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Roland Bolduc driving

Road to NTDC Spotlight: Roland Bolduc, Part 2

In March and April, FedEx Express driver Roland Bolduc began gearing up for more state and National Truck Driving championships crowns. Here's the second in a series.
Click on a yellow state to see when its event is scheduled; a green state to see who was named grand champion.

Take a tour of the country with images from state TDC competitions and banquet celebrations.

State Champions

State Date Classification Winner Company
Alabama 6/9/2023 Grand Champion    
Alabama 6/9/2023 3-Axle    
Alabama 6/9/2023 4-Axle    
Alabama 6/9/2023 5-Axle    
Alabama 6/9/2023 Flatbed    
Alabama 6/9/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Alabama 6/9/2023 Step Van    
Alabama 6/9/2023 Straight Truck    
Alabama 6/9/2023 Tank Truck    
Alabama 6/9/2023 Twins    
Alaska 5/20/2023 Grand Champion Tevita Toetu Lynden Transport
Alaska 5/20/2023 3-Axle Michael Hinkes Carlile
Alaska 5/20/2023 4-Axle Alan Marshall AFF
Alaska 5/20/2023 5-Axle Jonre Jones ODOM
Alaska 5/20/2023 Flatbed Tevita Toetu Lynden Transport
Alaska 5/20/2023 Sleeper Berth Jeremiah Payne AFF
Alaska 5/20/2023 Step Van Jerome De la Cruz FedEx
Alaska 5/20/2023 Straight Truck Jeremiah Vanhout Crowley
Alaska 5/20/2023 Tank Truck Jack Sorensen Lynden Transport
Alaska 5/20/2023 Twins Brian Ambrose Alaska West
Arizona 4/1/2023 Grand Champion Ina Daly XPO
Arizona 4/1/2023 3-Axle Christopher Finn XPO
Arizona 4/1/2023 4-Axle Marc Anthony Ahumada Shamrock Foods
Arizona 4/1/2023 5-Axle Terry Bartels UPS
Arizona 4/1/2023 Flatbed Eric Ramsdell Walmart
Arizona 4/1/2023 Sleeper Berth Greg Ryan Walmart
Arizona 4/1/2023 Step Van Robert Carchedi FedEx Express
Arizona 4/1/2023 Straight Truck David Coffel FedEx Express
Arizona 4/1/2023 Tank Truck Ina Daly XPO
Arizona 4/1/2023 Twins Mike Alpine ABF Freight
Arkansas 6/23/2023 Grand Champion    
Arkansas 6/23/2023 3-Axle    
Arkansas 6/23/2023 4-Axle    
Arkansas 6/23/2023 5-Axle    
Arkansas 6/23/2023 Flatbed    
Arkansas 6/23/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Arkansas 6/23/2023 Step Van    
Arkansas 6/23/2023 Straight Truck    
Arkansas 6/23/2023 Tank Truck    
Arkansas 6/23/2023 Twins    
California 6/4/2023 Grand Champion    
California 6/4/2023 3-Axle    
California 6/4/2023 4-Axle    
California 6/4/2023 5-Axle    
California 6/4/2023 Flatbed    
California 6/4/2023 Sleeper Berth    
California 6/4/2023 Step Van    
California 6/4/2023 Straight Truck    
California 6/4/2023 Tank Truck    
California 6/4/2023 Twins    
Colorado 6/3/2023 Grand Champion    
Colorado 6/3/2023 3-Axle    
Colorado 6/3/2023 4-Axle    
Colorado 6/3/2023 5-Axle    
Colorado 6/3/2023 Flatbed    
Colorado 6/3/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Colorado 6/3/2023 Step Van    
Colorado 6/3/2023 Straight Truck    
Colorado 6/3/2023 Tank Truck    
Colorado 6/3/2023 Twins    
Connecticut 6/10/2023 Grand Champion    
Connecticut 6/10/2023 3-Axle    
Connecticut 6/10/2023 4-Axle    
Connecticut 6/10/2023 5-Axle    
Connecticut 6/10/2023 Flatbed    
