Up Front
XPO driver Larry Gorby and wife Stefanie

XPO’s Larry Gorby Punches Ticket to NTDC

Larry Gorby shuns self-congratulatory moments, even after the XPO driver took grand champion honors at West Virginia’s truck driving championships.
Click on a yellow state to see when its event is scheduled; a green state to see who was named grand champion.

A week-by-week view of 2024 state truck driving events, with grand champions and links to more info where available.

State Champions

State Date Classification Winner Company
Alabama 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Alabama 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Alabama 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Alabama 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Alabama 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Alabama 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Alabama 6/7/24 Step Van    
Alabama 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Alabama 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Alabama 6/7/24 Twins    
Alaska 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Alaska 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Alaska 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Alaska 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Alaska 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Alaska 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Alaska 6/7/24 Step Van    
Alaska 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Alaska 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Alaska 6/7/24 Twins    
Arizona 4/13/24 Grand Champion David Coffel FedEx Express
Arizona 4/13/24 3-Axle Chase Peterson Shamrock Foods
Arizona 4/13/24 4-Axle David Coffel FedEx Express
Arizona 4/13/24 5-Axle Nathan Voss UPS
Arizona 4/13/24 Flatbed Ina Daly XPO
Arizona 4/13/24 Sleeper Berth Greg Ryan Walmart
Arizona 4/13/24 Step Van Juan Rodriguez Torres FedEx Ground
Arizona 4/13/24 Straight Truck David A. Zdanek FedEx Freight
Arizona 4/13/24 Tank Truck Steven Garner Shamrock Foods
Arizona 4/13/24 Twins Mike Alpine ABF Freight System
Arkansas 6/28/24 Grand Champion    
Arkansas 6/28/24 3-Axle    
Arkansas 6/28/24 4-Axle    
Arkansas 6/28/24 5-Axle    
Arkansas 6/28/24 Flatbed    
Arkansas 6/28/24 Sleeper Berth    
Arkansas 6/28/24 Step Van    
Arkansas 6/28/24 Straight Truck    
Arkansas 6/28/24 Tank Truck    
Arkansas 6/28/24 Twins    
California 4/28/24 Grand Champion Alejandro Fonseca UPS
California 4/28/24 3-Axle Alfonso Saavedra XPO
California 4/28/24 4-Axle Melvin Shadrick UPS
California 4/28/24 5-Axle Paul Wilson Walmart
California 4/28/24 Flatbed Artemio Trujillo FedEx Freight
California 4/28/24 Sleeper Berth Antoane Kuri Walmart
California 4/28/24 Step Van Oscar Enciso FedEx Ground
California 4/28/24 Straight Truck Johnny Ramirez Old Dominion Freight Line
California 4/28/24 Tank Truck Thomas Gomes Walmart
California 4/28/24 Twins Alejandro Fonseca UPS
Colorado 6/1/24 Grand Champion    
Colorado 6/1/24 3-Axle    
Colorado 6/1/24 4-Axle    
Colorado 6/1/24 5-Axle    
Colorado 6/1/24 Flatbed    
Colorado 6/1/24 Sleeper Berth    
Colorado 6/1/24 Step Van    
Colorado 6/1/24 Straight Truck    
Colorado 6/1/24 Tank Truck    
Colorado 6/1/24 Twins    
Connecticut 6/8/24 Grand Champion    
Connecticut 6/8/24 3-Axle    
Connecticut 6/8/24 4-Axle    
Connecticut 6/8/24 5-Axle    
Connecticut 6/8/24 Flatbed    
Connecticut 6/8/24 Sleeper Berth    
Connecticut 6/8/24 Step Van    
Connecticut 6/8/24 Straight Truck    
Connecticut 6/8/24 Tank Truck    
Connecticut 6/8/24 Twins    
Delaware 5/18/24 Grand Champion    
Delaware 5/18/24 3-Axle    
Delaware 5/18/24 4-Axle    
Delaware 5/18/24 5-Axle    
Delaware 5/18/24 Flatbed    
Delaware 5/18/24 Sleeper Berth    
Delaware 5/18/24 Step Van    
Delaware 5/18/24 Straight Truck    
Delaware 5/18/24 Tank Truck    
