July 27, 2017 11:15 AM, EDT

2017 NTDC List of Competitors by Company

2016 NTDC competitors 2016 competitors by John Sommers II for Transport Topics

The 80th annual National Truck Driving Championships and ninth annual National Step Van Driving Championships will be held Aug. 9-12 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

Four hundred and twenty-seven of the nation’s best drivers, all of whom remained accident-free for an entire year and won their state competitions, will compete in nine different classes.

The event begins Aug. 9 with registration and the course walk-through, where drivers will get their first glance at the obstacles and begin to plan their driving approach. On Aug. 10, festivities resume with the Breakfast of Champions and the first day of challenges. Championship finals will be held the morning of Aug. 12. At a banquet that evening, the 2017 Bendix National Truck Driving Championships grand champion is announced, as well as the winners in every vehicle class.


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In the list below, drivers are grouped by the company for which they are competing. Click here to see a list of drivers sorted by the state for which they are competing.

Eric Cornell RI A. Duie Pyle Inc. FIVE-AXLE
John P. Forgione MA A. Duie Pyle Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Esteban Perez TX AAA Cooper Transportation TWINS
Jack P. Hargett TX AAA Cooper Transportation FIVE-AXLE
James D. Mills GA AAA Cooper Transportation FLATBED
Anthony J. Spero CT ABF Freight System Inc. TANK TRUCK
Darrell M. Meadows WV ABF Freight System Inc. THREE-AXLE
Donald C. Boileau, Jr. CT ABF Freight System Inc. TWINS
Edward G. Beins NE ABF Freight System Inc. STRAIGHT TRUCK
James A. Fabian OK ABF Freight System Inc. STRAIGHT TRUCK
Nathan A. McCarty CO ABF Freight System Inc. STRAIGHT TRUCK
Steven D. Smalley AZ ABF Freight System Inc. FLATBED
Steven K. Russell NM ABF Freight System Inc. TWINS
Timothy W. Melody ID ABF Freight System Inc. TANK TRUCK
Tobias Fierros Jr. AZ ABF Freight System Inc. TWINS
Todd Wilemon MS ABF Freight System Inc. FLATBED
Joel F. Ramos HI Airgas USA FIVE-AXLE
Brian N. Ambrose AK Alaska West Express Inc. SLEEPER BERTH
Edward Tuia AK Alaska West Express Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Derrick Belin CT Allwaste Inc. STRAIGHT TRUCK
Daniel A. Amador NM Amador Express STEP VAN
Denny Hawkins AK American Fast Freight THREE-AXLE
Ryan E Surian AK American Fast Freight FLATBED
Timothy R. Brown ID Arlo G. Lott Trucking Inc. FLATBED
Norman M. Canney MT Associated Grocers Inc. SLEEPER BERTH
Steven A. Zajaceskowski NH Associated Grocers of NE STRAIGHT TRUCK
Carl D. Rackley TN Averitt Express Inc. FLATBED
Dean W. Tautges WI Badger State Western Inc. SLEEPER BERTH
David Buonocore CT Bozzuto's Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Michael B. Hinkes AK Carlile Transportation Systems Inc. FOUR-AXLE
Eugene E. Lloyd MD Carroll Independent Fuel Co. TANK TRUCK
Richard A. Meimann IA Casey's General Stores FLATBED
Scott Delaney IA Casey's General Stores FIVE-AXLE
Daniel Bell ME Chapman Trucking Inc. FLATBED
Ryan Gagnon RI Consumers Propane STRAIGHT TRUCK
Paul F. Mastalir WI Contract Transport Services FIVE-AXLE
Gary Helms TN Covenant Transport Inc. FOUR-AXLE
Darin W. Hardwick NE Crete Carrier Corporation SLEEPER BERTH
Mark McClure CT Domino's Pizza SLEEPER BERTH
Robert W. Warfield MD Domino's Pizza SLEEPER BERTH
Adam Stroup NE FedEx Express STEP VAN
Allan L. MacDonald WY FedEx Express STEP VAN
Andre S. Raven VT FedEx Express STRAIGHT TRUCK
Bartholomew C. Masciulli PA FedEx Express STEP VAN
Brent A. Glasenapp WI FedEx Express STRAIGHT TRUCK
Chadwick U. Olson HI FedEx Express STEP VAN
Charles D. Putnam NH FedEx Express STEP VAN
Chris A. Goddard VT FedEx Express THREE-AXLE
Christian A. Rapsch MN FedEx Express STEP VAN
Christopher Brown VA FedEx Express STEP VAN
Christopher L. Shaw NM FedEx Express STRAIGHT TRUCK
Christopher P. Novak VT FedEx Express FLATBED
Cliint B. Anderson WA FedEx Express STEP VAN