Connecticut 6/10/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Connecticut 6/10/2023 Step Van    
Connecticut 6/10/2023 Straight Truck    
Connecticut 6/10/2023 Tank Truck    
Connecticut 6/10/2023 Twins    
Delaware 5/20/2023 Grand Champion    
Delaware 5/20/2023 3-Axle    
Delaware 5/20/2023 4-Axle    
Delaware 5/20/2023 5-Axle    
Delaware 5/20/2023 Flatbed    
Delaware 5/20/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Delaware 5/20/2023 Step Van    
Delaware 5/20/2023 Straight Truck    
Delaware 5/20/2023 Tank Truck    
Delaware 5/20/2023 Twins    
Florida 6/15/2023 Grand Champion    
Florida 6/15/2023 3-Axle    
Florida 6/15/2023 4-Axle    
Florida 6/15/2023 5-Axle    
Florida 6/15/2023 Flatbed    
Florida 6/15/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Florida 6/15/2023 Step Van    
Florida 6/15/2023 Straight Truck    
Florida 6/15/2023 Tank Truck    
Florida 6/15/2023 Twins    
Georgia 5/11/2023 Grand Champion Patrick Green Yellow
Georgia 5/11/2023 3-Axle Curt Shaw Old Dominion Freight Line
Georgia 5/11/2023 4-Axle Tony Johnson Frito-Lay
Georgia 5/11/2023 5-Axle JaMarcus Bostic Walmart
Georgia 5/11/2023 Flatbed Patrick Green Yellow
Georgia 5/11/2023 Sleeper Berth Christopher Moore Walmart
Georgia 5/11/2023 Step Van Matthew Futral FedEx Express
Georgia 5/11/2023 Straight Truck Jim Wright Publix
Georgia 5/11/2023 Tank Truck Tim Vogt XPO
Georgia 5/11/2023 Twins Beau White Southeastern Freight Lines
Hawaii 6/18/2023 Grand Champion    
Hawaii 6/18/2023 3-Axle    
Hawaii 6/18/2023 4-Axle    
Hawaii 6/18/2023 5-Axle    
Hawaii 6/18/2023 Flatbed    
Hawaii 6/18/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Hawaii 6/18/2023 Step Van    
Hawaii 6/18/2023 Straight Truck    
Hawaii 6/18/2023 Tank Truck    
Hawaii 6/18/2023 Twins    
Idaho 5/5/2023 Grand Champion Kolton Schultz XPO
Idaho 5/5/2023 3-Axle Kolton Schultz XPO
Idaho 5/5/2023 4-Axle Adam Heim FedEx
Idaho 5/5/2023 5-Axle Darrik Fong FedEx
Idaho 5/5/2023 Flatbed Thomas Richardson Franklin Building Supply
Idaho 5/5/2023 Sleeper Berth David Shattuck Giltner
Idaho 5/5/2023 Step Van Tyler Wilsom FedEx
Idaho 5/5/2023 Straight Truck Josh Jetton XPO
Idaho 5/5/2023 Tank Truck Scott Hansen Old Dominion Freight Line
Idaho 5/5/2023 Twins Daniel Istre Yellow
Illinois 6/9/2023 Grand Champion    
Illinois 6/9/2023 3-Axle    
Illinois 6/9/2023 4-Axle    
Illinois 6/9/2023 5-Axle    
Illinois 6/9/2023 Flatbed    
Illinois 6/9/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Illinois 6/9/2023 Step Van    
Illinois 6/9/2023 Straight Truck    
Illinois 6/9/2023 Tank Truck    
Illinois 6/9/2023 Twins    
Indiana 6/23/2023 Grand Champion    
Indiana 6/23/2023 3-Axle    
Indiana 6/23/2023 4-Axle    
Indiana 6/23/2023 5-Axle    
Indiana 6/23/2023 Flatbed    
Indiana 6/23/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Indiana 6/23/2023 Step Van    
Indiana 6/23/2023 Straight Truck    
Indiana 6/23/2023 Tank Truck    
Indiana 6/23/2023 Twins    
Iowa 6/22/2023 Grand Champion    
Iowa 6/22/2023 3-Axle    
Iowa 6/22/2023 4-Axle    
Iowa 6/22/2023 5-Axle    
Iowa 6/22/2023 Flatbed    
