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Despite Gains, Challenges Remain for Adoption of Alt-Fuel Trucks

Estes Estes has incorporated more than 200 natural-gas powered tractors. (Estes Express Lines)

Record-high diesel fuel prices are creating some painful sticker shock moments at the pump for truck lines and shippers. Yet, those rising costs aren’t necessarily driving a dramatic uptick in adoption of alternative-fueled vehicles in the Class 8 heavy-truck sector.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
April 29, 2022
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Fleets Sustain Safety Culture Through Driver Relationships, Technology

Fleet Safety Innovations in management software have changed how fleets approached keeping their drivers safe. (Estes Express)

While technologies have provided real-time data and new insights into how to reduce incidents and help drivers to improve their skills, many fleet executives say building a reputation for safety boils down to trust, culture and accountability.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
January 18, 2022
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Vocational Segment Increases Adoption of Advanced Safety System Technology

Navistar wrecker Continued advances in safety technologies, industry experts believe, will make it easier to incorporate those systems throughout the vocational trucks market. (Navistar)

As the rate of adoption of driver-assist safety technology continues to rise with over-the-road fleets, the vocational truck market — fleets consisting of dump trucks, utility trucks and public transit vehicles — is also experiencing the increase of such industry applications.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
September 27, 2021
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Fleets Find Many Ways to Harness Trailer Tracking Data

USA Truck USA Truck has outfitted its trailers with devices to track location and cargo status. (USA Truck)

As more trucking companies invest in trailer tracking systems, they are utilizing this technology in numerous ways.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
September 10, 2021

Rise of the Smart Trailer

smart trailer illustration Brian Kelly/Transport Topics

Advances in telematics and data analytics are redefining the technology-enabled freight trailer.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
September 10, 2021
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Drivers, Fleets Become More Comfortable With Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Bendix lane-keeping Truck makers and suppliers of active safety systems are introducing automated steering features such as lane-keep assist. (Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems)

Advanced driver assistance systems initially encountered driver resistance, but over time have become a more widely accepted and even embraced trend as drivers realize their benefits.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
June 7, 2021
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Increase in Online Shopping Spurs Innovation for Shipping Packaging

forklift in warehouse Experts say that shipment packaging is meant to protect your product from the unexpected, not what you’d see in a perfect world environment. (Old Dominion Freight Line)

Effective shipment packaging relies as much on science and engineering as it does diligence and common sense. Matching the right box for the product and properly securing palletized shipments is crucial in the physically challenging environment of a less-than-truckload or parcel network.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
February 8, 2021
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Truck, Engine Makers Refine Products to Meet 2021 GHG Emission Standards

Cummins X15 engine A Cummins X15 engine on display at a 2019 industry show. In October, Cummins announced the availability of its 2021 emission-compliant X12 and X15 series diesel engines. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

Original equipment manufacturers and engine suppliers have found a variety of ways to meet the challenges posed by the 2021 Phase 2 standards for greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
November 16, 2020
Business, Safety

Traffic Eases Amid Pandemic, but Trucking Insurance Costs Still on Upward Trajectory

Insurance vitpho/Getty Images

Reduced highway traffic during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has lowered the risk of crashes, but this silver lining of the pandemic has provided only a temporary reprieve for trucking companies that have seen escalating insurance costs in recent years.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
October 23, 2020
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Startup Harnesses Data, Telematics in New Insurance Model for Fleets

Chuck Wallace and Reid Spitz Chuck Wallace (left) and Reid Spitz formed High Definition Vehicle Insurance in 2018. (Andrew Collings Photography)

High Definition Vehicle Insurance, launched in 2018, focuses on small and midsize trucking fleets.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
October 23, 2020