David Coffel AZ FedEx Express FOUR-AXLE
David Rohman NC FedEx Express THREE-AXLE
Dustin Wheeler UT FedEx Express STEP VAN
Glen M. Cooke CT FedEx Express STEP VAN
James A. Reynolds KY FedEx Express STEP VAN
Jason Martinie MT FedEx Express STEP VAN
Jerry W. Robinette ll MS FedEx Express FIVE-AXLE
Karen R. Tierney RI FedEx Express THREE-AXLE
Keith S. Towne RI FedEx Express STEP VAN
Kevin Burke MA FedEx Express STEP VAN
Larry D. Kendall OK FedEx Express THREE-AXLE
Mark Brundage VA FedEx Express FOUR-AXLE
Michael A. Bills NC FedEx Express STEP VAN
Patrick S. Nerger NV FedEx Express FIVE-AXLE
Paul Baker OR FedEx Express THREE-AXLE
Peter A. Borges NH FedEx Express FIVE-AXLE
Randy Swart NY FedEx Express FLATBED
Rebecca J. Nelson AK FedEx Express STRAIGHT TRUCK
Richard A. Bright OK FedEx Express STEP VAN
Ricky A. Coston MA FedEx Express STRAIGHT TRUCK
Robert F. Fini NV FedEx Express STRAIGHT TRUCK
Roland G. Bolduc MA FedEx Express SLEEPER BERTH
Ronald F. Bernier AK FedEx Express STEP VAN
Scott Wickstrom ME FedEx Express STEP VAN
Sharon K. Collett ND FedEx Express STEP VAN
Steven E. Haskill Jr. HI FedEx Express STRAIGHT TRUCK
Steven Ward SC FedEx Express FOUR-AXLE
Todd E. Trahan TX FedEx Express STEP VAN
William J. Colantuone MA FedEx Express FOUR-AXLE
Andrew J. Hunt MO FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Bartlomie Pachucki NJ FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Brent E. Sims MO FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Brent L. Turek NE FedEx Freight TWINS
Brian Ford IN FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Bruce S. Schwering IN FedEx Freight FIVE-AXLE
Bryce J. Neilson MT FedEx Freight FLATBED
Cecil T. Salter AL FedEx Freight FIVE-AXLE
Charles E. Fiske, Jr. MT FedEx Freight TWINS
Chris Outen OR FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Chris Scholand ND FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Christopher M Perna CO FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Chuck Bird VA FedEx Freight TWINS
Corey S. Mitchell LA FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Daniel G. Bruch NM FedEx Freight FIVE-AXLE
Daniel J. Johnson MI FedEx Freight TWINS
Daniel Shamrell OR FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Daniel W. Thompson AL FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Darrell W. Shelton WA FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Darwin Plett IA FedEx Freight TWINS
Daryl Fowler VT FedEx Freight STEP VAN
David A. Chandler GA FedEx Freight TWINS
David Hawk AL FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
David J. Bryant CT FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
David P. Proctor KY FedEx Freight TWINS
David R. Schelin MT FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
David Watson NY FedEx Freight TWINS
David Young NC FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Derek S. Gorrell WY FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Dion A. Saiz NM FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Donald R. Logan KN FedEx Freight FLATBED
Donald T. Forrest FL FedEx Freight FIVE-AXLE
Edward W. Pennington FL FedEx Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Gary A. Cordova CA FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Glenn J. Morris GA FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Gregory O. Brooks WV FedEx Freight TWINS
Heladio Fernandez OR FedEx Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Humberto Carrillo NV FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Jacob E. Lowe WY FedEx Freight TWINS
James E. Wilson IL FedEx Freight FIVE-AXLE
James F. Erickson NJ FedEx Freight FLATBED
James G. Wilson NV FedEx Freight SLEEPER BERTH
James M. Duffy WI FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
James R. Senor NJ FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