Iowa 6/22/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Iowa 6/22/2023 Step Van    
Iowa 6/22/2023 Straight Truck    
Iowa 6/22/2023 Tank Truck    
Iowa 6/22/2023 Twins    
Kansas 6/16/2023 Grand Champion    
Kansas 6/16/2023 3-Axle    
Kansas 6/16/2023 4-Axle    
Kansas 6/16/2023 5-Axle    
Kansas 6/16/2023 Flatbed    
Kansas 6/16/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Kansas 6/16/2023 Step Van    
Kansas 6/16/2023 Straight Truck    
Kansas 6/16/2023 Tank Truck    
Kansas 6/16/2023 Twins    
Kentucky 5/19/2023 Grand Champion John Willinger FedEx Freight
Kentucky 5/19/2023 3-Axle Jim Niswander UPS
Kentucky 5/19/2023 4-Axle John Willinger FedEx Freight
Kentucky 5/19/2023 5-Axle Norman Penn Walmart
Kentucky 5/19/2023 Flatbed Ernest Wagers Jr. Old Dominion Freight Line
Kentucky 5/19/2023 Sleeper Berth Jerry Wrinkle Walmart
Kentucky 5/19/2023 Step Van Peter Dreisbach Jr. UPS
Kentucky 5/19/2023 Straight Truck James McNulty III FedEx Express
Kentucky 5/19/2023 Tank Truck Rodney Hill Walmart
Kentucky 5/19/2023 Twins Jason Herko UPS
Louisiana 3/3/2023 Grand Champion Eric Courville FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/3/2023 3-Axle Jon-Taylor Moreau FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/3/2023 4-Axle Brian Landry FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/3/2023 5-Axle Donald Glover Walmart
Louisiana 3/3/2023 Flatbed Mark Collins Walmart
Louisiana 3/3/2023 Sleeper Berth Eric Courville FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/3/2023 Step Van Michael Brian FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/3/2023 Straight Truck Gary Tyler John N John Truck Line
Louisiana 3/3/2023 Tank Truck Collie Shaw FedEx Freight
Louisiana 3/3/2023 Twins Damien Hebert XPO
Maine 5/20/2023 Grand Champion Ron Round Pottle's Transportation
Maine 5/20/2023 3-Axle Ron Round Pottle's Transportation
Maine 5/20/2023 4-Axle Rob Fernald Walmart
Maine 5/20/2023 5-Axle Kenneth Duncan Walmart
Maine 5/20/2023 Flatbed Jonathan Sawyer Walmart
Maine 5/20/2023 Sleeper Berth Chris Bryant Pottle's Transportation
Maine 5/20/2023 Step Van Scott Wickstrom FedEx Express
Maine 5/20/2023 Straight Truck Robert Cochran FedEx Express
Maine 5/20/2023 Tank Truck James Banville CN Brown
Maine 5/20/2023 Twins Matthew Richardson PFG
Maryland 6/3/2023 Grand Champion    
Maryland 6/3/2023 3-Axle    
Maryland 6/3/2023 4-Axle    
Maryland 6/3/2023 5-Axle    
Maryland 6/3/2023 Flatbed    
Maryland 6/3/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Maryland 6/3/2023 Step Van    
Maryland 6/3/2023 Straight Truck    
Maryland 6/3/2023 Tank Truck    
Maryland 6/3/2023 Twins    
Massachusetts 6/10/2023 Grand Champion    
Massachusetts 6/10/2023 3-Axle    
Massachusetts 6/10/2023 4-Axle    
Massachusetts 6/10/2023 5-Axle    
Massachusetts 6/10/2023 Flatbed    
Massachusetts 6/10/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Massachusetts 6/10/2023 Step Van    
Massachusetts 6/10/2023 Straight Truck    
Massachusetts 6/10/2023 Tank Truck    
Massachusetts 6/10/2023 Twins    
Michigan 6/9/2023 Grand Champion    
