New Square Service Uses Robot Photographer to Snap Products

A new service developed by Square Inc. is offering robotic product-photography. It will charge about $10 plus shipping for customers to send a product weighing less than 20 pounds to the Brooklyn studio and within two weeks, receive three digital photos from different angles.

Julie Verhage | Bloomberg News
July 22, 2019
Business, Logistics

Shipping Stocks That Soared After the Election Have Now Tanked

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected president Nov. 8, the stock prices of a slew of shipping companies soared by more than 1000% on hopes that commodity prices would rise and U.S. manufacturing would rebound, spurring a surge in shipments of everything from iron ore to computer parts.

Julie Verhage | Bloomberg News
March 14, 2017
Business, Fuel

Oil Executives Are Confident That the Future Is Bright

Oil prices are down nearly 10% over the past month, leading some to wonder if we're set for a resumption of the plunge seen between 2014 and early 2016. Executives at oil companies, however, are optimistic.

Julie Verhage | Bloomberg News
March 13, 2017