James V. May KY FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Jason Caron VT FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Jason Toothman MD FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Jeff Stinson TN FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Jeffery K. Thompson KN FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Jerry Bedgood MO FedEx Freight TWINS
Jerry Lambert OR FedEx Freight TWINS
Joe A. Bernal NM FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Joe B. Bertini GA FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
John A. Willinger KY FedEx Freight FIVE-AXLE
John Bouddhara KN FedEx Freight TWINS
John E. Kitchens MS FedEx Freight SLEEPER BERTH
John P. Jadrossich NY FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Joseph C. Vital LA FedEx Freight FLATBED
Joseph K. White NJ FedEx Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Kenneth Pyle OK FedEx Freight TWINS
Kyle Mitchell LA FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Larry Rhein AR FedEx Freight TWINS
Leslie Gamble LA FedEx Freight FIVE-AXLE
Louis A. Lockard Jr. DE FedEx Freight TWINS
Manuel Cruz OR FedEx Freight FLATBED
Marcus R. Byrd MS FedEx Freight TWINS
Martin Orozco AZ FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Mary Motter CO FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Matthew G. Hart NV FedEx Freight TWINS
Matthew R. Hall NC FedEx Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Michael J. McMahon NH FedEx Freight TWINS
Michael S. Whitehead SD FedEx Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Michael T. Flippin CO FedEx Freight TWINS
Michael Zabawa CO FedEx Freight FLATBED
Miguel A. Corral Jr. IL Fedex Freight TWINS
Nicholas Jones OR FedEx Freight FIVE-AXLE
Olamide D. Olayiwola TX FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Parcell James NM FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Paul D. Brandon CT FedEx Freight FLATBED
Randall J. Schwasinger ID FedEx Freight STEP VAN
Randy E. Thomas WV FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Randy R. Merle NY FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Raymond P. Waage NY FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Reginald T. Copeland MN FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Richard D. Gibbs LA FedEx Freight TWINS
Richard Hartleib ND FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Richard L. Bailey MI FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Richard Roghelia ME FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Richard T. Gray Jr. MA FedEx Freight TWINS
Richard W. Crowder KY FedEx Freight FLATBED
Ritch F. Fundell IL FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Robert Davis AL FedEx Freight STEP VAN
Robert Pedersen ME FedEx Freight TWINS
Robin R. Sams AR FedEx Freight THREE-AXLE
Rodney Davis MS FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Ronald M. Metternick MI FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Roy Miller DE FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Russell J. Beachler OK FedEx Freight FIVE-AXLE
Scott D. Woodrome OH FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Scott Hamilton FL FedEx Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Scott Osborne MS FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Steve R. Migneault RI FedEx Freight TWINS
Steven Maertz WY FedEx Freight FIVE-AXLE
Thomas R. Garner AL FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Thomas Westlock OK FedEx Freight FOUR-AXLE
Troy J. Swenson SD FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
Victor W. Skoglund WA FedEx Freight TANK TRUCK
William E. Adkins WV FedEx Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Willie K. Baylor IN FedEx Freight TWINS
Adam Rude TN FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Alan I. Stacy ID FedEx Ground STRAIGHT TRUCK
Andrew J. Tuck OH FedEx Ground STRAIGHT TRUCK
Anthony L. Singh CO FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Artur A. Lesniowski NJ FedEx Ground FIVE-AXLE
Brandon L. Bailey MS FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Daniel L. Stapleton FL FedEx Ground STEP VAN
