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With Most Efficient Logistics, Wildberries Becomes Russia’s Biggest Web Retailer

A Wildberries warehouse A Wildberries warehouse in Russia. (Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg News)

Russia's largest online retailer, Wildberries, is run by a mother of four who founded her company in her Moscow apartment while on maternity leave from her job as an English teacher.

Ilya Khrennikov | Bloomberg News
August 30, 2018
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Oil-Services Investors Unmoved by Latest US Sanctions on Russia

Siberia Oil Field Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg Finance

Investors of the world’s biggest oil-servicer providers are so far looking past the most punitive round of U.S. sanctions on Russia.

David Wethe | Bloomberg News
April 9, 2018

Most Moscow Residents Support Protest by Truckers, Survey Says

Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters

Moscow residents are broadly supportive of protests by longhaul truckers over a new toll system in Russia, the Levada Center said.

Bloomberg News
December 11, 2015

In Russia, a Protest Against Putin Rises From an Unlikely Source: Truckers

STUPINO, Russia — Like most Russians, the truck drivers parked up at the Doughnuts roadside cafeteria south of Moscow care little for opposition politics, but a new government policy has made them rethink their attitudes toward Vladimir Putin.

Gleb Stolyarov | Reuters
December 8, 2015