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Chao Stresses Continued Outreach to Ag Haulers on ELD, HOS Rules

DOT Secretary Elaine Chao HouseAppropsGOP via YouTube

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will continue to meet with and host briefings geared toward livestock haulers who are discontent with the electronic logging device rule, according to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

Eleanor Lamb | Staff Reporter
April 12, 2018
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Editorial: So Far, So Good for ELD Compliance

The adoption of federally mandated electronic logging devices has been a major transition for the trucking industry, but at this point it appears that most longhaul truckers are now using the technology to track their hours of service. While it’s still too soon to get a complete sense of where the industry stands with respect to ELD compliance, the early indications have been positive as enforcement tightens.

April 5, 2018
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A Day at the Inspection Pit

Photos from Level I inspections in Virginia two days after the ELD mandate soft-enforcement period ended.

Transport Topics
April 5, 2018
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Wilcox Seeks ELD Exemption for DOE-Related Hauls

Energy Innovation Lab Energy Innovation Laboratory by Idaho National Laboratory/Flickr

A trucking company that hauls loads for a federal laboratory has requested an exemption from the electronic logging device rule, according to a document scheduled for publication in the Federal Register on April 4.

Eleanor Lamb | Staff Reporter
April 3, 2018
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Investors Inject Fresh Funding Into KeepTruckin, Samsara

Jeff Lautenberger/MCT

Investor interest in trucking technology remains strong, as venture capital firms have recently put a total of $100 million into two companies that seek to upgrade the way data is used to ensure driver compliance, monitor vehicles and make fleet operations more efficient.

Transport Topics
March 23, 2018
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Revised ELD Guidance: FMCSA Allows AOBRD Software on Fleet Expansion Trucks

PeopleNet device PeopleNet Communications Corp.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued revised guidance permitting motor carriers that were using automatic onboard recording device software prior to the effective date of the electronic logging device mandate to add trucks to their fleet without having to update those new trucks to electronic logging device software until mid-December 2019.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
March 20, 2018
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Lawmakers Seek ELD Waiver Extension for Livestock Haulers

Rand McNally

Several lawmakers are calling for an extension of the electronic logging device waiver granted to livestock haulers, who were given temporary reprieve from the mandate in late December.

Eleanor Lamb | Staff Reporter
March 7, 2018
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Driver Training, Documentation Can Smooth ELD Inspections, Experts Say

Wirachowsky CVSA's Wirachowsky by Seth Clevenger/Transport Topics

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Fleets can promote smooth roadside inspections of electronic logs by ensuring that their drivers understand the devices installed in their trucks and keep proper documentation in the cab, enforcement and technology experts said.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
March 1, 2018
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J.J. Keller Working on ELD Fix; FMCSA Offers Short-Term Waiver

J.J. Keller ELD J.J. Keller & Associates

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is allowing carriers that have deployed electronic logging devices from J.J. Keller & Associates to temporarily revert to paper driver logs until Feb. 28 as the technology supplier works to resolve technical issues with its ELDs.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
February 15, 2018
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National Electrical Contractors Association Requests ELD Exemption

The National Electrical Contractors Association has applied for an exemption from the requirement for its members’ drivers to use electronic logging devices to record hours of service.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
February 13, 2018