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NTDC Grand Champion Roland Bolduc

NTDC Champ Roland Bolduc Already Eyeing 2023

October 31, 2022

Video: Honored at MCE 2022, NTDC 2022 Grand Champion Roland Bolduc talks about already setting his sights on another title in 2023.

The Future of Freight Transportation in Ports, Policy, and Pilot Programs

August 1, 2022

With the U.S. experiencing a 40-year high on both inflation and fuel prices, the freight transportation industry has much to contend with in addition to persistent supply chain challenges. How much of an impact will state policies like AB 5 have on the industry? Register now to hear ATA President Chris Spear address these concerns and more on Aug. 11.

The Smartest Strategy for Highway Safety

July 18, 2022

Understanding trends in highway inspection violations can help you better form your safety strategy. What safety technology trends are the most relevant to those operating commercial vehicles? Register to watch the replay of our interview with CVSA Executive Director Collin Mooney.

Newsmakers - Rebecca Brewster

Analyzing the Industry's Most Critical Concerns

November 16, 2021

At the American Trucking Associations' 2021 Management Conference & Exhibition, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) released their annual report "Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry." For the fifth year in a row, the driver shortage led the list of top industry concerns.

Video: Meet Trucking's Frontline Heroes for 2021

October 26, 2021

Meet truckers Cully Frisard and Gene Woolsey, Transport Topics' Trucking's Frontline Heroes for 2021. 

Sumwalt - Newsmakers

In Service of Safety

August 9, 2021

In a recent review of highway safety in 2020, NHTSA reported the greatest number of fatalities due to traffic accidents since 2007, despite the fact that the number of miles traveled by vehicles declined by 13% from 2019. Understanding the underlying cause of these accidents and instituting preventative measures to reduce their numbers is essential to the greater safety of all who travel the nation's highways.

Mooney - Newsmakers

Mitigating Risk with CVSA Executive Director Collin Mooney

November 17, 2020

Accident risk lessened as the pandemic eased highway traffic this year. Fleets, however, remain subject to increased litigation and nuclear verdicts. Experts suggest that the wider adaption of advanced technology - including onboard safety systems, in-cab video, and telematics - could not only improve safety but also preserve relevant information in the case of an accident.

Volvo to Share Fleet Performance Tool With Dealers

February 26, 2020

TT Senior Reporter Roger Gilroy recaps Volvo's announcement at TMC 2020 that it will share an internal tool for reviewing fleet operational performance with dealers.

NACFE Begins Three-Year Program to Discover Best Routes for Electric Trucks

February 26, 2020

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency announced at 2020 TMC that it is beginning a three-year program to identify what it calls “high-potential” regional routes that are well-suited to running electric trucks. Dan Ronan, Transport Topics associate news editor of print and multimedia, reports.

Mack Announces Command Steer at 2020 TMC

February 26, 2020

Mack Trucks announced an active steering option, Command Steer, for its Anthem models that monitors road conditions at nearly 2,000 times per second using truck-mounted sensors to help maintain directional stability, for instance, on rough roads, in high winds or during blowouts. Transport Topics senior reporter Roger Gilroy reports.

The Importance of Honesty Between Fleets and Service Dealers at 2020 TMC

February 25, 2020

Government reporter Eleanor Lamb recaps the managers and trucking executives discussion about how to maximize uptime at 2020 TMC on Feb. 25.

FMCSA Announces Tech-Celerate Now at 2020 TMC

February 25, 2020

Tech-Celerate Now, FMCSA’s first-of-its-kind program to bring together government agencies and private sector industry leaders to promote advanced driver assist systems, got a boost at American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting.

Spear Assesses State of the Industry

October 7, 2019

ATA President Chris Spear delivered his state of the industry address to MCE 2019 attendees Oct. 7, announcing the creation of a marijuana policy committee among other areas of focus for the next year. Eleanor Lamb recaps the address. 

ATRI's Top 10 Industry Issues

October 6, 2019

Transport Topics reporter Jim Stinson recaps the MCE 2019 session in which panelists discussed the 2019 release of American Transportation Research Institute's Top Industry Issues report. 

Last Call for Transition to ELDs

October 6, 2019

Recapping the MCE panel session discussing the final months leading up to the deadline for converting from AOBRDs to ELDs. 

2019 NTDC Awards Ceremony

August 19, 2019

Check out video of the winners in each of the nine classes and hear Grand Champion Scott Woodrome's victory speech.

TT Reporters Tackle NTDC Driving Course

August 17, 2019

Transport Topics reporters Eleanor Lamb and Marissa Gamache got behind the wheel of a 3-Axle truck to test out their driving skills on a modified version of the course that National Truck Driving Championships competitors faced. Who got the better score?