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Experimental Starship Initiative Truck Completes Cross-Country Test

AirFlow Truck Company

A Starship landed in Jacksonville, Fla. But there were no aliens on board, just 40,000 pounds of reef-building material hauled cross-country in an experimental lightweight truck with streamlining everywhere.

Dan Scanlan | The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville, Fla.)
June 11, 2018
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Truck Makers May Test Radically Different Aero Cab Designs With SuperTruck II

DOE SuperTruck Department of Energy via YouTube

Today’s tractors are more efficient due in large part to the aerodynamic concepts and ideas that truck makers were able to test under the Department of Energy’s 21st Century Truck Partnership, also known as SuperTruck.

Jim Galligan | Special to Transport Topics
January 9, 2018
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Tractor Aerodynamics Continue to Improve

FlowBelow AeroKit FlowBelow's aero equipment on display at a truck show in 2017. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

Comparatively speaking, today’s over-the-road tractors are slick machines.Improved aerodynamics enables them to slide through the air better than any earlier generation while offering the potential for double-digit improvements in fuel efficiency.

Jim Galligan | Special to Transport Topics
January 9, 2018
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Strick to Add Its Own Features to Trailers to Comply With Phase 2 GHG Mandates

Roger W. Gilroy/TT

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Strick Trailers will begin offering trailers that it has loaded with features that comply with Phase 2 greenhouse gas mandates intended to make trailers more fuel-efficient.

Roger Gilroy | Senior Reporter
June 19, 2017
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European Truck Fuel Efficiency Stalls as US Continues to Tighten Emissions Standards

Guenter Schiffmann/Bloomberg News

Trucks in the European Union are no more fuel-efficient than they were more than a decade ago, according to a report released Dec. 3, as calls increase for emissions from heavy-duty vehicles to be regulated in the same way as cars.

Julia Fioretti | Reuters
December 4, 2015
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Consumers Support Increased Fuel Economy in Heavy-Duty Trucks, Study Finds


Almost three quarters of American consumers support requiring truck manufacturers to raise the fuel economy of heavy-duty trucks, according to a recent report.

August 11, 2014
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Fuel-Efficiency Focus Should Be on Tractors, Engines, Rather Than Trailers, ATA Says

Federal transportation officials considering fuel-efficiency standards for heavy trucks should concentrate their early regulatory efforts on engines and tractors, not trailers, American Trucking Associations said.

August 2, 2010