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Wisconsin Panel OKs Updates to Highway Near Madison

MADISON, Wis. — A state commission on Dec. 8 approved roughly $174 million in updates to an 18-mile stretch of highway near Madison.

Mitchell Schmidt | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
December 8, 2020
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Iowa Eyes EV Tax to Offset Projected Decline in Road Funds

After a Dec. 31 report by the Iowa Department of Transportation that shows a $317,000 reduction in the Road Use Tax Fund in 2018, state officials have made recommendations to the Iowa Legislature such as increasing fees or charging taxes to electric vehicle owners.

Mitchell Schmidt | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
January 10, 2019
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Alliant to Acquire Hybrid Transit Systems, Expand Freight Transport Service

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Alliant Energy’s transportation subsidiary has announced plans to buy Cedar Rapids-based Hybrid Transit Systems. The acquisition will add a layer of freight transport to Alliant Energy Transportation.

Mitchell Schmidt | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
October 23, 2018
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Eastern Iowa Airport Gets $8.8 Million Grant for Cargo Facility Overhaul

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — The Eastern Iowa Airport has been awarded nearly $9 million in federal funds, which officials say will be used to relocate and expand the airport’s rapidly growing cargo operations.

Mitchell Schmidt | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
September 19, 2018
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Iowa Commission Approves $3.4 Billion, Five-Year Road and Infrastructure Plan

Iowa’s transportation commission has approved a $3.4 billion Transportation Improvement Program for fiscal years 2019-2023.

Mitchell Schmidt | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
June 13, 2018
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Roadcheck Focuses on Fatigued Truck Drivers

BRANDON, Iowa — Officer Chris Wicklund with the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Enforcement Agency peered into the red Kenworth’s engine, slid under the semitrailer on a mechanic’s creeper and checked the driver’s log book.

Mitchell Schmidt | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
June 7, 2018
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Iowa DOT Seeks Volunteers for Self-Driving Car Research

Some of Iowa’s leaders in automated vehicle research are seeking volunteers to help test the results of high-definition mapping and data collection.

Mitchell Schmidt | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
October 10, 2017

Industry Tries to Address Nationwide Truck Driver Shortage as Workforce Ages

In need of potential drivers, employers such as CRST International and Don Hummer Trucking supply Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with equipment and often send recruiters to the course’s later sessions in search of prospective employees.

Mitchell Schmidt | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
June 12, 2017
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Iowa Plans Automated Vehicle Mapping on I-380

The stretch of Interstate 380 between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids is poised to be the very first in the state to be fully mapped out for eventual autonomous vehicle traffic.

Mitchell Schmidt | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
October 12, 2016

Iowa Finalizes First Freight Plan

State transportation officials hope Iowa’s first freight plan will provide the guidelines necessary to manage a growing industry of airplanes, trains and semi-trailers.

Mitchell Schmidt | The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
July 28, 2016