taylor Weidman/Bloomberg News)

Occidental Petroleum Corp. will have just a single oil rig in the Permian Basin in the second half of the year, illustrating the scale of the shale industry’s pullback and the company’s debt woes.

Kevin Crowley | Bloomberg News
August 11, 2020
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Caltrans Turns to Recycled Bottles for Repaving Project

Recycled roadway Caltrans workers repaving state Route 162 between the Feather River and Christian Avenue in Oroville. (Caltrans)

The California Department of Transportation is repaving a segment of a state highway using only recycled materials in a pilot project.

Eleanor Lamb | Staff Reporter
August 11, 2020
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Nikola Secures Order From Republic Services for at Least 2,500 Vehicles

Nikola Tre The refuse trucks will be built on the platform of its Class 8 Tre model, according to Nikola, and the truck chassis and body will be provided directly to Republic Services from the Nikola factory. (Nikola Corp.)

Nikola Corp. announced it received a minimum order for 2,500 heavy-duty electrified refuse trucks from Republic Services Inc. that could expand to 5,000 over the life of the agreement.

Roger Gilroy | Senior Reporter
August 10, 2020