CDL or Bust: Kevin Burch Shares Insight

Jet Express President Kevin Burch, also first vice chairman of American Trucking Associations, gave the #CDLorBust class job-hunting advice and other tips during his Aug. 25, 1016 visit. More at (Video by John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

August 25, 2016

CDL or Bust: Ex-Prep QB Teddy Flener Jr. Seeks Wins in Trucking

CDL or Bust student Teddy Flener Jr. hopes a winning attitude in football will translate to success in earning a CDL. He talks with Transport Topics reporter David Elfin on Day 3 of our 16-day #CDLorBust series. More at

August 24, 2016

CDL or Bust: Trucking's Already in the Blood of Jason Horton

Jason Horton's father and brother are both truckers, but have different views of Jason's pursuit of his own CDL. See why in this interview with Transport Topics' David Elfin, and read more at

August 24, 2016

CDL or Bust: Interview With Training School Owner Debby Mobley

Truck America Training school owner Debby Mobley talks about changes she has seen over the years in students who are applying to earn commercial driver's licenses. (Interview by David Elfin, video by John Sommers II.)

August 23, 2016

CDL or Bust: Interview With Instructor Ann Wooldridge

Truck America Training instructor Ann Wooldridge, who is teaching the #CDLorBust class, describes her background and what the students endure to earn their commercial driver's license. (Interview by David Elfin, video by John Sommers.)

August 23, 2016

CDL or Bust: Russell Durgasingh on Muhammad Ali's Influence

Russell Durgasingh, a lifelong student and fan of boxing, describes how a chance encounter with a friend at Muhammad Ali's funeral led to his interest in pursuing a commercial driver's license in this Skype interview with Transport Topics Digital Media Editor Gary Kicinski. More at

August 23, 2016

CDL or Bust: Anna Basham is Ready to Hit the Road

CDL or Bust student Anna Basham talks about her desire to use a career in truck driving as a way to see the country in this Day 2 Skype interview with Transport Topics Digital Media Editor Gary Kicinski. More coverage at

August 23, 2016

Georgia Truck-Driving School Launches With Emphasis on Redefining Driver Training

DALTON, Ga. — A stone's throw from the front door of Big Rig Driving Academy, tractor-trailers rumble up and down Interstate 75, their drivers stopping at a truck stop on Carbondale Road for fuel, food or a simple rest.

Alex Green | Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press
August 2, 2016

School Owner Pleads Guilty in Fla. CDL Fraud Scheme

The owner of a Florida driver-training school has pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a scheme to produce Florida driver licenses and to help students who don’t speak English cheat on tests to obtain commercial driver licenses.

Daniel P. Bearth | Staff Writer
October 12, 2015

GAO Urges More Oversight of Third-Party CDL Testers

Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News

Federal regulators have been strongly urged to provide better oversight of third-party contractors used by a majority of states to administer skills tests to truckers applying for commercial driver licenses, according to a new government report.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
August 10, 2015