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LNG Shipping Rates Dip on Lower Demand Despite Red Sea Chaos

It’s getting cheaper — at least for now — to rent a liquefied natural gas tanker despite turmoil in the Red Sea that is forcing some vessels to take longer and more costly routes.

Anna Shiryaevskaya | Bloomberg News
December 20, 2023
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Greek Shipping Giant Warns Panama Canal Chaos May Hit Suez

Congestion at the Panama Canal could result in delays at Egypt’s Suez Canal, possibly affecting cargoes of liquefied natural gas, according to an official at Angelicoussis Group.

Anna Shiryaevskaya | Bloomberg News
November 29, 2023
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Small Ships Are Next Big Thing for LNG Market

Giant oceangoing tankers built the liquefied natural gas industry into a $150 billion-a-year business. The next expansion opportunity may come from ships a seventh of the normal size.

Anna Shiryaevskaya | Bloomberg News
October 9, 2019