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REPLAY: How to Build Your Business Continuity Plan (Pt. 1)

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The recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank is the second largest bank failure in U.S. history, leaving many businesses to wonder how it happened and if it could have been prevented. Today's trucking companies must contend with and prepare for issues like nuclear verdicts and ransomware attacks to prevent disruptions to their operations. How does a company plan for any number of threats and what does the best business continuity plan look like?

Consultant with Covenant Park Integrated Initiatives and noted crisis management and business continuity expert, Dean Gallup has 35 years of experience consulting on contingency planning and security risk management. In this special two-part Newsmakers series, Dean joins Dan Ronan to discuss the biggest threats to companies today, key action items for business plans, and how to protect your future.

Join us for both episodes in this two-part Newsmakers series to gain a better understanding of business continuity models and cybersecurity best practices.