Michigan 6/9/2023 3-Axle    
Michigan 6/9/2023 4-Axle    
Michigan 6/9/2023 5-Axle    
Michigan 6/9/2023 Flatbed    
Michigan 6/9/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Michigan 6/9/2023 Step Van    
Michigan 6/9/2023 Straight Truck    
Michigan 6/9/2023 Tank Truck    
Michigan 6/9/2023 Twins    
Minnesota 6/10/2023 Grand Champion    
Minnesota 6/10/2023 3-Axle    
Minnesota 6/10/2023 4-Axle    
Minnesota 6/10/2023 5-Axle    
Minnesota 6/10/2023 Flatbed    
Minnesota 6/10/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Minnesota 6/10/2023 Step Van    
Minnesota 6/10/2023 Straight Truck    
Minnesota 6/10/2023 Tank Truck    
Minnesota 6/10/2023 Twins    
Mississippi 5/5/2023 Grand Champion Stephen Johnson FedEx Freight
Mississippi 5/5/2023 3-Axle Stephen Johnson FedEx Freight
Mississippi 5/5/2023 4-Axle Daniel Camachomagana FedEx Freight
Mississippi 5/5/2023 5-Axle Christopher Crabtree Ergon Trucking
Mississippi 5/5/2023 Flatbed Amita Lee Total Transportation
Mississippi 5/5/2023 Sleeper Berth Rickey Oliver Walmart
Mississippi 5/5/2023 Step Van Corey Smith FedEx Ground
Mississippi 5/5/2023 Straight Truck Rodney Davis FedEx Freight
Mississippi 5/5/2023 Tank Truck Jason Matte Walmart
Mississippi 5/5/2023 Twins James McNeil FedEx Freight
Missouri 6/2/2023 Grand Champion    
Missouri 6/2/2023 3-Axle    
Missouri 6/2/2023 4-Axle    
Missouri 6/2/2023 5-Axle    
Missouri 6/2/2023 Flatbed    
Missouri 6/2/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Missouri 6/2/2023 Step Van    
Missouri 6/2/2023 Straight Truck    
Missouri 6/2/2023 Tank Truck    
Missouri 6/2/2023 Twins    
Montana 6/9/2023 Grand Champion    
Montana 6/9/2023 3-Axle    
Montana 6/9/2023 4-Axle    
Montana 6/9/2023 5-Axle    
Montana 6/9/2023 Flatbed    
Montana 6/9/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Montana 6/9/2023 Step Van    
Montana 6/9/2023 Straight Truck    
Montana 6/9/2023 Tank Truck    
Montana 6/9/2023 Twins    
Nebraska 6/1/2023 Grand Champion    
Nebraska 6/1/2023 3-Axle    
Nebraska 6/1/2023 4-Axle    
Nebraska 6/1/2023 5-Axle    
Nebraska 6/1/2023 Flatbed    
Nebraska 6/1/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Nebraska 6/1/2023 Step Van    
Nebraska 6/1/2023 Straight Truck    
Nebraska 6/1/2023 Tank Truck    
Nebraska 6/1/2023 Twins    
Nevada 5/20/2023 Grand Champion Brandon Hardy XPO
Nevada 5/20/2023 3-Axle Ivan Padilla Old Dominion Freight Line
Nevada 5/20/2023 4-Axle Floyd Custodia FedEx Freight
Nevada 5/20/2023 5-Axle Humberto Carillo FedEx Freight
Nevada 5/20/2023 Flatbed Brandon Hardy XPO
Nevada 5/20/2023 Sleeper Berth Rollie Fugat Walmart
Nevada 5/20/2023 Step Van Jarrod Owens FedEx Ground
Nevada 5/20/2023 Straight Truck Matt Hart FedEx Freight
Nevada 5/20/2023 Tank Truck Gragg Wilson UPS
Nevada 5/20/2023 Twins Carlons Lara Yellow/Reddaway
New Hampshire 6/3/2023 Grand Champion    
New Hampshire 6/3/2023 3-Axle    
New Hampshire 6/3/2023 4-Axle    
New Hampshire 6/3/2023 5-Axle    
New Hampshire 6/3/2023 Flatbed    
New Hampshire 6/3/2023 Sleeper Berth    
New Hampshire 6/3/2023 Step Van    
New Hampshire 6/3/2023 Straight Truck    
