2023 MCE

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Perspective: As an Industry, Let's Win the Sale

At a time when our political system has grown so adversarial, I believe trucking threads a needle of common purpose.

Andrew Boyle | Chairman, American Trucking Associations
November 2, 2023
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety

Proper Tire Inflation Saves on Fuel, Equipment Costs

AUSTIN, Texas — A panel of trucking maintenance executives said at an MCE 2023 session that properly inflated tires save on fuel and wear, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
October 24, 2023
Business, Safety

NTDC Champ Gragg Wilson Honored at MCE, Eyes 2024 Title Defense

NTDC Champ Gragg Wilson of UPS and Nevada reflects on his historic win this year after being honored at MCE 2023. 

October 22, 2023
Business, Safety

UPS’ Gragg Wilson Celebrated at MCE 2023 for NTDC Win

AUSTIN, Texas — Gragg Wilson, grand champion at this summer’s National Truck Driving Championships, touted the tournament’s focus on safety.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
October 20, 2023
Business, Equipment

Trucking Economy May Land Softly, Mack’s Randall Says

AUSTIN, Texas — Mack Trucks North America President Jonathan Randall on Oct. 16 expressed hope the economy is heading for a “soft landing” instead of a more severe falloff.

Connor D. Wolf | Staff Reporter
October 20, 2023
Business, Technology, Equipment, Logistics, Autonomous, For-Hire

Autonomous Trucks Could Create Safer Roads, Better Jobs

AUSTIN, Texas — Autonomous truck developers and their industry partners see opportunities for this technology to improve road safety and create more desirable jobs for drivers.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features and Multimedia
October 19, 2023
Government, Business, Safety

Experts Update Trucking Executives on Legal Issues

AUSTIN, Texas — Legal experts updated trucking executives on pending and future legal issues, including possible changes to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's CSA program.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
October 18, 2023

Andrew Boyle Brings Heart and Humor to ATA Chairman's Post

AUSTIN, Texas — American Trucking Associations ended its 2023 Management Conference & Exhibition with an evening of celebration after electing Andrew Boyle as its 79th chairman.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
October 17, 2023