Delaware 5/18/24 Twins    
Florida 6/13/24 Grand Champion    
Florida 6/13/24 3-Axle    
Florida 6/13/24 4-Axle    
Florida 6/13/24 5-Axle    
Florida 6/13/24 Flatbed    
Florida 6/13/24 Sleeper Berth    
Florida 6/13/24 Step Van    
Florida 6/13/24 Straight Truck    
Florida 6/13/24 Tank Truck    
Florida 6/13/24 Twins    
Georgia 5/9/24 Grand Champion Chris Moore Walmart
Georgia 5/9/24 3-Axle Clay Rollins UPS
Georgia 5/9/24 4-Axle Jimmy Gomez Walmart
Georgia 5/9/24 5-Axle David Price Publix
Georgia 5/9/24 Flatbed Joe Bertini FedEx Freight
Georgia 5/9/24 Sleeper Berth Chris Moore Walmart
Georgia 5/9/24 Step Van Ron Gerrell UPS
Georgia 5/9/24 Straight Truck James Wright Publix
Georgia 5/9/24 Tank Truck Tim Vogt XPO
Georgia 5/9/24 Twins Jerry Williams FedEx Freight
Hawaii   Grand Champion    
Hawaii   3-Axle    
Hawaii   4-Axle    
Hawaii   5-Axle    
Hawaii   Flatbed    
Hawaii   Sleeper Berth    
Hawaii   Step Van    
Hawaii   Straight Truck    
Hawaii   Tank Truck    
Hawaii   Twins    
Idaho 5/3/24 Grand Champion Adam Heim FedEx
Idaho 5/3/24 3-Axle Ben Scholes XPO
Idaho 5/3/24 4-Axle Adam Heim FedEx Freight
Idaho 5/3/24 5-Axle Kolton Schultz XPO
Idaho 5/3/24 Flatbed Ken Hust Arlo G Lott Trucking
Idaho 5/3/24 Sleeper Berth Jakob Bourgoin Giltner Transportation
Idaho 5/3/24 Step Van Cameron Taylor FedEx Express
Idaho 5/3/24 Straight Truck Bill Nolan Old Dominion Freight Line
Idaho 5/3/24 Tank Truck Curtis Smith FedEx Freight
Idaho 5/3/24 Twins Beau Bonds Old Dominion Freight Line
Illinois 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Illinois 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Illinois 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Illinois 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Illinois 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Illinois 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Illinois 6/7/24 Step Van    
Illinois 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Illinois 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Illinois 6/7/24 Twins    
Indiana 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Indiana 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Indiana 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Indiana 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Indiana 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Indiana 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Indiana 6/7/24 Step Van    
Indiana 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Indiana 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Indiana 6/7/24 Twins    
Iowa 6/13/24 Grand Champion    
Iowa 6/13/24 3-Axle    
Iowa 6/13/24 4-Axle    
Iowa 6/13/24 5-Axle    
Iowa 6/13/24 Flatbed    
Iowa 6/13/24 Sleeper Berth    
Iowa 6/13/24 Step Van    
Iowa 6/13/24 Straight Truck    
Iowa 6/13/24 Tank Truck    
Iowa 6/13/24 Twins    
Kansas 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Kansas 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Kansas 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Kansas 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Kansas 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Kansas 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Kansas 6/7/24 Step Van    
Kansas 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Kansas 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Kansas 6/7/24 Twins    
Kentucky 5/10/24 Grand Champion John Willinger  FedEx Freight
Kentucky 5/10/24 3-Axle Jerry Wrinkle Walmart
Kentucky 5/10/24 4-Axle John Higgs  FedEx Freight
Kentucky 5/10/24 5-Axle John Willinger FedEx Freight
Kentucky 5/10/24 Flatbed Ernest Wagers Jr.  Old Dominion Freight Line
Kentucky 5/10/24 Sleeper Berth Dale Brenaman UPS
Kentucky 5/10/24 Step Van Joshua Upton FedEx Ground
Kentucky 5/10/24 Straight Truck Peter Dreisbach Jr. UPS
Kentucky 5/10/24 Tank Truck Jim Niswander UPS