New Hampshire 6/3/2023 Tank Truck    
New Hampshire 6/3/2023 Twins    
New Jersey 6/3/2023 Grand Champion    
New Jersey 6/3/2023 3-Axle    
New Jersey 6/3/2023 4-Axle    
New Jersey 6/3/2023 5-Axle    
New Jersey 6/3/2023 Flatbed    
New Jersey 6/3/2023 Sleeper Berth    
New Jersey 6/3/2023 Step Van    
New Jersey 6/3/2023 Straight Truck    
New Jersey 6/3/2023 Tank Truck    
New Jersey 6/3/2023 Twins    
New Mexico 5/20/2023 Grand Champion Luis Hermida FedEx Freight
New Mexico 5/20/2023 3-Axle Shawn Hale ABF
New Mexico 5/20/2023 4-Axle Ryan Haag Old Dominion Freight Line
New Mexico 5/20/2023 5-Axle Mitchel Towns Old Dominion Freight Line
New Mexico 5/20/2023 Flatbed Carlos Sandoval XPO
New Mexico 5/20/2023 Sleeper Berth No competition held  
New Mexico 5/20/2023 Step Van Marlon Sandoval FedEx Ground
New Mexico 5/20/2023 Straight Truck Luis Tarin FedEx Ground
New Mexico 5/20/2023 Tank Truck No competition held  
New Mexico 5/20/2023 Twins Luis Hermida FedEx Freight
New York 6/9/2023 Grand Champion    
New York 6/9/2023 3-Axle    
New York 6/9/2023 4-Axle    
New York 6/9/2023 5-Axle    
New York 6/9/2023 Flatbed    
New York 6/9/2023 Sleeper Berth    
New York 6/9/2023 Step Van    
New York 6/9/2023 Straight Truck    
New York 6/9/2023 Tank Truck    
New York 6/9/2023 Twins    
North Carolina 6/9/2023 Grand Champion    
North Carolina 6/9/2023 3-Axle    
North Carolina 6/9/2023 4-Axle    
North Carolina 6/9/2023 5-Axle    
North Carolina 6/9/2023 Flatbed    
North Carolina 6/9/2023 Sleeper Berth    
North Carolina 6/9/2023 Step Van    
North Carolina 6/9/2023 Straight Truck    
North Carolina 6/9/2023 Tank Truck    
North Carolina 6/9/2023 Twins    
North Dakota 6/10/2023 Grand Champion    
North Dakota 6/10/2023 3-Axle    
North Dakota 6/10/2023 4-Axle    
North Dakota 6/10/2023 5-Axle    
North Dakota 6/10/2023 Flatbed    
North Dakota 6/10/2023 Sleeper Berth    
North Dakota 6/10/2023 Step Van    
North Dakota 6/10/2023 Straight Truck    
North Dakota 6/10/2023 Tank Truck    
North Dakota 6/10/2023 Twins    
Ohio 5/19/2023 Grand Champion David Schroeder FexEx Freight
Ohio 5/19/2023 3-Axle James Emerine FedEx Freight
Ohio 5/19/2023 4-Axle Roger Anderson ABF Freight
Ohio 5/19/2023 5-Axle Ed Custer Yellow
Ohio 5/19/2023 Flatbed Randolph Broderick FedEx Freight
Ohio 5/19/2023 Sleeper Berth Merle Ashbaugh DHL Supply Chain
Ohio 5/19/2023 Step Van Glenn George UPS
Ohio 5/19/2023 Straight Truck Scott Newcome FedEx Ground
Ohio 5/19/2023 Tank Truck Jason Imhoff Walmart
Ohio 5/19/2023 Twins David Schroeder FexEx Freight
Oklahoma 6/9/2023 Grand Champion    
Oklahoma 6/9/2023 3-Axle    
Oklahoma 6/9/2023 4-Axle    
Oklahoma 6/9/2023 5-Axle    
Oklahoma 6/9/2023 Flatbed    
Oklahoma 6/9/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Oklahoma 6/9/2023 Step Van    
Oklahoma 6/9/2023 Straight Truck    
Oklahoma 6/9/2023 Tank Truck    
Oklahoma 6/9/2023 Twins    
Oregon 6/10/2023 Grand Champion    
Oregon 6/10/2023 3-Axle    
Oregon 6/10/2023 4-Axle    
Oregon 6/10/2023 5-Axle    
Oregon 6/10/2023 Flatbed    