David M. Costa CA FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Elvin Ortiz NJ FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Eric C. Fuqua Sr. IN FedEx Ground FOUR-AXLE
James F. Sheehan TN FedEx Ground STRAIGHT TRUCK
Jeff Evans NY FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Kailen Bronson OR FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Robert F. Vance WV FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Sean E. Saxon AZ FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Sergio A. Romero NV FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Steven A. Campbell MO FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Steven Clark UT FedEx Ground THREE-AXLE
Wesley B. Reynolds DE FedEx Ground STEP VAN
Brian S. Singelais, Sr. MA Frito-Lay Inc. THREE-AXLE
James D. Wilson VA Frito-Lay Inc. STRAIGHT TRUCK
Galen Sonnek MN G P S Trucking TANK TRUCK
Dean E. Herb PA Giant of Maryland FIVE-AXLE
Jerry T. Stephenson MD Giant of Maryland FLATBED
Christopher Miller OK Groendyke Transport Inc. TANK TRUCK
Eduardo P. Camacho TX H-E-B Grocery Co. FOUR-AXLE
Bruce L. Brewen MO Hogan Transportation Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Herschel Evans GA Holland SLEEPER BERTH
Robert B. Wolford MI Holland FLATBED
Russell A. Simpson OH Holland FLATBED
Thomas Carlson MN Holland STRAIGHT TRUCK
Ian M. Franck NE Hunt Transportation TANK TRUCK
Chris Holmes NH Irving Oil Terminals Inc TANK TRUCK
Mike A. Whiteford MN J & B Group SLEEPER BERTH
Samuel L. Brooks AR J B Hunt Transport Inc. STEP VAN
Don Lamere MT JNL Brown Trucking STRAIGHT TRUCK
Michael G. Worl MT Jrm Enterprises Inc. TANK TRUCK
Robert E. Hoffman SD K & J Trucking Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Jack G. Sorensen AK Lynden Transport Inc. TANK TRUCK
Ricky L. Critney LA Martin-Brower FOUR-AXLE
Thomas I. Vandivort TN Martin-Brower FIVE-AXLE
Seth Sigafoos SD MCT Transportation FOUR-AXLE
John F. Timmons III DE Mountaire Farms TANK TRUCK
Michael D. Welch WI N & M Transfer Co. Inc. TWINS
Joe Kealoha WA Odom Corp. STRAIGHT TRUCK
Brian Hall TN Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. SLEEPER BERTH
Brian J. Cremo CO Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Brian L. Akins NC Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Daniel S. Norgaard SD Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. STRAIGHT TRUCK
Frank A. Ortiz TX Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. FLATBED
Gary S. Pingel WI Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. TANK TRUCK
Glen A. Kirk IN Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. THREE-AXLE
James M. McKernie NV Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. FLATBED
Jordan Tapu UT Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. TWINS
Kenneth D. Smith SC Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Luke G. Groen ND Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. FOUR-AXLE
Mark A. Duensing MI Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Mark J. Putnam SC Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. STRAIGHT TRUCK
Minor Canada Jr. MS Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. FOUR-AXLE
Ralph L. Hamilton SC Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. THREE-AXLE
Randy P Ferguson WY Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. FOUR-AXLE
Ben Ulery IA Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. FOUR-AXLE
Todd M. Jones WY Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. THREE-AXLE
Daniel S. Aff WA Peninsula Truck Lines Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Timothy S. Davis WA Peninsula Truck Lines Inc. THREE-AXLE
Jeffrey J. Pentrack OH PITT OHIO FOUR-AXLE
Michael W. Miltenberger MD PITT OHIO FIVE-AXLE
Jonathan Roussel ME Portland Air Freight Inc. FIVE-AXLE
Ronald G. Round ME Pottles Transportation Inc. TANK TRUCK
Glen E. Horack MO Prime Inc. SLEEPER BERTH
John Kinchen FL Publix Super Markets Inc. TANK TRUCK
Larry Taylor FL Publix Super Markets Inc. FOUR-AXLE
Patrick J. Kutenits FL Publix Super Markets Inc. FLATBED
Brian P. Smeltzer PA R H Crawford Inc. FLATBED
