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Redwood Materials Works With California on Used Battery Collection

mineral mine A miner peers into a rare earth mineral mine in Mountain Pass, Calif. Battery recycling could reduce the growth rate of new mines needed to feed the electric vehicle market. (Don Bartletti/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Redwood Materials announced a used battery collection program for California, with Ford and Volvo as project-launch partners.

Russ Mitchell | Los Angeles Times
February 18, 2022
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Electric Vehicle Industry Thriving in Southern California, Report Says

Electric Vehicle Getty Images

California already is a world leader in the embryonic electric vehicle industry but needs more government help to flourish, according to a new report from the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp.

Russ Mitchell | Los Angeles Times
March 4, 2020
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Humans Slapped and Shouted at Robot Cars in Two of Six California DMV Crash Reports This Year


The human response to possible takeover by robot overlords is off to a troubling start. Of six crash reports involving robot cars filed in California so far this year, two involved a human approaching the car and attacking it.

Russ Mitchell | Los Angeles Times
March 6, 2018
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Ford and Lyft Team Up to Put Driverless Cars on the Road

Lyft's new Amp glows on the dashboard of a car in San Francisco. Josh Edelson/AP Images for Lyft

Ford will begin testing self-driving cars on ride-hailing company Lyft’s network with human drivers at the wheel for backup, the companies said Sept. 26.

Russ Mitchell | Los Angeles Times
September 28, 2017
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Ryder Signs Exclusive Deal With Electric-Truck Maker Chanje

Ryder Truck John Sommers II for TT

Ryder is moving into the electric-truck business, an early sign that a market for commercial electric vehicles is beginning to take shape.

Russ Mitchell | Los Angeles Times
August 14, 2017
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A New All-Electric Delivery Truck Is on the Way, and It’s Not From Tesla

Electric Van Chanje Energy

Chanje’s vision sounds a lot like Tesla’s: electric vehicles recharged via clean rooftop solar power.

Russ Mitchell | Los Angeles Times
August 10, 2017

Mercedes 'Mothership' Van Will Transport Robot Workers to Deliver Packages

Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies, maker of squat six-wheeled robots that deliver packages to businesses and homes, said Sept. 7 it is working with Mercedes to develop a van to transport eight of the robots and release them onto sidewalks to make deliveries.

Russ Mitchell | Los Angeles Times
September 8, 2016