Oregon 6/10/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Oregon 6/10/2023 Step Van    
Oregon 6/10/2023 Straight Truck    
Oregon 6/10/2023 Tank Truck    
Oregon 6/10/2023 Twins    
Pennsylvania 6/8/2023 Grand Champion    
Pennsylvania 6/8/2023 3-Axle    
Pennsylvania 6/8/2023 4-Axle    
Pennsylvania 6/8/2023 5-Axle    
Pennsylvania 6/8/2023 Flatbed    
Pennsylvania 6/8/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Pennsylvania 6/8/2023 Step Van    
Pennsylvania 6/8/2023 Straight Truck    
Pennsylvania 6/8/2023 Tank Truck    
Pennsylvania 6/8/2023 Twins    
Rhode Island 6/10/2023 Grand Champion    
Rhode Island 6/10/2023 3-Axle    
Rhode Island 6/10/2023 4-Axle    
Rhode Island 6/10/2023 5-Axle    
Rhode Island 6/10/2023 Flatbed    
Rhode Island 6/10/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Rhode Island 6/10/2023 Step Van    
Rhode Island 6/10/2023 Straight Truck    
Rhode Island 6/10/2023 Tank Truck    
Rhode Island 6/10/2023 Twins    
South Carolina 4/28/2023 Grand Champion David Fountain FedEx Express
South Carolina 4/28/2023 3-Axle David Fountain FedEx Express
South Carolina 4/28/2023 4-Axle Kenneth Smith Old Dominion Freight Line
South Carolina 4/28/2023 5-Axle JB Quarles Walmart
South Carolina 4/28/2023 Flatbed James Cook TCW
South Carolina 4/28/2023 Sleeper Berth Robert McCoy ADUSA-Food Lion
South Carolina 4/28/2023 Step Van Zach Welch FedEx Ground
South Carolina 4/28/2023 Straight Truck Dubby Freeman FedEx Ground
South Carolina 4/28/2023 Tank Truck Bennie Yearty TCW
South Carolina 4/28/2023 Twins Blake Taylor Old Dominion Freight Line
South Dakota 5/20/2023 Grand Champion Seth Sigafoos FedEx Freight
South Dakota 5/20/2023 3-Axle Dan Norgaard Old Dominion Freight Line
South Dakota 5/20/2023 4-Axle Jeremy Senger FedEx Freight
South Dakota 5/20/2023 5-Axle Seth Sigafoos FedEx Freight
South Dakota 5/20/2023 Flatbed Joel Gruis FedEx Freight
South Dakota 5/20/2023 Sleeper Berth Josh Worthington K&J Trucking
South Dakota 5/20/2023 Step Van Teri Spencer A&A Express
South Dakota 5/20/2023 Straight Truck Troy Swenson FedEx Freight
South Dakota 5/20/2023 Tank Truck Gary Schmidt Cliff Viessman
South Dakota 5/20/2023 Twins Mike Whitehead FedEx Freight
Tennessee 4/28/2023 Grand Champion Brian Turner Old Dominion Freight Line
Tennessee 4/28/2023 3-Axle Brian Turner Old Dominion Freight Line
Tennessee 4/28/2023 4-Axle Barry Blanton Old Dominion Freight Line
Tennessee 4/28/2023 5-Axle Tim Blair FedEx Freight
Tennessee 4/28/2023 Flatbed Jamie Sowder FedEx Freight
Tennessee 4/28/2023 Sleeper Berth Jeff Barton FedEx Freight
Tennessee 4/28/2023 Step Van Scott Lambert FedEx Freight
Tennessee 4/28/2023 Straight Truck Andy Bryant FedEx Freight
Tennessee 4/28/2023 Tank Truck Covey Thompson Martin Brower Co.
Tennessee 4/28/2023 Twins Mike Patterson FedEx Freight
Texas 6/2/2023 Grand Champion    
Texas 6/2/2023 3-Axle    
Texas 6/2/2023 4-Axle    
Texas 6/2/2023 5-Axle    
Texas 6/2/2023 Flatbed    
Texas 6/2/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Texas 6/2/2023 Step Van    
Texas 6/2/2023 Straight Truck    
Texas 6/2/2023 Tank Truck    
Texas 6/2/2023 Twins    
