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Michael Freeze is a seasoned journalist with a passion for exploring the dynamic intersection of transportation and technology. As the features editor, Michael brings a deep understanding of the trends shaping the industry.

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Fending Off a Cyberattack

For this new year, there are plenty of concerns fleet managers have about the future of trucking maintenance. However, an emerging problem has been the danger of cyberattacks.

Michael Freeze | Features Editor
February 2, 2023
Business, Technology, Fuel

Fleet Maintenance Providers Prepare for Electric Trucks

As electric vehicles gradually make their way into commercial trucking operations, fleet maintenance managers are beginning to draft EV preventive maintenance plans for everything from electric forklifts to battery-electric Class 8 trucks.

Michael Freeze | Features Editor
December 9, 2022
Business, Safety

Shift in Eating Habits, Exercise and Attitude Pays Off for Overweight Driver

SAN DIEGO — Mesilla Valley Transportation driver William Velazquez knew he wanted to make a change when he found himself tiring easily while playing with his children. His life as a truck driver keeps him sedentary for long periods of time, so he knew getting healthier would be a challenge. But his company offered a program to help.

Michael Freeze | Features Editor
October 23, 2022
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety, Fuel

Formulate Recap: Homer Hogg of TravelCenters of America

Earlier this year, as part of our Transport Topics Magazine Event Series, Formulate, we sat down with Homer Hogg, vice president of truck service at TravelCenters of America, to discuss the future of vehicle maintenance. A recognized leader in the truck service industry serving on numerous boards overlooking technology and maintenance, Hogg provided several insights about where the service industry has been and where it is headed.

Michael Freeze | Features Editor
October 7, 2022
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety, Fuel

Making the Electrification Transition

For some time, there has been quite a change in how the trucking industry views the internal combustion engine juxtaposed with the emergence of electrification. I witnessed that during the reveal of Navistar’s S13 Integrated powertrain in Las Vegas this summer, features editor Michael Freeze observes.

Michael Freeze | Features Editor
October 7, 2022
Technology, Equipment, Safety

Phillip Pinter Leads FedEx Freight Sweep in 2022 TMCSuperTech Competition

CLEVELAND — Phillip Pinter of FedEx Freight beat out more than 120 competitors to become TMCSuperTech grand champion at American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council Fall Meeting on Sept. 27.

Michael Freeze | Features Editor
September 28, 2022
Business, Technology, Equipment, Safety

TMCSuperTech Back at Full Strength at Fall TMC

After an abbreviated meeting and TMCSuperTech competition, this year’s American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council Fall Meeting and National Technician Skills Competition is back at full strength.

Michael Freeze | Features Editor
September 14, 2022
Business, Equipment, Fuel

International Truck Launches Updated Powertrain

LAS VEGAS – Navistar Inc. premiered a new, integrated powertrain as part of an update for its International LT Series truck line Aug. 16.

Michael Freeze | Features Editor
August 16, 2022
Technology, Equipment

When It Comes to Technological Innovation, Trust the Process

The axiom is especially true in technological innovation, according to Features Editor Michael Freeze.

Michael Freeze | Features Editor
July 22, 2022
Business, Equipment

Send Out Your Maintenance Labor, or Keep It in the Fleet Shop?

With inflation pushing the cost of doing business higher and no end in sight, many fleet managers are taking pause when it comes to expenses — and highlighting the challenges of choosing between in-house maintenance and outsourcing.

Michael Freeze | Features Editor
April 29, 2022