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This E-Commerce Company Pays for Warehouse Worker Weddings. Will the Perk Survive Automation?

A Boxed Box Boxed

Tech entrepreneurs have long lavished perks on coders and engineers, the free massages, ping pong tables and free food of Valley lore.

Jing Cao | Bloomberg News
August 7, 2017

FedEx's Fred Smith: 'Don't Be Afraid of Technology'

Aaron M. Sprecher/Bloomberg News

Should we be worried about robots taking our jobs? Some of us, maybe — look what happened to Blockbuster video clerks — but collectively, no, FedEx chief Frederick Smith told student researchers gathered at the University of Memphis on April 6.

Wayne Risher | The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, Tenn.)
April 7, 2017

Amazon’s Warehouse Robot War Is Spreading

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg News

Amazon’s acquisition of Kiva set off an arms race among robot makers and shippers across the United States who scurried to keep up with the e-commerce giant.

Patrick Clark and Kim Bhasin | Bloomberg News
April 6, 2017

In Warehouses of the Future, Robots Do the Walking

Fetch Robotics Inc.

Warehouse workers who used to tire themselves out walking from one end of a sprawling building to the other have new tools to do their jobs more quickly and with a lot less shoe leather: robots.

April 3, 2017

Omnitracs Plans Role in Industry Move Toward Self-Driving Trucks, Drones, Wearable Tech

Seth Clevenger/TT

PHOENIX — The transportation industry is accelerating toward a future shaped by autonomous trucks, platooning, drones, same-day delivery, wearable technology for drivers and the continued proliferation of the Internet of things, Omnitracs told a gathering of fleet customers here.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
March 1, 2017

Self-Driving Delivery Robot Could Be Santa's New Helper

Starship Technologies

Fleets of small autonomous robots soon could become a familiar presence on public pathways with the advent of ground-based drones that aim to improve local delivery of goods and groceries.

Matthew Stock | Reuters
December 21, 2015

Volvo Developing Robot-Supported Garbage Truck

Volvo Group

Volvo said it is developing a garbage truck that interacts with robots to collect and bring bins to the truck.

September 18, 2015