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Insurance Institute Conducts Successful Test of Side Underguard Protection

Sideguard Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

An aftermarket device that attaches to the sides of a tractor-trailer successfully prevented a midsize car from sliding underneath the trailer in a 40 mph crash test, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety officials said. See crash test video.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
August 30, 2017
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Opinion: Trailer Side Underride Guards

Underride Guard Airflow Deflector Inc.

In the case of semi-trailers, safety advocates, insurance companies and industry suppliers believe that if side underride guards are built, fleets will come and buy them.

July 24, 2017

Highway Safety Institute Backs Side Underride Guards for Trailers

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said May 10 it supports creating a new safety mandate requiring side underride guards on semitrailers to help reduce a leading cause of truck-involved accident fatalities.

Roger Gilroy | Senior Reporter
May 11, 2017

Underride Guards Are Improved, But More Work Needed, Study Says

A new round of underride guard tests released last week by an insurance group showed trailer makers have made progress in protecting auto passengers during rear-end crashes, but the group said more needs to be done to enhance safety.

March 18, 2013