Kentucky 5/10/24 Twins Chuck Walen Walmart
Louisiana 3/1/24 Grand Champion Corey Mitchell FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/1/24 3-Axle David Jowers Old Dominion Freight Line
Louisiana 3/1/24 4-Axle Michael Bass FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/1/24 5-Axle Eric Courville FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/1/24 Flatbed Joseph Vital FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/1/24 Sleeper Berth Malcolm Taylor FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/1/24 Step Van Donald Williams FedEx Ground
Louisiana 3/1/24 Straight Truck Corey Mitchell FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/1/24 Tank Truck Patrick Rudesill FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/1/24 Twins Desmond Washington Old Dominion Freight Line
Maine 5/18/24 Grand Champion Ron Round Bison Transport
Maine 5/18/24 3-Axle Michael Henderson FedEx Freight
Maine 5/18/24 4-Axle Michael Chabot BSP Transportation
Maine 5/18/24 5-Axle Austin Vanavery CN Brown Co.
Maine 5/18/24 Flatbed Aaron Owen CN Brown Co.
Maine 5/18/24 Sleeper Berth Phoenix Weeks Bison Transport
Maine 5/18/24 Step Van Scott Wickstrom FedEx Express
Maine 5/18/24 Straight Truck Ron Round Bison Transport
Maine 5/18/24 Tank Truck Greg Benasutti H.O. Bouchard
Maine 5/18/24 Twins Barry Labelle Old Dominion Freight Line
Maryland 6/1/24 Grand Champion    
Maryland 6/1/24 3-Axle    
Maryland 6/1/24 4-Axle    
Maryland 6/1/24 5-Axle    
Maryland 6/1/24 Flatbed    
Maryland 6/1/24 Sleeper Berth    
Maryland 6/1/24 Step Van    
Maryland 6/1/24 Straight Truck    
Maryland 6/1/24 Tank Truck    
Maryland 6/1/24 Twins    
Massachusetts 6/8/24 Grand Champion    
Massachusetts 6/8/24 3-Axle    
Massachusetts 6/8/24 4-Axle    
Massachusetts 6/8/24 5-Axle    
Massachusetts 6/8/24 Flatbed    
Massachusetts 6/8/24 Sleeper Berth    
Massachusetts 6/8/24 Step Van    
Massachusetts 6/8/24 Straight Truck    
Massachusetts 6/8/24 Tank Truck    
Massachusetts 6/8/24 Twins    
Michigan 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Michigan 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Michigan 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Michigan 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Michigan 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Michigan 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Michigan 6/7/24 Step Van    
Michigan 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Michigan 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Michigan 6/7/24 Twins    
Minnesota 6/8/24 Grand Champion    
Minnesota 6/8/24 3-Axle    
Minnesota 6/8/24 4-Axle    
Minnesota 6/8/24 5-Axle    
Minnesota 6/8/24 Flatbed    
Minnesota 6/8/24 Sleeper Berth    
Minnesota 6/8/24 Step Van    
Minnesota 6/8/24 Straight Truck    
Minnesota 6/8/24 Tank Truck    
Minnesota 6/8/24 Twins    
Mississippi 5/4/24 Grand Champion Michael Skinner FedEx Freight
Mississippi 5/4/24 3-Axle Michael Skinner FedEx Freight
Mississippi 5/4/24 4-Axle Daniel Camachomagana FedEx Freight
Mississippi 5/4/24 5-Axle Kieth Reynaud Walmart
Mississippi 5/4/24 Flatbed Christopher Grabtree Ergon Trucking
Mississippi 5/4/24 Sleeper Berth Rickey Oliver Walmart
Mississippi 5/4/24 Step Van David Fielder FedEx Ground
Mississippi 5/4/24 Straight Truck Rodney Davis FedEx Freight
Mississippi 5/4/24 Tank Truck Jackie Reed FedEx Freight
Mississippi 5/4/24 Twins Marcus Byrd FedEx Freight
Missouri 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Missouri 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Missouri 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Missouri 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Missouri 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Missouri 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Missouri 6/7/24 Step Van    
