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Traffic Eases Amid Pandemic, but Trucking Insurance Costs Still on Upward Trajectory

Insurance vitpho/Getty Images

Reduced highway traffic during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has lowered the risk of crashes, but this silver lining of the pandemic has provided only a temporary reprieve for trucking companies that have seen escalating insurance costs in recent years.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
October 23, 2020
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Startup Harnesses Data, Telematics in New Insurance Model for Fleets

Chuck Wallace and Reid Spitz Chuck Wallace (left) and Reid Spitz formed High Definition Vehicle Insurance in 2018. (Andrew Collings Photography)

High Definition Vehicle Insurance, launched in 2018, focuses on small and midsize trucking fleets.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
October 23, 2020
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Private Fleets Respond to Higher E-Commerce Demand

Brakebush Bros. truck Poultry processor Brakebush Bros. was able to keep its private fleet busy during the pandemic by shifting capacity to support other food manufacturers. (Brakebush Bros.)

Private fleet operators have been riding a roller coaster since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
August 29, 2020
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Diesel Engine Makers Tackle Challenges Posed by Stricter Emission Standards

Volvo assembly line A Volvo engine on the assembly line. Engine makers say more fleet managers are seeking product reliability and durability. (Volvo Trucks North America)

The lowest level of North American Class 8 truck orders in modern times is not stopping fleets and engine manufacturers from pushing ahead to prepare for more stringent emission regulations. Companies are finding ways to squeeze out better fuel mileage and uptime performance from the next wave of diesel engines.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
May 11, 2020
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Suppliers Invest in Industry’s Future Despite Market Slowdown

Allison worker An employee works the assembly line at an Allison Transmission manufacturing plant. (Allison Transmission)

On the heels of a booming 2018, truck manufacturers and their key Tier 1 suppliers powered through a slower equipment market in 2019, continuing to invest in new products and preparing for a future when tightening emission standards and the electrification of trucks will provide both challenges and opportunities.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
January 24, 2020
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Driver Detention Time Creeps Upward

Loading dock with trucks and blue sky Trucks sit at a loading dock. The softer freight market is helping to increase driver retention time, according to Jim Fields, chief operating officer at Pitt Ohio. (Getty Images)

After improving in 2018, it appears as though driver detention time has increased recently, with many shippers falling back into habits that delay trucks at their docks and push up dwell times.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
October 28, 2019
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Fleets Must Decide on Buy vs. Lease, When to Sell, Among Other Choices

Truck auction A Taylor & Martin auction. Fleets need to determine whether to send a used truck to auction or to sell the truck on their own. (Taylor & Martin Inc.)

How fleets buy, maintain and sell their assets has never been more pivotal than in today’s shifting business landscape.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
October 25, 2019
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Talent Wanted: Truck Technicians

Truck Technicians C.R. England technicians at work. The company says it promotes the earnings potential of the technician profession. (C.R. England)

Trucking companies are pulling out all the stops to find, recruit, educate, train, develop and recognize the next generation of commercial vehicle technicians. It’s a fundamental issue as the industry’s workforce of technicians continues to age toward retirement, while at the same time, there’s a scarcity of young men and women coming into the profession to fill their ranks.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
July 19, 2019
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ELD Era Brings Fleets, Shippers Toward More Collaboration, Experts Say

A truck at a loading dock A truck at a loading dock. Shippers are trying to address delays at docks due to the implementation of the ELD mandate, experts say. (iStock)

The advent of ELDs is influencing how carriers and shippers work together to control costs, deploy capacity, design networks, offer and charge for services, make capital investments, recruit and assign drivers and leverage new technology.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
January 30, 2019
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Fleets Target Opportunities in Growing Final-Mile Sector

Final Mile Schneider

It was not so long ago that home delivery of products such as furniture, mattresses and televisions was straightforward and rigid, with few choices for customers.

Gary Frantz | Special to Transport Topics
July 13, 2018