Utah 6/2/2023 Grand Champion    
Utah 6/2/2023 3-Axle    
Utah 6/2/2023 4-Axle    
Utah 6/2/2023 5-Axle    
Utah 6/2/2023 Flatbed    
Utah 6/2/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Utah 6/2/2023 Step Van    
Utah 6/2/2023 Straight Truck    
Utah 6/2/2023 Tank Truck    
Utah 6/2/2023 Twins    
Vermont 6/3/2023 Grand Champion    
Vermont 6/3/2023 3-Axle    
Vermont 6/3/2023 4-Axle    
Vermont 6/3/2023 5-Axle    
Vermont 6/3/2023 Flatbed    
Vermont 6/3/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Vermont 6/3/2023 Step Van    
Vermont 6/3/2023 Straight Truck    
Vermont 6/3/2023 Tank Truck    
Vermont 6/3/2023 Twins    
Virginia 6/2/2023 Grand Champion    
Virginia 6/2/2023 3-Axle    
Virginia 6/2/2023 4-Axle    
Virginia 6/2/2023 5-Axle    
Virginia 6/2/2023 Flatbed    
Virginia 6/2/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Virginia 6/2/2023 Step Van    
Virginia 6/2/2023 Straight Truck    
Virginia 6/2/2023 Tank Truck    
Virginia 6/2/2023 Twins    
Washington 4/15/2023 Grand Champion Robert Dean XPO
Washington 4/15/2023 3-Axle Chris Poynor XPO
Washington 4/15/2023 4-Axle Andrey Grishchuk XPO
Washington 4/15/2023 5-Axle Michael Dickinson USF Reddaway
Washington 4/15/2023 Flatbed Robert Dean XPO
Washington 4/15/2023 Sleeper Berth Joe Ryles Walmart
Washington 4/15/2023 Step Van Jaime Bautista FedEx Express
Washington 4/15/2023 Straight Truck Carl Gibson The Boeing Co.
Washington 4/15/2023 Tank Truck Aleksandr Dragonchuk Walmart
Washington 4/15/2023 Twins Josh Jenkin Peninsula Truck Lines
West Virginia 4/29/2023 Grand Champion Mike Markham Old Dominion Freight Line
West Virginia 4/29/2023 3-Axle Vince May FedEx Freight
West Virginia 4/29/2023 4-Axle Michael Roberts XPO
West Virginia 4/29/2023 5-Axle Paul Norman Pitt Ohio
West Virginia 4/29/2023 Flatbed Mike Markham Old Dominion Freight Line
West Virginia 4/29/2023 Sleeper Berth Jordan Jordan Walmart
West Virginia 4/29/2023 Step Van Brian Ash FedEx Ground
West Virginia 4/29/2023 Straight Truck Alexander Adkins Pitt Ohio
West Virginia 4/29/2023 Tank Truck Jeremy Thomas Oliver Fuels
West Virginia 4/29/2023 Twins Larry Ross ABF Freight Systems
Wisconsin 5/19/2023 Grand Champion Neal LeClaire Duplainville Transport
Wisconsin 5/19/2023 3-Axle Barry Kraemer XPO
Wisconsin 5/19/2023 4-Axle Andy Rynearson XPO
Wisconsin 5/19/2023 5-Axle Edward Borntrager Ruan Transportation
Wisconsin 5/19/2023 Flatbed Matthew Boenisch FedEx Freight
Wisconsin 5/19/2023 Sleeper Berth Neal LeClaire Duplainville Transport
Wisconsin 5/19/2023 Step Van No competition held  
Wisconsin 5/19/2023 Straight Truck Nick Jartowski Old Dominion Freight Line
Wisconsin 5/19/2023 Tank Truck Jason Gaulitz Ruan Transportation
Wisconsin 5/19/2023 Twins Jeffrey Langenhan XPO
Wyoming 6/10/2023 Grand Champion    
Wyoming 6/10/2023 3-Axle    
Wyoming 6/10/2023 4-Axle    
Wyoming 6/10/2023 5-Axle    
Wyoming 6/10/2023 Flatbed    
Wyoming 6/10/2023 Sleeper Berth    
Wyoming 6/10/2023 Step Van    
Wyoming 6/10/2023 Straight Truck    
Wyoming 6/10/2023 Tank Truck    
Wyoming 6/10/2023 Twins    
2023 NTDC News
Equipment, Safety