Missouri 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Missouri 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Missouri 6/7/24 Twins    
Montana 6/8/24 Grand Champion    
Montana 6/8/24 3-Axle    
Montana 6/8/24 4-Axle    
Montana 6/8/24 5-Axle    
Montana 6/8/24 Flatbed    
Montana 6/8/24 Sleeper Berth    
Montana 6/8/24 Step Van    
Montana 6/8/24 Straight Truck    
Montana 6/8/24 Tank Truck    
Montana 6/8/24 Twins    
Nebraska 5/30/24 Grand Champion    
Nebraska 5/30/24 3-Axle    
Nebraska 5/30/24 4-Axle    
Nebraska 5/30/24 5-Axle    
Nebraska 5/30/24 Flatbed    
Nebraska 5/30/24 Sleeper Berth    
Nebraska 5/30/24 Step Van    
Nebraska 5/30/24 Straight Truck    
Nebraska 5/30/24 Tank Truck    
Nebraska 5/30/24 Twins    
Nevada 4/6/24 Grand Champion Matthew Hart FedEx Freight
Nevada 4/6/24 3-Axle James Cozza FedEx Freight
Nevada 4/6/24 4-Axle Mark Livingston UPS
Nevada 4/6/24 5-Axle Brandon Hardy XPO
Nevada 4/6/24 Flatbed Aaron Sharp UPS
Nevada 4/6/24 Sleeper Berth Eric Flick UPS
Nevada 4/6/24 Step Van Robert Fini FedEx Express
Nevada 4/6/24 Straight Truck Ian Stewart UPS
Nevada 4/6/24 Tank Truck Anthony Miller Walmart
Nevada 4/6/24 Twins Matthew Hart FedEx Freight
New Hampshire 6/1/24 Grand Champion    
New Hampshire 6/1/24 3-Axle    
New Hampshire 6/1/24 4-Axle    
New Hampshire 6/1/24 5-Axle    
New Hampshire 6/1/24 Flatbed    
New Hampshire 6/1/24 Sleeper Berth    
New Hampshire 6/1/24 Step Van    
New Hampshire 6/1/24 Straight Truck    
New Hampshire 6/1/24 Tank Truck    
New Hampshire 6/1/24 Twins    
New Jersey 6/1/24 Grand Champion    
New Jersey 6/1/24 3-Axle    
New Jersey 6/1/24 4-Axle    
New Jersey 6/1/24 5-Axle    
New Jersey 6/1/24 Flatbed    
New Jersey 6/1/24 Sleeper Berth    
New Jersey 6/1/24 Step Van    
New Jersey 6/1/24 Straight Truck    
New Jersey 6/1/24 Tank Truck    
New Jersey 6/1/24 Twins    
New Mexico 5/18/24 Grand Champion Kirk Weis ABF
New Mexico 5/18/24 3-Axle James Alderete Shamrock Foods
New Mexico 5/18/24 4-Axle Justin Gallant ABF
New Mexico 5/18/24 5-Axle Andrew Gonzales Core-Mark
New Mexico 5/18/24 Flatbed Kirk Weis ABF
New Mexico 5/18/24 Sleeper Berth Ralph Garcia ABF
New Mexico 5/18/24 Step Van Eduardo Castrejon FedEx Ground
New Mexico 5/18/24 Straight Truck Chris Shaw FedEx Express
New Mexico 5/18/24 Tank Truck Robert Zamora ABF
New Mexico 5/18/24 Twins Daniel Armijo FedEx Freight
New York 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
New York 6/7/24 3-Axle    
New York 6/7/24 4-Axle    
New York 6/7/24 5-Axle    
New York 6/7/24 Flatbed    
New York 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
New York 6/7/24 Step Van    
New York 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
New York 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
New York 6/7/24 Twins    
North Carolina 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
North Carolina 6/7/24 3-Axle    
North Carolina 6/7/24 4-Axle    
North Carolina 6/7/24 5-Axle    
North Carolina 6/7/24 Flatbed    
North Carolina 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
North Carolina 6/7/24 Step Van    
North Carolina 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
North Carolina 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
North Carolina 6/7/24 Twins    
North Dakota 6/22/24 Grand Champion    
North Dakota 6/22/24 3-Axle    
North Dakota 6/22/24 4-Axle    
North Dakota 6/22/24 5-Axle    
North Dakota 6/22/24 Flatbed    
North Dakota 6/22/24 Sleeper Berth    
North Dakota 6/22/24 Step Van    
North Dakota 6/22/24 Straight Truck    
North Dakota 6/22/24 Tank Truck    
North Dakota 6/22/24 Twins    
Ohio 5/17/24 Grand Champion Jeff Pentrack DHL
Ohio 5/17/24 3-Axle William Roark UPS
Ohio 5/17/24 4-Axle Jeff Pentrack DHL
Ohio 5/17/24 5-Axle Tom Congrove UPS
Ohio 5/17/24 Flatbed Mark Case FedEx Freight
Ohio 5/17/24 Sleeper Berth Kent Swisher FedEx Ground
