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Senators Advance Nominee for Top Job at FMCSA

FMCSA nominee Ray Martinez Nominee to lead FMCSA, Ray Martinez. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News)

A Senate panel easily advanced the nomination of Ray Martinez on Nov. 8 to lead the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
November 8, 2017
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Capitol Agenda for the Week of Sept. 11: That Truck Is Driving Itself

Aether Films

Super smart robot trucks capable of communicating with other robot trucks while they haul freight along highways, without a driver, is no longer science fiction.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
September 11, 2017
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Senate Panel to Examine Self-Driving Trucks

Daimler Truck Daimler

Trucking executives and industry observers will lead a discussion on self-driving trucks at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing Sept. 13.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
September 8, 2017
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New Push by Senate Committee Chairman Focuses on FAA Funding, Rail Competition

Two transport issues left over from the last Congress are moving in different directions on Capitol Hill in the early days of the current congressional session.

February 7, 2011