Special Coverage of the National Truck Driving Championships

FedEx Freight’s Rogers Wins Colorado’s Top Prize

Sleeper Berth Phenom Prepares for Fifth NTDC
Tyler Rogers (far left)
Tyler Rogers (far left) displays his sleeper berth and grand champion trophies along with the other class winners from the Colorado truck driving championships. (NTDC via Facebook)

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Precision-driving tournaments require conviction. Moments into a competition, a driver must quickly and confidently maneuver a vehicle through an intricate course hoping not to be pummeled by the elements.

To overcome adversity can result in success and, perhaps, even a date with destiny. Tyler Rogers of FedEx Freight is eager to again accept the challenge presented by the course at the National Truck Driving Championships and Step Van Championships. And, judging by his confidence and determination, he intends to come away with a big win after once again competing on the national stage.

This summer’s winner of Colorado’s best-in-show blue ribbon, Rogers punched his ticket to his fifth “Super Bowl of Safety.” Last year’s third-place driver in the sleeper berth class, he believes a path to victory is attainable in the same vehicle class when he returns to nationals in August.

“I’m sure winning nationals is crazy to see on a résumé, because there’s just not a lot of people that have done it. But, I don’t know,” Rogers recently told Transport Topics. “It’s more of a day-to-day thing for me from the seat of my pants. I just try to do what’s the safest thing I can possibly do on the road and have a successful career for my family.”

NTDC 2024

2024 National Truck Driving Championships

Who: Winners from nine categories at the state level who have advanced to the national competition, where a Grand Champion will be crowned

What: Contestants are judged on a written exam, pre-trip inspection and driving skills

When: Aug. 21-24

Where: Indianapolis

His preparation for nationals relies mostly on the daily grind. Most of his NTDC peers train on the weekends. Rogers takes lessons from the craft. Recognizing the national tournament’s written exam and pre-trip vehicle inspection — known as the back room — are central to one’s performance, he emphasizes his driving acumen.

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As he put it, “There’s a lot of guys out there that strive to get 100% on the test or do extremely well in the back room or in their pre-trip or whatnot. The one thing that I strive for is to be the best on the course.”

Getting to Know You

Tyler Rogers


Name: Tyler Rogers

Age: 44

From: Fruita, Colo.

Vehicle: Sleeper

Grub get: Spaghetti and meatballs

What’s your jam: “Africa” by Toto

Favorite hobby: Camping

Last place visited: Utah

Memorable NTDC moment: Last year’s third-place finish in the Sleeper Berth class.

Words to live by: “If you want it bad enough, you walk through a brick wall to get it.”

For now, Rogers remains in preparation mode. His formidable state performance has given him momentum to continue to showcase his talents nationally. NTDC affords drivers a venue for demonstrating wit, tenacity and brilliance. It ultimately serves to improve safety along commercial transportation corridors.

“I think the program as a whole is amazing. I love the opportunity to be able to do it, and I love the opportunity that it pushes all of us drivers to be safe and to drive safer. And it makes you think when you’re out on the road, when somebody does something stupid around you, it makes you think twice about reacting,” he explained.

“You react in a way that’s [in] a trained and professional way, not a reaction. And I think that, as far as the takeaway from what the competition does for me, that’s probably one of the biggest things," he added. "It’s a very good incentive to keep us all doing what’s right out there and making sure we don’t take any risks or don’t do anything stupid. The whole competition as a whole makes us all better drivers.”

Other Colorado winners:

3-Axle: David Mogler, FedEx Freight

4-Axle: Paul Swan, FedEx Freight

5-Axle: Nick Gaudette, FedEx Freight

Flatbed: Randy Brustman, McLane Food Service

Straight truck: Nate McCarty, ABF Freight

Twins: Todd Flippin, FedEx Freight

Tank truck: Dutch Burch, FedEx Freight

Step van: Brian Hoy, FedEx

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