Ohio 5/17/24 Step Van Glenn George UPS
Ohio 5/17/24 Straight Truck Blake Mokahan FedEx Freight
Ohio 5/17/24 Tank Truck Tony LeMaster Old Dominion Freight Line
Ohio 5/17/24 Twins Nathan Bills FedEx Freight
Oklahoma 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Oklahoma 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Oklahoma 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Oklahoma 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Oklahoma 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Oklahoma 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Oklahoma 6/7/24 Step Van    
Oklahoma 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Oklahoma 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Oklahoma 6/7/24 Twins    
Oregon 4/27/24 Grand Champion Daniel Shamrell FedEx Freight
Oregon 4/27/24 3-Axle Daniel Shamrell FedEx Freight
Oregon 4/27/24 4-Axle Kurt Kasitz Old Dominion Freight Line
Oregon 4/27/24 5-Axle Kevin Broadhead Albertson's
Oregon 4/27/24 Flatbed Heladio Fernandez FedEx Freight
Oregon 4/27/24 Sleeper Berth Thomas Crawford Walmart
Oregon 4/27/24 Step Van Travis Hutchinson FedEx Ground
Oregon 4/27/24 Straight Truck Gurinder Dhaliwal FedEx Freight
Oregon 4/27/24 Tank Truck Ronald Zieser FedEx Freight
Oregon 4/27/24 Twins Steve Huntington Old Dominion Freight Line
Pennsylvania 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Pennsylvania 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Pennsylvania 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Pennsylvania 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Pennsylvania 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Pennsylvania 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Pennsylvania 6/7/24 Step Van    
Pennsylvania 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Pennsylvania 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Pennsylvania 6/7/24 Twins    
Rhode Island 6/8/24 Grand Champion    
Rhode Island 6/8/24 3-Axle    
Rhode Island 6/8/24 4-Axle    
Rhode Island 6/8/24 5-Axle    
Rhode Island 6/8/24 Flatbed    
Rhode Island 6/8/24 Sleeper Berth    
Rhode Island 6/8/24 Step Van    
Rhode Island 6/8/24 Straight Truck    
Rhode Island 6/8/24 Tank Truck    
Rhode Island 6/8/24 Twins    
South Carolina 4/19/24 Grand Champion Blake Taylor Old Dominion Freight Line
South Carolina 4/19/24 3-Axle David Fountain FedEx Express
South Carolina 4/19/24 4-Axle Marty Knopf Walmart 
South Carolina 4/19/24 5-Axle Matt Thompson CVS Pharmacy
South Carolina 4/19/24 Flatbed Wes Byers TCW
South Carolina 4/19/24 Sleeper Berth Ed Fortunato CVS Pharmacy 
South Carolina 4/19/24 Step Van Salena Ashbreck FedEx Express
South Carolina 4/19/24 Straight Truck J.B. Quarles Walmart 
South Carolina 4/19/24 Tank Truck Kenneth Smith  Old Dominion Freight Line
South Carolina 4/19/24 Twins Blake Taylor Old Dominion Freight Line
South Dakota 5/18/24 Grand Champion Josh Kelley  FedEx Freight
South Dakota 5/18/24 3-Axle Darrell Anderson XPO
South Dakota 5/18/24 4-Axle Mike Whitehead FedEx Freight
South Dakota 5/18/24 5-Axle Josh Worthington K&J Trucking
South Dakota 5/18/24 Flatbed Vinny Harguth Cliff Viessman
South Dakota 5/18/24 Sleeper Berth Jamie Phillips Johnson Feed
South Dakota 5/18/24 Step Van Travis Lewandowski FedEx Ground
South Dakota 5/18/24 Straight Truck Dan Norgaard Old Dominion Freight Line
South Dakota 5/18/24 Tank Truck Jeff Eschen K&J Trucking
South Dakota 5/18/24 Twins Josh Kelley FedEx Freight
Tennessee 5/3/24 Grand Champion Hobie Eirich FedEx Freight
Tennessee 5/3/24 3-Axle Gary Luster FedEx Freight
Tennessee 5/3/24 4-Axle Hobie Eirich FedEx Freight
Tennessee 5/3/24 5-Axle Timothy Blair FedEx Freight
Tennessee 5/3/24 Flatbed Ray Shelton  FedEx Freight
Tennessee 5/3/24 Sleeper Berth Dean Hiles  Walmart
Tennessee 5/3/24 Step Van Jason Flowers FedEx Ground
