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Refiners Slump as Trump Looks to Slow-Roll IMO Fuel Mandate

oil refinery Darryl Dyck/Bloomberg News

U.S. refiners are getting stung by President Donald Trump’s reported efforts to keep consumer prices from rising in the run-up to the 2020 election. The Trump administration is seeking to slow the implementation in 2020 of tighter fuel restrictions on the global shipping industry.

Stephen Cunningham | Bloomberg News
October 19, 2018
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Marathon Closes $23 Billion Deal With Texas Refining Firm Andeavor

Marathon gas station Marathon station in Garyville, Louisiana (Marathon Petroleum Corp.)

Marathon Petroleum Corp. officially closed a $23.3 billion deal Oct. 1 in which it acquired all the outstanding shares of Texas refining company Andeavor.

Matt Sanctis | Dayton (Ohio) Daily News
October 1, 2018

Canadian Refinery to Lower CO2 for Diesel Below US Average

North West Upgrading Inc., which refines Canadian bitumen into diesel, aims to lower emissions of the fuel below the average of U.S. producers in a bid to help the oil sands overcome its negative image, CEO Ian MacGregor said.

Jeremy Van Loon | Bloomberg News
October 8, 2015