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Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards Tackle Latest Challenges

Jack Poster, manager of VMRS Services at TMC Jack Poster by Rachel Akpotu (Technology & Maintenance Council)

ARLINGTON, Va. — Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards emerged nearly 50 years ago and are used by many different organizations across the trucking industry, but there are aspects of them that deserve more attention, experts said.

Roger Gilroy | Senior Reporter
June 27, 2019
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Fleets Must Choose Tire Inflation, Monitoring Systems That Work Best for Their Operations, Industry Representatives Say

Hendrickson tire inflator A view of the Hendrickson tire inflator at the 2017 North American Vehicle Show in Atlanta on Sept. 26, 2017. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

Blown-out, flat or damaged tires are considered by fleets to be at least a leading cause of roadside maintenance calls for commercial trucks, while underinflated tires are the single-biggest source of tire issues in general.

June 24, 2019
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FMCSA Seeks Comments on Vehicle Maintenance Practices

A technician checks diagnostics on a tractor's engine A technician checks diagnostics on a tractor's engine. (Old Dominion Freight Line)

Federal trucking regulators have issued a request for comments on the role that vehicle maintenance plays in motor carrier safety. The responses will be included in research that will use online surveys to obtain data to address the study’s objectives.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
December 4, 2018
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Tinkering Toward Improved Truck Safety Technology

Advances in technology are happening everyday and trucking is staying on top of the developments, Fran Matso Lysiak writes.

Fran Matso Lysiak | Features Editor
November 9, 2018
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Rigorous Maintenance Essential to Avoiding Brake Problems

Truck brake inspection A Maryland officer inspects a truck's brakes. Air leaks often are difficult to trace but can lead to costly out-of-service violations. (TT File Photo)

Preventive maintenance on the pneumatic system of brakes is essential to keeping Class 8 trucks on the road.

Katie Pyzyk | Contributing Writer
September 21, 2018
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All-Electric Trucks Present Training Challenges

All-electric Class 8 tractors can present new challenges for maintenance shops, including the training of technicians, but fleets said they expect overall maintenance requirements to decrease.

Mindy Long | Special to Transport Topics
May 11, 2018

Mobile Repair Shop Dickinson Buys Fleet Enterprises

Dickinson Fleet Services Dickinson Fleet Services via Youtube

Independent fleet management firm Dickinson Fleet Services has purchased Fleet Enterprises Inc. and its operations in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

May 3, 2018

Fleet Managers Need Solid Grasp of Technology as Well as Knowing How to Fix Trucks, Exec Says

Darry Stuart, CEO of DWS Fleet Management Services (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

ATLANTA — Whether part of the older or younger crowd, today’s fleet maintenance managers and executives must have skills that blend the essential, basic knowledge of fixing trucks with a solid grasp of technology and data in order to survive and thrive, an industry executive said. 

Fran Matso Lysiak | Features Editor
March 15, 2018
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Career Pathways Are Evolving

In today’s data-driven world, where much of fleet management strives to solve all of its problems strictly by the numbers, consider the following truth: Data does not fix anything.

Darry Stuart | Past General Chairman and Treasurer, Technology & Maintenance Council
March 9, 2018
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Maintenance Shop Management

Venezia Bulk Transport maintenance shop Rich Bohannon (right), fleet maintenance manager at Venezia Bulk Transport, checks on the progress of a technician inspecting a truck. (Venezia Bulk Transport)

With the increasing complexity of modern trucks and an even higher premium placed on drivers’ time, Glen McDonald, maintenance director at Ozark Motor Lines, knew he needed to maximize shop labor and move trucks through his fleet’s maintenance shops more ­quickly, all of which required an updated approach.

Mindy Long | Special to Transport Topics
March 9, 2018