Tennessee 5/3/24 Straight Truck Steven Magers FedEx Freight
Tennessee 5/3/24 Tank Truck Lonnie Cole Walmart
Tennessee 5/3/24 Twins Ronny Hammill FedEx Freight
Texas 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Texas 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Texas 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Texas 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Texas 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Texas 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Texas 6/7/24 Step Van    
Texas 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Texas 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Texas 6/7/24 Twins    
Utah 6/7/24 Grand Champion    
Utah 6/7/24 3-Axle    
Utah 6/7/24 4-Axle    
Utah 6/7/24 5-Axle    
Utah 6/7/24 Flatbed    
Utah 6/7/24 Sleeper Berth    
Utah 6/7/24 Step Van    
Utah 6/7/24 Straight Truck    
Utah 6/7/24 Tank Truck    
Utah 6/7/24 Twins    
Vermont 6/1/24 Grand Champion    
Vermont 6/1/24 3-Axle    
Vermont 6/1/24 4-Axle    
Vermont 6/1/24 5-Axle    
Vermont 6/1/24 Flatbed    
Vermont 6/1/24 Sleeper Berth    
Vermont 6/1/24 Step Van    
Vermont 6/1/24 Straight Truck    
Vermont 6/1/24 Tank Truck    
Vermont 6/1/24 Twins    
Virginia 5/17/24 Grand Champion David Price FedEx Freight
Virginia 5/17/24 3-Axle Matthew Stokes FedEx Freight
Virginia 5/17/24 4-Axle Robert Crowder Old Dominion Freight Line
Virginia 5/17/24 5-Axle Russell Beatty Old Dominion Freight Line
Virginia 5/17/24 Flatbed Michael Wagner Old Dominion Freight Line
Virginia 5/17/24 Sleeper Berth Philip Baggarly Walmart
Virginia 5/17/24 Step Van Randy Chenault FedEx Ground
Virginia 5/17/24 Straight Truck David Price FedEx Freight
Virginia 5/17/24 Tank Truck Robert Lilly FedEx Freight
Virginia 5/17/24 Twins Vincent Williams FedEx Freight
Washington 4/20/24 Grand Champion Josh Friedges Old Dominion Freight Line
Washington 4/20/24 3-Axle Paul Mathees Peninsula Truck Lines
Washington 4/20/24 4-Axle Chris Noyes Walmart
Washington 4/20/24 5-Axle Robert Watson  Walsh Trucking
Washington 4/20/24 Flatbed Dan Lohnes Walmart
Washington 4/20/24 Sleeper Berth Josh Friedges Old Dominion Freight Line
Washington 4/20/24 Step Van Cedric Pack FedEx Freight
Washington 4/20/24 Straight Truck Glenn Barcus The Boeing Co.
Washington 4/20/24 Tank Truck Mitch Ronk Old Dominion Freight Line
Washington 4/20/24 Twins John Koberstine Peninsula Truck Lines
West Virginia 4/20/24 Grand Champion Larry Gorby XPO
West Virginia 4/20/24 3-Axle Mike Roberts XPO
West Virginia 4/20/24 4-Axle Larry Gorby XPO
West Virginia 4/20/24 5-Axle Ernest Adkins Walmart
West Virginia 4/20/24 Flatbed Justin Moody Walmart
West Virginia 4/20/24 Sleeper Berth Jordan Jordan Walmart
West Virginia 4/20/24 Step Van Brandon Wuletich FedEx Express
West Virginia 4/20/24 Straight Truck Jeremy Thomas Oliver Fuels
West Virginia 4/20/24 Tank Truck Brett Thompson Walmart
West Virginia 4/20/24 Twins William Adkins FedEx Freight
Wisconsin 5/17/24 Grand Champion Matthew Boenisch FedEx Freight
Wisconsin 5/17/24 3-Axle Jacob Moore Old Dominion Freight Line
Wisconsin 5/17/24 4-Axle Paul Smith  FedEx Freight
Wisconsin 5/17/24 5-Axle Matthew Myer  Old Dominion Freight Line
Wisconsin 5/17/24 Flatbed Matthew Boenisch FedEx Freight
Wisconsin 5/17/24 Sleeper Berth William Minor Walmart Beaver Dam
Wisconsin 5/17/24 Step Van Matthew Callis Old Dominion Freight Line
Wisconsin 5/17/24 Straight Truck Nicholas Jamtowski Old Dominion Freight Line
Wisconsin 5/17/24 Tank Truck Shawn Modaff FedEx Freight
Wisconsin 5/17/24 Twins Connor Dent FedEx Freight
Wyoming 6/8/24 Grand Champion    
Wyoming 6/8/24 3-Axle    
Wyoming 6/8/24 4-Axle    
Wyoming 6/8/24 5-Axle    
Wyoming 6/8/24 Flatbed    
Wyoming 6/8/24 Sleeper Berth    
Wyoming 6/8/24 Step Van    
Wyoming 6/8/24 Straight Truck    
Wyoming 6/8/24 Tank Truck    
Wyoming 6/8/24 Twins
2024 NTDC News
Business, Safety

