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Alphabet’s Waymo Will Test Self-Driving Cars in Snowy Detroit


The self-driving cars Google designed are going to the snow -- and the seat of the car industry.

October 26, 2017
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Waymo Engineer Left Trail of Deleted Files En Route to Uber


Uber Technologies Inc. hired an engineer to lead its driverless car program last year even after its own research revealed red flags about how much proprietary information he took from his former employer, Waymo.

Joel Rosenblatt | Bloomberg News
October 5, 2017
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Waymo’s Matrix-Like World for Training Self-Driving Cars

Photo by Daimler, Photo Illustration by TT News

Much like student drivers, Waymo’s self-driving minivans regularly stumble upon situations they’ve never seen before.

David R. Baker | Bloomberg News
September 11, 2017
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Google, Waymo Officially Separated by Creation of XXVI Holdings Inc.

A Google autonomous car Google Inc. via Bloomberg News

Alphabet Inc. is forming a new holding company, XXVI Holdings Inc., designed to finalize its evolution from Google into a corporate parent with distinct arms in far-flung fields like health care and self-driving cars.

September 1, 2017
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Waymo Drops Most Patent Claims in Autonomous Tech Fight With Uber


Waymo dropped three of four patent-infringement claims in its lawsuit against Uber Technologies Inc. over the startup’s autonomous vehicle program.

July 7, 2017
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Uber Threatens to Fire Anthony Levandowski

Anthony Levandowski by John Sommers II for Transport Topics

Uber Technologies Inc. threatened to fire the man at the center of its legal battle with Alphabet Inc., telling its top driverless technology engineer, Anthony Levandowski, to either deny taking files from his former employer or turn them over.

Joel Rosenblatt | Bloomberg News
May 19, 2017