Stephen F. Altland PA R H Crawford Inc. SLEEPER BERTH
Steven Raymond ME R.F. Chamberland Inc. SLEEPER BERTH
John R. Fogo NE Red and White Market and Transfer FLATBED
Daniel M. Istre ID Reddaway TWINS
Dean Goodnight ID Reddaway SLEEPER BERTH
Drew A. Coulter ID Reddaway FIVE-AXLE
John R. Harris MT Reddaway FOUR-AXLE
John Van Buren OR Reddaway STRAIGHT TRUCK
Michael D. Elledge CA Reddaway TWINS
Joseph J. Addison CA Safeway Stores Inc. TANK TRUCK
Russell T. Miller WA Safeway Stores Inc. SLEEPER BERTH
Danny R. Duke CO Shamrock Foods Co. THREE-AXLE
Tramel A. Caldwell AZ Shamrock Foods Co. SLEEPER BERTH
William R. Shepherd GA Southeastern Freight Lines FIVE-AXLE
James F. Cugini MA Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. FLATBED
William V. Tarushka MA Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. TANK TRUCK
Andrew A. Hanson SD TBI Inc. FLATBED
Eric Hein UT Thatcher Co. TANK TRUCK
Michael R. Mygatt WA The Boeing Co. FLATBED
Aaron Isbel TN UPS Freight TWINS
Benjamin Valentin Jr. NJ UPS Freight TANK TRUCK
Bobby R. Brown TX UPS Freight TANK TRUCK
Brian K. Walker NC UPS Freight FLATBED
Ceth W. Christensen IL UPS Freight STEP VAN
Chris Sutton PA UPS Freight FOUR-AXLE
Croydon L. Ostriche Jr. PA UPS Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Curtis L. Dennard MD UPS Freight FOUR-AXLE
Dave L. Miller IL UPS Freight TANK TRUCK
Duane R. Holmes AL UPS Freight TWINS
Gerald Cannan NC UPS Freight FOUR-AXLE
Henry E. Bruster LA UPS Freight THREE-AXLE
James R. Luckadoo SC UPS Freight TWINS
James W. Belcher, Jr. SC UPS Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Joe Clements VA UPS Freight FLATBED
Joseph Cammalleri NJ UPS Freight TWINS
Josh Dopp TN UPS Freight THREE-AXLE
Merle F. Ashbaugh OH UPS Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Nicholas S. Roberts IN UPS Freight STEP VAN
Robbie Stanford FL UPS Freight TWINS
Rodney L. Cosper AL UPS Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Ryan S. Grzybowski MD UPS Freight TWINS
David K. Sharp NV UPS Inc. THREE-AXLE
Edward A. Mikan, Jr. IL UPS Inc. FLATBED
Randall S. Stromlund NV UPS Inc. TANK TRUCK
Martin L. McMahon NY Wadhams FIVE-AXLE
Allen W. Odum AR Wal-Mart Transportation FIVE-AXLE
Alvin T. Kippen UT Wal-Mart Transportation FLATBED
Billy R. Richard SC Wal-Mart Transportation STEP VAN
Bryon J. Studley KN Wal-Mart Transportation STRAIGHT TRUCK
Carl H. Ziehlke WI Wal-Mart Transportation FLATBED
Daniel S. Brandt WY Wal-Mart Transportation FLATBED
Danny Bradley FL Wal-Mart Transportation THREE-AXLE
David C. Towne IA Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Dennis R. Shirar IN Wal-Mart Transportation FLATBED
Derek H. Macaulay NC Wal-Mart Transportation TANK TRUCK
Ellis W. Holder MO Wal-Mart Transportation FLATBED
Eric Waynebright PA Wal-Mart Transportation TWINS
Erik McFarland IA Wal-Mart Transportation STRAIGHT TRUCK
Gary L. Plant CO Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Gary W. Harms KN Wal-Mart Transportation FIVE-AXLE
Gary W. Mars Jr. AR Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Geoffory A. Davis KN Wal-Mart Transportation TANK TRUCK
Gerald H. Wrinkle KY Wal-Mart Transportation TANK TRUCK
Glendon E. Buzzell ME Wal-Mart Transportation STRAIGHT TRUCK
Gregory M. Ryan CA Wal-Mart Transportation FIVE-AXLE
Jason D. Imhoff OH Wal-Mart Transportation STEP VAN
Jason Smith WV Wal-Mart Transportation FIVE-AXLE
Joe A. Boyd PA Wal-Mart Transportation TANK TRUCK
John G. Ruark DE Wal-Mart Transportation FIVE-AXLE
Johnnie E. Long LA Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Kenneth Cook VA Wal-Mart Transportation FIVE-AXLE
Kerry L. Jenkins NH Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Lloyd B. Geck UT Wal-Mart Transportation FIVE-AXLE
Mark Lockwood NY Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Mark Oliva WY Wal-Mart Transportation TANK TRUCK
Matt S. Awbrey GA Wal-Mart Transportation FOUR-AXLE
Michael Barnes VA Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Michael Lundberg IA Wal-Mart Transportation TANK TRUCK
Michael Manzella AL Wal-Mart Transportation FLATBED