XPO’s Larry Gorby Punches Ticket to NTDC

Larry Gorby shuns self-congratulatory moments, even after the XPO driver took grand champion honors at West Virginia’s truck driving championships.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
May 14, 2024

FedEx Express’ Coffel Wins Arizona State Championship

To some, driving a commercial truck in the Arizona heat might not sound enjoyable. But to FedEx Express' David Coffel, it is a rewarding experience.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
May 6, 2024
Business, Safety

Pre-Trip Prowess Powers Nevada’s Hart to Grand Champion Crown

Matt Hart, a scrappy driver with FedEx Freight, surpassed a competitive field to take home grand champion honors at Nevada’s Truck Driving Championships on April 6.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
April 22, 2024

Interactive Map: 2024 NTDC Grand Champions by State

Click on a yellow state to see when its event is scheduled; a green state to see who was named grand champion.

April 16, 2024
Business, Safety

Former NTDC 5-Axle Tanker Champ Has Heart Transplant

Earlier this year, former NTDC standout Brian Singelais had a failing heart and needed a transplant. A few weeks ago, the family acknowledged its prayers were answered.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
April 9, 2024
Business, Safety

Nevada Event Kicks Off NTDC Champ Wilson’s Goal to Repeat

Gragg Wilson, the reigning “Super Bowl of Safety” grand champion, called Nevada’s upcoming precision driving tournament an ideal venue for kicking off this year’s road to his title defense.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
April 4, 2024
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety

2024 State Truck Driving Championships Schedule

Here's a week-by-week look at the 2024 state truck driving championships, with date and location, and a link to results when the state association makes them available. 

March 31, 2024
Business, Safety

FedEx’s Corey Mitchell Wins Big in Bayou

Longtime FedEx Freight driver Corey Mitchell earned a fourth trip to the National Truck Driving Championships by winning Louisiana's state truck driving championship. 

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
March 18, 2024