Road to NTDC Spotlight: Roland Bolduc, Part 2

In March and April, FedEx Express driver Roland Bolduc began gearing up for more state and National Truck Driving championships crowns. Here's the second in a series.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
May 26, 2023
Business, Equipment, Safety

XPO’s Robert Dean Wins Washington Title, Qualifies for NTDC

Robert Dean, a longtime professional driver with XPO, took top honors at the Washington Truck Driving Championships last month competing in the flatbed class.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
May 16, 2023
Business, Safety

Ina Daly’s Sweet 16 Win Puts Her on Road to NTDC Again

XPO's Ina Daly earned her 16th trip to the National Truck Driving Championships by winning the tank truck division April 1 at the Arizona Truck Driving Championships.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
April 28, 2023

2023 State Truck Driving Championships Schedule

State competitions that determine who advances to the National Truck Driving Championships and National Step Van Driving Championships kicked off the first weekend in March. See the 2023 state-by-state schedule. 

April 28, 2023

Interactive Map: 2023 Grand Champions by State

See state-by-state photos and recaps of 2023 Grand Champions

April 28, 2023
Business, Equipment, Safety

Road to NTDC Spotlight: Roland Bolduc

Roland Bolduc, the reigning National Truck Driving Championships grand champion, is training around the clock with a goal of returning to the winner’s circle this summer.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
March 24, 2023
Business, Equipment, Safety

FedEx Freight’s Courville Claims Louisiana Title

Eric Courville’s victory in the sleeper vehicle division at the Louisiana Truck Driving Championships marked the beginning of the road to the national event in August.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
March 21, 2023