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REPLAY: Driving Diversity in Transportation

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The trucking sector is at a workforce crossroads – simultaneously contending with the shortage of drivers and technicians and a significant lack of diversity. While the latter is proving to be a more complex and deep-seated challenge than imagined, this challenge may also open a door to untapped potential and the chance to welcome underrepresented communities into the fold. 

The Conference of Minority Transportation Officials, or COMTO, stands at the forefront of this change. As the national beacon for employment diversity within transportation, COMTO is not just observing the landscape - they're actively molding it. But the question remains: what's behind the diversity deficit in trucking, and how can companies move the needle towards more inclusive recruitment and retention? 

In a candid and thought-provoking conversation, April Rai, President & CEO of COMTO, joins TT’s Eugene Mulero and Dan Ronan to explore the strides COMTO has made, where they're seeing the most impact, and how businesses can adapt their hiring strategies for a more diverse tomorrow.