Mike Wasylenko IL Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Paul R. Schofield VT Wal-Mart Transportation TWINS
Phil Coffey IN Wal-Mart Transportation TANK TRUCK
Phyllip Brunhammer DE Wal-Mart Transportation FLATBED
Randy L. Lovell AR Wal-Mart Transportation FLATBED
Raymond K. Barlow MI Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Richard W. Williams KN Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Rick D. Pledger TX Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Rob S. Kressley CA Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Robert Benton DE Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Scott P. Hopper MO Wal-Mart Transportation THREE-AXLE
Scott Wells KY Wal-Mart Transportation FOUR-AXLE
Steven P. Brannen AL Wal-Mart Transportation FOUR-AXLE
Thomas Tascone VA Wal-Mart Transportation THREE-AXLE
Todd D. Huff AR Wal-Mart Transportation FOUR-AXLE
Tom J. Hopkins NE Wal-Mart Transportation FIVE-AXLE
Tony Archambault ME Wal-Mart Transportation FOUR-AXLE
Torry L. McCarty KY Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Troy Pribbanow UT Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Walter K. McGuire GA Wal-Mart Transportation THREE-AXLE
Warren C. Terrell WY Wal-Mart Transportation SLEEPER BERTH
Wayne W. McClellan Jr. NH Wal-Mart Transportation THREE-AXLE
Francis L. Flinn Jr. SC Walter P. Rawl & Sons Inc. FLATBED
Duane G. Bushman MT Watkins and Shepard Trucking FIVE-AXLE
Terry J. Durham NE Werner Enterprises Inc. FOUR-AXLE
Sebastian O. Mora CA Williams Tank Lines FLATBED
James E. Beall WV Winjean Trucking Co. Inc. FLATBED
Anthony Cottrell VA XPO Logistics TANK TRUCK
Bradley E. Morrow ND XPO Logistics TWINS
Bryan L. Wold ND XPO Logistics SLEEPER BERTH
Carlos L. Sandoval NM XPO Logistics FLATBED
Carlose A. London NJ XPO Logistics FOUR-AXLE
Chris L. Poynor WA XPO Logistics TWINS
Daniel L. Bartelson ND XPO Logistics TANK TRUCK
Daniel V. Nguyen CA XPO Logistics THREE-AXLE
Danny L. Fuller AR XPO Logistics TANK TRUCK
David J. May NY XPO Logistics STRAIGHT TRUCK
David W. Eickhoff MN XPO Logistics TWINS
Eric M. Louwers MI XPO Logistics TANK TRUCK
Ernest E. Budlowski CT XPO Logistics THREE-AXLE
Frank Pasqualichio PA XPO Logistics THREE-AXLE
Ina L. Daly AZ XPO Logistics TANK TRUCK
Jason D. Johnson MI XPO Logistics THREE-AXLE
Jeffrey A. Langenhahn WI XPO Logistics THREE-AXLE
Jeffrey R. Halford ID XPO Logistics FOUR-AXLE
John D. Griswold IN XPO Logistics SLEEPER BERTH
Jon C. Simonson ND XPO Logistics FIVE-AXLE
Jose A. Orozco AZ XPO Logistics FIVE-AXLE
Joseph E. Hicks RI XPO Logistics FOUR-AXLE
Judd Adams UT XPO Logistics STRAIGHT TRUCK
Kenneth J. Grimmett WV XPO Logistics TANK TRUCK
Kevin Goolsby IL XPO Logistics THREE-AXLE
Larry A. Gorby, Jr. WV XPO Logistics STRAIGHT TRUCK
Leroy Williams, Sr. LA XPO Logistics STEP VAN
Louis Petrovia MD XPO Logistics THREE-AXLE
Matthew L. Minor SD XPO Logistics THREE-AXLE
Paul E. Tyler MO XPO Logistics STRAIGHT TRUCK
Robert T. Gordon AZ XPO Logistics STRAIGHT TRUCK
Sam J. Wilson NE XPO Logistics THREE-AXLE
Steven Barbour NC XPO Logistics TWINS
Steven R. Iburg IA XPO Logistics THREE-AXLE
Steven W. Johnson ND XPO Logistics FLATBED
Blake A. Johnson OK YRC Freight FLATBED
Bruce J. Quaal MN YRC Freight FOUR-AXLE
David C. Murphy ID YRC Freight THREE-AXLE
Jeffrey A. Rose OH YRC Freight TWINS
Jeffrey T. Mefford OH YRC Freight FIVE-AXLE
Jerry J. Kraetsch MN YRC Freight FLATBED
Kaleb Diehl KN YRC Freight FOUR-AXLE
Kris Knalson CA YRC Freight FOUR-AXLE
Melvin Andrews AR YRC Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Michael D. Buck OK YRC Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Michael J. McAfee NM YRC Freight SLEEPER BERTH
Neil P. Nogues NH YRC Freight FOUR-AXLE
Randall D. Briggs UT YRC Freight FOUR-AXLE
Ricardo Molina TX YRC Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Richard A. Thatcher OH YRC Freight THREE-AXLE
Tim J. McNamee MN YRC Freight FIVE-AXLE
Wade L. Wagemann SD YRC Freight TWINS
Walter F. Schmitz IL YRC Freight STRAIGHT TRUCK
Willie R. Johnson MS YRC Freight THREE-AXLE