Drivers Face Delays in CDL Skills Test; Training Schools Ask Congress to Help

Delays and inconsistencies with the way states test applicants for commercial driver licenses are undermining efforts to place truck driver training school graduates in jobs, according to officials who have asked Congress to act.

March 24, 2014
Government, Business

Feds Seek Rule Changes to Help Military Veterans Become Truck Drivers

Federal truck safety officials said they plan to revise regulations in an effort to help veterans and military personnel more easily become civilian truck drivers.

Scott Gutierrez | Staff Reporter
November 12, 2013

Indiana Announces New CDL Program

The lieutenant governor of Indiana announced a workforce training program to help provide certified truck drivers to the logistics industry in Wells County and surrounding areas.

Dan Ronan | Senior Reporter
October 21, 2013

Feds Alleged CDL Test Fraud Scheme in New York

Federal officials have charged 11 people in New York for allegedly organizing schemes to help commercial driver license applicants to cheat on their tests.

Dan Ronan | Senior Reporter
September 30, 2013